President Obama Thinks Nicki Minaj Was Playing A Character When She Rapped About Being A Republican

Obama Isn't Bothered by Nicki's Faux Mitt Romney Endorsement

President Obama makes no qualms about his nodding head to hip-hop music. It started out with the safe choice, Jay-Z, that played in his iPod earbuds; and eventually Nas and Lil Wayne crept into his diverse music collection. It comes as no shocker that he’d heard through the grapevine of Nicki Minaj‘s verse on Dedication 4‘s “Mercy” where the Barb proclaimed she was a Republican voting for Mitt Romney. When the president was asked by Orlando’s 95.3 radio station about the topic he coolly explained that everything a rapper raps isn’t literal. Exactly, O. Read more…


Taylor Swift’s “Ronan” And The Story Behind It Will Make You Cry

Taylor Swift's "Ronan" Is Probably One Of Her Most Touching Songs To Date

Taylor Swift‘s ability to write a tear jerking, gut wrenching song cannot be denied. Usually the 22-year-old tugs at your heart with breakup anthems of love that has faded into nonexistence. This time she’s taken on cancer with the debut of “Ronan” at the Stand Up for Cancer telethon. Taylor co-wrote “Ronan” with Maya Thompson, the mother of Ronan who died of cancer at the age of four. “Come on baby with me, we’re gonna fly away from here/You were my best four years,” she sings. Read more…

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Rihanna, Jay-Z and Coldplay Play All Their Hits At The Paralympic Games Closing Ceremony

Though they kept things mostly local for the Olympics Closing Ceremonies, London called in a roster of big shots from worldwide for the Paralympic Games Closing Ceremonies over the weekend. Coldplay and Rihanna celebrated the end of the 11 day competition with a large scale show that included a host of hits and a surprise appearance and brand new verse from Jay-Z.

Coldplay anchored the evening with a parade of peacocks and fish, followed by a parade of their own hits like “Clocks,” “Viva La Vida” and “The Scientist.” A newly shorn and orange cap draped Rihanna then sailed into the arena on a boat for their “Princess of China.” She returned again later in the show, this time on a swing set above the stage, to perform her own “We Found Love” with Coldplay acting as her backing band. Afterwards, Jay joined the gang for “Run This Town” and a remix of Coldplay’s “Paradise,” during which he dropped a new and never before heard verse. Read more…

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P!nk Inspires Us To Get Up And “Try”

Whether she’s kicking you out the door or letting you back in, P!nk is ever inspiring with her strength. Every bit the kiss-off the title suggests, the first single off her soon to be released The Truth About Love, “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)” is the opposite of forgiving. “Eyes on fire,” burning from all the time, “she thinks she’s “finally had enough” and that she maybe “thinks to much.” And so “no more battles for me,” she begs, ending things. “Blow me one last kiss.”

Meanwhile, this second The Truth About Love single takes the opposite approach to the maybe too challenging relationship by forgiving. Instead of walking out the door, she’s going to “Try.” “Sometimes I think it’s better to never ask why,” she submits, because sometimes “we fall in love so easy, even when it’s not right.” So instead of blowing one last kiss, she keeps trying. “Just because it burns doesn’t mean you’re going to die, you gotta get up and try,” she sings on the ballad’s chorus, determined as ever. Sometimes it takes as much strength to forgive as it does to kiss-off.

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The Wanted Get Their Groove Back With “I Found You”

In this recent resurgence of boy bands, The Wanted and One Direction have so far been together in leading the way. Like *NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys but British, they’ve traded singles and left fans conflicted as to who is cuter. Last night’s MTV Video Music Awards didn’t exactly paint an equal picture of the two, though, with One Direction taking the stage as performers and several more times as winners, while The Wanted were there only as presenters. Today, though, The Wanted have made up for last night’s less than spectacular showing with a huge new single.

The new song, “I Found You”  was produced by Steve Mac, the same guy who co-wrote their smash hit “Glad You Came.” Consequently, it sounds like “Glad You Came” — but unleashed. Early on, “I Found You” is built around those same bouncy synths and drum machine, but, a few beats in, the song swerves into something much bigger and more insistent. The chorus is finding a life-saving sort of love in the “darkest hour” or “pouring rain” or “when I was on my knees,” and is sung in an extra-falsettoed chorus. Whereas “Glad You Came” favors equally the beat and vocals, “I Found You” seems  to give the boys more space to work their chops. As a result, it’s got a more soul, and sounds almost like an R&B song as remixed for a hot and hazy Ibiza late-night. And like that, they’ve got their groove back. Read more…


“Ain’t Nobody Fresher” Than Kanye West, Jay-Z And Big Sean As A “Clique”

Kanye West, Big Sean, Jay-Z "Clique"

Kanye is always up to something. He may not have attended last night’s MTV VMAs, missing his very pregnant ex-girlfriend Amber Rose‘s baby bump reveal, but he did drop his latest single “Clique” with Big Sean and Jay-Z from the forthcoming G.O.O.D. Music compilation album Cruel Summer. Big Sean opens with his “young player from the D” flow that has carved out a lane all of his own. His witty wordplay gets you amped. It’s a great segue into Jay and Ye’s verses. Jay does his typical braggadocio about being bossy, “I ain’t talking Kelis.” He couldn’t go the entire verse without mentioning drug dealing, something he hasn’t sold in over a decade. Where he shines is his brief sped up flow rapping about numbers. Read more…

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Green Day “Let Yourself Go” Back To Their Punk Rock Days With New Song At The MTV VMAs

Green Day‘s actually sort of punk performance last night at the MTV Video Music Awards found the guys looking and sounding more like the pop punk band they were when they started out 20-years ago than the Broadway song producing one they are of late. A rock release in the middle of a pop-centric show, they debuted “Let Yourselves Go,” a new song from the soon to be released ¡Uno! that sounds a whole lot more punk than “Oh Love” and “Kill The DJ,” or really anything we’ve heard from them in a long while.

Mostly, “Let Yourselves Go” finds Billie Joe Armstrong revisiting the sass that was instinctual to a younger he. “Shut you’re mouth because you’re talking too much and I don’t give a d*** anyway,” he sings in the first verse. Next time around, “I don’t give a d*** anyway” gives way to “I don’t give a f***k anyway,” and by the time the refrain — “Let yourself go,” sung all-together-now — we had totally forgotten that One Direction were the night’s big winners, and that the award for Best Rock Video wasn’t even handed out during the show. And performing from the floor of the Staples Center, eventually inviting the crowd in for some carefully monitored moshing, and with their alternate guitarist rocking a “FREE PUSSY RIOT” shirt, they almost looked, too, like the band they were 20-years ago.

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“I’m Telling You, I’m Telling You:” Taylor Swift Debuts As A Pop Star At The VMAs

No more is the timid girl from a Christmas tree farm with a big voice, hiding behind a guitar and country guise. Rather, behold Taylor Swift, the pop star, who closed last night’s MTV Video Music Awards with a big and choreographed performance of “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.” Big live shows like this have never been Taylor’s forte, her songwriting being far stronger than her singing, and so she’s created scenes — the “You Belong with Me” subway crawl, the this-one’s-for-you-Kanye but also Little House on the Prairie inspired “Innocent” — in which she might star for each of her VMA performances past. This year, though, she was the scene. There was stomping and hair flipping, a choreographed routine and dashing male backup dancers, an extra-fitted pair of short shorts; and all was befitting of the high-impact and empowered pop song she chose to perform. And more so, the pop star she is evolving into. Read more…


More Of Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded With New Songs Coming Your Way

Nicki Minaj said she hadn’t planned on attending the VMAs until her good friend– Alicia Keys–asked her to join her on stage. Nicki rapped her verse to Keys’ new single “Girl On Fire.” US Olympic gold winner Gabrielle Douglas wowed the crowd with a cameo of cartwheels and flips. A 16-year-old US Olympics gold winner on stage with Nicki Minaj and A. Keys has to be one of the best moments of the night. Before Nicki hit the stage she told E! she was re-releasing Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded in November calling it The Re-Up. “I’m putting lots of new songs on there and I’m actually going to drop my new single next week,” she told E! on the red carpet. Read more…

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Andy Grammer’s Lesson On Having Confidence, Post Break-Up

We all know the moment. You know, when an epiphany comes floating into your consciousness and you realize it’s time to exit stage left of a relationship. The lights come on, and boom, your hand is forced and the decision is pretty much made for you.
In Andy Grammer’s new video for “Miss Me” (that you’ll find exclusively on for 24-hours!), the singer-songwriter applies a strong visual to a universal event most humans know all too well: the break-up. Using just-lit green glow-sticks to signify the termination of romances depicted in the clip, Grammer illustrates that even after heartbreaking infidelity, arguements, and served divorce papers, there is light at the end of the tunnel. As each of the video’s characters navigate their respective splits with a partner, the neon green light of their independence glow-stick leads them to a rockin’ rooftop party where, in newly-single solidarity, others like them are celebrating the fact that their exes will most assuredly regret doing them wrong, and ultimately, miss them. Like Puffy would say: take that, take that.