One Of Our Five Favorite Gifs From Frank Ocean’s “Pyramids” Does Indeed Include A Stripper

One of examples of Frank Ocean‘s superb songwriting/storytelling skills is his imagination. Pyramids are usually automatically associated with Egypt by default, but Frank being anything but ordinary turned “Pyramids” into the place where strippers dwell. A day after kicking off Saturday Night Live‘s 15th season with a live performance accompanied by John Mayer, the visual to his wildly popular “Pyramids” hit the ‘net. And as expected, alas, there are strippers. Directed by Nabil, the eight minute video owes its aesthetic appeal to the numerous special effects. The bending lamp posts, the multiple Frank Oceans, the blinking fluorescent lights, they are all somewhat mesmerizing. John Mayer’s guitar performance in the middle of the desert is easily one of the highlights. Although the strippers are the focal point of the song, they serve as merely a backdrop in the video, despite their obvious presence. Now that we’ve seen the women “working at the pyramids tonight” the mystique is gone, for now. Until the next time you watch the video. Have a look at some of the awesome gifs from the video. Read more…


BRACKET MADNESS: Do “U Got It Bad” For Usher Or Michael Jackson?

For our latest edition of Bracket Madness, we’re doing the unthinkable by matching up Michael Jackson and Usher. It seems almost blasphemous to pit the King of Pop against his young protégé whose career has been heavily influenced by the former. But here on Tuner, we love doing the unexpected.

There hasn’t been an artist as globally loved as Michael Jackson. Not to mention the fact that he’s recognized as the most successful entertainer of all time by the Guinness World Records. His star power is seemingly unmatched. MJ’s music was so great that naming all of the records he’s broken would take a Biblical scroll and hours upon hours that no one has. His 1982 album Thriller is the greatest selling record of all-time. Classic songs like “Rock With You,” “Don’t Stop ’til You Get Enough” and “Billie Jean” transcend generations, making a party full of early twentysomethings dance and sing wildly as if no one else were around. His dance moves (including the famous moonwalk!) have been emulated by some of today’s biggest stars, but no one does it like Mike. And his videos were epic short movies. When an MJ video premiered the family sat around the TV to watch it together. He truly was a once in a lifetime artist. Read more…

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BRACKET MADNESS: In Battle Of The American Idol Alumni, Do You Prefer Lambert’s Glam Or Daughtry’s Brawn?

One thing that’s for sure is that it takes more than just a little bit of talent or luck to make it to the Top Ten on American Idol. Year in and year out, the show has churned big stars who have been super successful in the music industry, whether or not they actually won the show. No worse for their early exits, Chris Daughtry and Adam Lambert are two such Idol alumni who have proven themselves winners beyond the competition, racking up album sales and Grammy nods galore. Daughtry and Lambert have already proven themselves worthy competitors on Idol, but how will they fare in the battle for VH1’s Greatest Male Artist? This first round of voting pits the two Idol alums against each other, but only one can move on to the next round. Who should it be? Read more…

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AMERICA’S HARD 100, Day 3 – Vote To Determine The Greatest Hard Rock Song Of All-Time


Welcome to Day 3 of VH1 Classic’s America’s Hard 100 Countdown Poll where YOU, the FANS, determine the 100 best hard rock and metal songs of all-time! Each day we’ll be posting a new list of classic hard rock and heavy metal tunes for you to vote on to help us with the rankings.

PLEASE NOTE: If you don’t see your favorite bands or songs on today’s list (or on Day 1 or Day 2‘s list), don’t fret! Be sure and check back daily at noon, as we’re going to be adding new songs for you to vote on each day!

Today we’re pitting two of metal’s founding fathers Black Sabbath and Deep Purple, against Jersey giants Bon Jovi, theatrical 70s rockers KISS and 80s bad boys Guns N’Roses, among others.

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BRACKET MADNESS: Does Lil Wayne’s Longevity Or Kanye West’s Substance Make Them The Greatest Male Artist?

Who would you rather rap at your birthday party: Lil Wayne or Kanye West? Keep that question in the back of your mind during our brand new Bracket Madness for the Greatest Male Artist. It’s going down, folks. Vote for the one that you think deserves the title. Read more…

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BRACKET MADNESS: Vote For VH1’s Greatest Male Artist!

This round of Bracket Madness calls forth the music’s men for a battle to the Greatest. Of all who have done it and are doing it, who do you think deserves the The Greatest Male Artist crown? The decision won’t be easy, but like with Greatest Artist of the 90s and Greatest Artist of 00s brackets before, with your votes and rallying we hope to whittle down a strong field of eight to but one. Who should it be?

Round One faces off American Idol stars Adam Lambert and Chris Daughtry; rap giants Lil Wayne and Kanye West; sweet singers Usher and Michael Jackson; and pop gods Justin Timberlake and Justin Bieber. Do you prefer the Idol stylings of Daughtry or Glambert? The way Lil Wayne twists his tongue or the ever innovative Kanye West? Justin Timberlake’s “Girlfriending”-ing or Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend”-ing? The way MJ hits the high notes or Usher’s smooth moves?

Which of these fellas does it for you? It’s no easy choice, but with your votes it can be done. Voting for this first round closes Wednesday, September 19th at 11 a.m. Polls will then open for the second round at that time, and then close Friday, September 21 at 4 PM. The third and final round of voting opens Friday, September 21 at 4 PM and closes Monday, September 24th at 4 PM, at which point we will crown the Greatest Male Artist! Vote often and check back daily to see who’s in the lead!

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Frank Ocean Plays “Pyramids” With John Mayer And Vintage Video Games On Saturday Night Live

Frank Ocean kicked off Saturday Night Live‘s 15th season with two stellar showings. As predicted, he performed a stripped down and extra-soulful “Thinkin Bout You” and then the second half of his stripper anthem “Pyramids,” his “bro” John Mayer accompanying on the guitar for both and a full vintage arcade set up behind him. Ocean still seems a little timid when he performs, and sort of like he did in that oddly straight-faced promo, he fidgeted nervously through the first verse of “Thinkin Bout You.” He’s good, though, and so as soon as he loosened up he was able to turn song’s difficult high notes sweet.

Already warmed up, he showed off a little more swag during “Pyramids,” showing some teeth and pulling a few dance moves. And when Mayer went in on his loopy solo (extra guitar face so you know it’s real), Ocean made use of the time to fiddle with some of those vintage arcade games before giving the crowd one last smile and calling it a night.

Watch “Thinkin Bout You” above, and “Pyramids” and the video game playing below.

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Get A Free MP3 Of Gangs Of Ballet’s “Hello Sweet World” (As Heard On VH1’s Rehab With Dr. Drew)

Last October I had the opportunity of taking a trip to South Africa. I stayed primarily in Cape Town, but on my way back to the U.S. I stopped in Johannesburg to check out a gig from a band that’s no stranger to VH1, Civil Twilight. The openers that day? Gangs Of Ballet: four guys from Durban who, at the time, had only released one single and existed as a band for less than a year. The live show was memorable and the new tracks I heard in the car the following day seemed tailor made for our Rehab With Dr. Drew series. Lyrics of hope, love, and fear echo throughout their EP (released March 2012) but the theme of hope rings loudest in the songs “Hello Sweet World,” “Warm Skies,” and “Breaking The Silence” which were stuck in my head when I returned home. Nearly a year passed when I received a message from their drummer, Josh Klynsmith, with a link to preview their beautifully shot music video for “Hello Sweet World”. I’m not sure what I was expecting from the video but to say it impressed me would be an understatement. This is when we realized how perfect this song was for our show. The images took it to a whole new level.

We had conversations with our promos department, almost immediately, about using portions of the video along with clips from the upcoming season in a promo campaign. It didn’t take much convincing. In fact, this might have been the easiest sell ever. What resulted was a minute and a half look at the new season of Rehab with a very powerful score. The tone of the verses helps reflect the dark side of the disease that is addiction and the aspirational build of the song’s bridge represents the optimism of recovery. Further discussions placed the song in the opening sequence of this new season. The song’s verse and lyric “hello sweet world” help complement shots of an empty highway with the words “Addiction. Isolation. Hope. Rehab”. “Hello Sweet World” captures the message of this show perfectly.

The entire process from discovery of the band, song, and working with our promos department happened so effortlessly it seemed fortuitous. We’re looking forward to watching Dr. Drew help save lives this season and hope that “Hello Sweet World” can help the audience find inspiration and courage to overcome hardships.

DOWNLOAD: Gangs Of Ballet – “Hello Sweet World” (MP3) Sorry, the download link expired!

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AMERICA’S HARD 100, Day 2 – Vote To Determine The Greatest Hard Rock Song Of All-Time


Welcome to Day 2 of America’s Hard 100 countdown poll where YOU, the FANS help us determine the 100 best hard rock and metal songs of all time! VH1 and VH1 Classic have been putting together awesome music-related countdown shows that run the gamut from the 100 Greatest Hard Rock Songs to the 40 Greatest Metal Songs for years now which were painstakingly put together after hours of debate from music critics, producers and the artists themselves. Now we’re giving you the opportunity to let us know which hard rocking classics land where in the list! Each day for the next 9 days, we’ll reveal a new list of songs that you can vote on.

Today’s list of 10 songs pits Twisted Sister’s anthem “I Wanna Rock” against the alt-metal of White Zombie’s “More Human Than Human,” as well as classics from Heart and Def Leppard, among others!

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Introducing AMERICA’S HARD 100, The First VH1 Classic Countdown Show Determined By Fan Votes!

VH1 Classic Presents America's Hard 100

For years and years, VH1 and VH1 Classic have been putting together awesome music-related countdown shows that run the gamut from the 100 Greatest Hard Rock Songs to the 40 Greatest Metal Songs. These shows were painstakingly put together after endless hours of debate from not just music critics and our crack team of show producers, but also with input from the artists themselves. However, VH1 Classic’s upcoming countdown show, America’s Hard 100, will be different in that it won’t be a team of producers who determine the show’s results — this time around, it will be YOU, the FANS, who determine which songs fall in which order!

Over the course of the next 2 weeks, we’ll be soliciting YOUR VOTES to determine what is the greatest hard rock song of all-time. We’ve put together a list of 100 songs that you’ll be able to choose from, broken down into 10 series of 10 songs, to make voting for your favorite hard rock songs as easy as possible. Each day for the next 10 days, we’ll reveal a new list of songs that you can vote on. Vote early and vote often –and for as many songs as you’d like!– and you’ll be able to see the final results when America’s Hard 100 airs in November.

Today, our list of 10 songs include songs from rock powerhouses like AC/DC, Led Zeppelin and Scorpions. Check back tomorrow at noon eastern to vote on the likes of Alice Cooper, Def Leppard and Twisted Sister. But for now, here’s our first group of 10 songs for you to vote on. Remember, it will be YOUR VOTES that determine the end result of America’s Hard 100!

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