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What Is “Gangnam Style” Video Actually About? Psy Breaks It Down Frame By Frame For MTV

These days, Psy is living his best life — appearing at the Video Music Awards and on Saturday Night Live, teaching Brit to dance Gangnam style and just generally going hard and fast as the newest member of Scooter Braun‘s always winning team. And all this off the strength of his “Gangnam Style” video, which was meant mostly for his Korean fan base but since seems to have spoken to the world wide. What’s the deal with that video that went viral? MTV News got the scoop, asking Psy to breakdown his video-gone-viral and share the secrets behind some of its most ridiculous scenes.  “With this video and director we kept on focusing on to be ridiculous as possible, that was our point,” Psy says. “So we were so serious thinking to be ridiculous.”

As he sees it, wherein lies the magic? Here’s what he says of the video’s most memorable moments: Read more…


Mariah Carey Has This To Say About The Rumored Beef With Nicki Minaj: “How You Gonna Feud In Two Days?”

Mariah Carey Says There Is No Feud With Her And Nicki

Only a couple days have passed since the new lineup of American Idol judges were officially announced, but the rumors of a brewing feud between new judges Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey have buzzed since Nicki’s name was thrown in the pot as one of the potential judges. Nicki and MC join Keith Urban and Randy Jackson for American Idol’s 12th season. MTV News stopped by the Idol set where the legendary diva shut down any and all chatter about any turmoil. “How are we gonna feud in two days?” she laughed. “A feud takes a little longer to spread out [than that].” There it is straight from the five octave range vocalist’s mouth. Read more…


Jason Mraz Explains Why “Rapper’s Delight” Is The Best Hip-Hop Song Of All-Time To Jim Shearer

VH1 Top 20 Video Countdown‘s Jim Shearer will do anything to get the exclusive story. That includes following our You Oughta Know artist, Walk The Moon, into the men’s restroom to talk about pancakes. Luckily, his bravery doesn’t stop there. We have a playlist of Jim asking the good, great and wonky questions to various musical acts. VH1 Storytellers alum Jason Mraz told Jim his choice for two of the greatest hip-hop songs of all time were. Despite the impossible task, Mraz said, “I’m gonna go with ‘Rapper’s Delight’ ’cause I think that inspired a generation.” “And I’m also a fan of, and this is my generation, Young MC, Stone Cold Rhymin’ was the album…and I can’t think of the name of the song.” Guess we’ll never know what that second song was, but Mraz is certain it wasn’t “Bust A Move.” Read more…

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AMERICA’S HARD 100, Day 4 – Vote To Determine The Greatest Hard Rock Song Of All-Time

It’s Day 4 of VH1 Classic‘s America’s Hard 100 countdown poll where we ask YOU, the FANS, help us determine the 100 best hard rock and metal songs of all-time! Every day we’ll be posting a new list of classic hard rock and heavy metal tunes for you to vote on to help us with the rankings. If you don’t see your favorite bands or songs on today’s list, check back daily as we are adding new songs every day! (Watch our new promo for AH100 above.)

Today, two of hard rock’s hardest hitting ladies, Joan Jett and Lita Ford, duke it out with decadent Sunset Strip denizens Motley Crue, unflappable and unfettered classic rockers Aerosmith and heavy metal icons Judas Priest, among others.

Read more…

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You Oughta Know Live: Walk The Moon Cover David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance”

The stage set for their You Oughta Know Live session, Walk The Moon insisted on kicking things off with their cover of David Bowie‘s “Let’s Dance” before they did anything else. Few songs in the history of music dial up the energy so quickly, and fewer songs yet have been able to articulate serious fun so aptly as “Let’s Dance,” and so of course a band so striving for a good time would take it as a warm-up. And so dance Walk The Moon did while they worked through the jam, throwing in yelps, harmonized vocals and a ripping guitar solo as needed. And then through the rest of their Live session let’s sway, shall we? Read more…

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That Metal Debate: The Top 5 David Lee Roth Era Van Halen Songs

Last week on That Metal Show, we were joined by the one and only Sammy Hagar (Chickenfoot) who stepped in as our first ever guest host. He brought us rum and helped us debate the TMS Top 5 this week. Also, joining Hagar as guest was his Chickenfoot bandmate, Michael Anthony, and guest musician John 5, who blew us all away every time we went into a commercial break. (Yes, we are working on getting him full-time.)

Let’s Talk Top 5. We know it could be a bit controversial when mixing David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar in the same sentence with Van Halen, and it’s time we all move on from that. The Red Rocker/former front man for the iconic group helped us determine the Top 5 David Lee Roth Era Van Halen Songs. He’s perfect for the job, especially when you consider that he did sang all of those songs in front of thousands of people before, so he knows exactly which songs get the fans going. (Unlike Jim Florentine, who just sings them in the shower.) Here is what the guys and Sammy came up with:

1. “Panama”
2. “And The Cradle Will Rock…”
3. “On Fire”
4. “Mean Street”
5. “Unchained”

Read more…

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Missy Elliott And Timbaland Are Back For A “9th Inning”

It’s true, Missy Elliott “ain’t quite finished yet.” Last night, she and her other-half, Timbaland, swung by Hot 97 to talk comeback and to debut the first two tracks off of her upcoming album, tentatively titled Block Party. The first we’ve heard from these two in years, and out of the gate they come charging with “9th Inning” and “Triple Threat,” boasting about their “real rap, real bars” and just about everything else, too.

Read more…

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Ke$ha Strips Down For “Die Young” Teaser And Artwork

From the sounds of this first teaser, “Die Young,” the soon-to-be released single off of Ke$ha‘s forthcoming album — the one she says she gives “so many f*cks about” — new Ke$ha is as indulgent as old Ke$ha, but maybe a little more tender, too. Singing a capella on the subway in Tokyo, she belts out this plea: “Oh, what a shame that you cam here with someone/ While you’re here in my arms, let’s make the most of the night/’cause we’re gonna die young.” The “we’re gonna die young” refrain is a familiar one, coming from a wild-child like Ke$ha. The tender embrace bit is, though, is a sweet new line for her. And most surprising of all in this first teaser is the sound of Ke$ha’s voice, stripped of all that auto-tune and effect she’s used in the past. Read more…


Of Course Usher Is Narcissistic Enough To Make Love To His Own Music

Forget about Oprah getting Usher to divulge on some of the most personal moments in his life. Well, that was important too, but it almost takes a backseat to his big revelation. The talk show veteran not only had the gall to ask him if he’s ever gotten it on to his own music, Usher answered honestly. Our guess prior to last night’s episode was that the southern R&B star would think it sort of weird to hear his crooning voice as he’s making the headboard hit the wall. But no, not Usher. He’s totally into that sort of thing. Read more…

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It’s Official: Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey And Keith Urban Sign On To Judge American Idol, But Are Already Fighting

After many months, the high pitch of speculation has been quieted with one Ryan Seacrest tweet confirming that this season’s American Idol judges panel will be filled by Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, Keith Urban and Randy Jackson (still hanging!), all as pictured above. Apologies to those who didn’t make the cut, Aretha Franklin, Alanis Morisette, Kanye West and a Jo-bro included. (Assuming this season’s chosen four do well enough to boost lagging ratings,) There is always next season! Read more…