Azealia Banks Scores Big With Lady Gaga’s Manager

Azealia Banks At Coachella

Azealia Banks is having the best week ever. On the cusp of her revered Coachella performance this past weekend (which you can watch below), Banks announced she has switched management. Her new manager, Troy Carter, also manages one of the world’s biggest superstars, Lady Gaga. Oh em gee! We’re squealing at the thought of an Azealia and Lady Gaga collaboration. Carter is the CEO of Atom Factory, a privately owned management company whose client list also includes Mindless Behavior and Greyson Chance. Carter was also influential in managing the career of rapper Eve who has sold over eight million records, plus a successful film and television stint.

Banks’ EP 1991 was scheduled to be released two days ago, but has been postponed due to the changes in management. She tweeted her fans about the postponement of the EP, saying “I just switched management.. Literally like three days ago, and have a whole new set of resources to take advantage of.” Her debut album, Broke with Expensive Taste, is scheduled to be released later this year through Universal. With Banks’ international appeal, successful Coachella performance, budding fan base and new management, we’re certain she is headed for a very bright future.

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EXCLUSIVE: Gavin DeGraw Talks His “Fake Dance Career” On DWTS, How He Avoided Leotards, And Holograms

When it was announced that Gavin DeGraw was going to appear on Dancing With The Stars this season, many critics initially pegged him for early elimination. After all, even he would admit that he’s not exactly known as being the next Michael Jackson or anything. However, we here at VH1 thought that he was a real dark horse in the race for the prize, and Gavin ended up shocking most of the pundits by making it all the way to Week 5 before being eliminated.

Well, we were able to grab a few minutes on the phone with our buddy Gavin last night, and we asked him about a number of topics: what his experience was like on the show, how he managed to avoid wearing a leotard, and what his reaction was to seeing Tupac in hologram form.

VH1: First of all, congrats on making it all the way to the fifth week of competition on Dancing With The Stars! What can you tell us about the experience as a whole, as well as the samba routine that led to your eventual ouster?
Gavin DeGraw: It was an awesome time. It was a lot of work, a lot more work than anyone would ever expect it to be to get the routine down the way you want it to be before you do go up in front of 20 or 25 million people and have ‘em watch.

No pressure!
Haha, exactly. The samba was kind of our “Go For It” dance, we knew it was ambitious, but I didn’t join the show just to win a show, you know? I went on to have a great time and take on a challenge. You don’t necessarily go on to win a trophy, you go on to challenge yourself and do it in the most sportsmanlike way by avoiding easy routines.

Well, it seems like all of our VH1 readers were really impressed with the way that you improved from week to week.
The fans have been AWESOME, man. I definitely would not have made it this far with all their support, I was really, really lucky to have such a strong core group of fans, people who were really supportive of an artist that they knew was trying to do something different, something outside of my comfort zone.

Speaking of being outside your comfort zone, did you ever envision a scenario in which you would be on live TV doing a dance-off with Urkel?
Never in a million years! (Laughs) First of all, I never expected to be on a dance show to begin with, the next thing you know, I’m on a dance show with a guy who was on TV all through my youth, you know? It was really trippy. That was one of the real fascinating things about the show and the real “pinch myself” element of the show that you’d end up on stage with somebody who you grew up watching on TV, whether that was Martina Navratilova, Jack Wagner, or Jaleel White. It was something nobody saw coming, I wouldn’t change it for the world.

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That Metal Show Sneak Peek: That Maiden Show

Last week on That Metal Show, Mick Brown, Jeff Pilson & George Lynch from T&N stopped by to talk about their new band, T&N, and also touched base on their days in Dokken. Brian Tichy returned as our guest drummer and you can watch the full episode online right here.

This week we are giving you an entire hour of Iron Maiden and we promise you do NOT want to miss this! Adrian Smith (Iron Maiden) is our guest for the entire hour and we talk all things Maiden, and he tells us how they basically do what they want in the studio. We can all agree it’s worked out for them so far, so keep it up guys! A brand new episode of That Metal Show with special guests Adrian Smith and  Michael Schenker (who will be rockin’ out on guitar) airs this Saturday at 11 p.m. ET/PT on VH1 Classic. Read more…


Sneak Peek: Nas Is A Boss In “The Don”

Fans are anxiously awaiting tonight’s Behind the Music featuring Nas, debuting at 9 p.m. ET/PT. While you patiently wait for that, though, we have a treat for you — a special 30 second preview of the upcoming video to his latest single, “The Don.” The track, which has a very “New York” feel to it, features production credits by Salaam Remi, Da Internz and the late Heavy D.

“The Don” is the second single from Nas’ 10th studio album, tentatively titled Life Is Good, which is set to be released this summer. From what we can see, Nas grasps the gritty, the hustle and beauty of his birthplace. It goes without saying that he is definitely donned up.

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Getting Clowned by Eddie Murphy Is Doctor Dre’s Favorite Yo! MTV Raps Moment

One of the great things about Yo! MTV Raps was the versatility of talented artists that appeared as guests on the show. Everyone from Usher to MC Hammer to Eddie Murphy stopped by to talk to Ed Lover and Doctor Dre. Speaking of Murphy, no one is exempt from this funny man’s scathing sense of humor.

According to Dre, when he and Ed Lover interviewed a young burgeoning Murphy, it was 95 degrees that day, which would be fine, except the interview was outdoors. That day, Doctor Dre decided to wear a tight fitting, multicolored leather jacket despite the scorching heat. Not one to let an opportunity to tease the host pass, the master of stand up comedy made him feel silly for wearing such a thing on a brutally hot day.

You can watch Doctor Dre’s favorite Yo! MTV Raps moment and others on The 40 Greatest Yo! MTV Raps Moments tonight at 7:00 p.m. ET/PT. Read more…

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R.I.P. Dick Clark (1929-2012)

Dick Clark R.I.P.

Sad news to pass along this afternoon. Dick Clark, the pioneering TV host of American Bandstand, passed away this afternoon. TMZ is reporting that Clark, who had been suffering from a number of ailments over the last ten years or so of his life, died after suffering a heart attack. He was 82 years old.

Dick Clark began his career shortly after graduating high school back in 1947, working for a radio station in upstate New York that his uncle owned. He quickly moved up the ranks, graduating from weatherman to disc jockey in a short period of time. He began hosting a program called Bandstand, which played the most popular songs of the day. Thanks to a combination of his moxie, business acumen and good looks, he was recruited by the fledgling American Broadcasting Company to bring his radio show to television in 1957, which was rechristened as American Bandstand. The show would go on to run for over 30 years, hosting acts as legendary and varied as Elvis Presley, The Beach Boys, Marvin Gaye, the Jackson 5, Run-D.M.C., R.E.M. and Prince.

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Ashanti Turns Up the Heat with New Look in Jimmy Kimmel Performance

Ashanti’s back! Resurfacing from her nearly four year hiatus–her last album Declaration dropped in 2008– the once crowned princess of R&B has something to prove. Along with gearing up for her fifth studio album Braveheart, Ashanti revealed a smoking hot new look at her live performance on Jimmy Kimmel in LA. Her long curly burgundy red and black tresses bounced freely as she performed “The Woman You Love,” the explosive single from her upcoming album to be released June 19.  Her latest single is true to form– an amazing beat with lyrics that any woman whose been in love with no reciprocity can relate to. It doesn’t hurt that Busta Rhymes delivers an incomparable flow that only Busta could. In her performance she croons over the instruments, pleading to be the woman he loves. After making her case, she decides she’s fed up and sings, “You’re just no good.” Don’t mess with a woman scorned. With lyrics like that we wonder if the Braveheart title resembles her need to be brave to love again, or a warning to future boyfriends that he’ll need a brave heart to deal get with her. Ashanti looks great and sounds good. Girlfriend has even been working on her dance moves. Work, girl! Read more…

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Submit Your Questions For The Wanted And (Maybe!) See Them Answered On Live Television

The Wanted on BMBL

If you haven’t been paying attention, the boy band wars are ON. One Direction set plenty of hearts aflutter when they appeared on SNL a few weeks back, but now it’s The Wanted‘s turn to capture your fancy.

The UK boy band, whose hit song “Glad You Came” is currently #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 , will be appearing on Big Morning Buzz Live on Monday, April 23 and want to answer YOUR questions live on-air. All you have to do is email your video to (and then make sure to tune in 4/23).

Naturally, we have some guidelines for you about video submission:
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Who’s Getting Paid from Tupac’s Hologram Resurrection?

Tupac’s resurrection in the form of a hologram at Coachella this past weekend has everyone talking. Except, that is, the man who birthed the idea.

Dr. Dre’s idea to resurrect Tupac with hologram technology was brought to fruition with the help of Digital Domain Media Group Inc., the Wall Street Journal reports. They’re the same media company that created the digital version of Brad Pitt in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. However, there are still a few unanswered questions about the ramifications of technology like this: Who financially gains from the Coachella performance of Tupac? (TMZ reports that Dre made a contribution, blessed by Tupac’s mom Afeni Shakur, to The Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation for the rights to use his image). And how much money was dished out to make it all happen? (Reportedly, it could cost anywhere from $100,000-$400,000.) Dre isn’t saying, but maybe there’s a reason: Could it be that he doesn’t want to let the cat entirely out of the bag until after he performs at Coachella again this weekend as a means of trying to maintain the suspension of disbelief? Either way, we can’t wait to see what HoloPac performs this weekend. “California Love,” anyone?

The Businesses That Brought Tupac Back to Life [WSJ]

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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Will Gavin DeGraw Samba His Way Through This Week’s DWTS Elimination Round?

Fingers crossed, y’all! We make no bones about the fact that our favorite contestant on this season of Dancing With The Stars is Gavin DeGraw and, now more than ever, he needs your support. He and his partner Karina Smirnoff danced the samba on the show last night; however, unlike other weeks, the two didn’t seem to be in total sync. (We’ve got the video for you below.)

Judging by the scores that the duo received from the judging panel, tonight’s elimination ceremony proves to be a challenging one for Team Gavin DeGraw; he and Karina received the lowest scores of the evening. “Are you suffering from tropical fever?”, judge Bruno Tonioli asked Gavin. Hey buddy, lay off our guy!

Be sure to tune-in to ABC tonight —with your fingers crossed, natch!—to see if Gavin can make it through! And watch Gavin’s EXCLUSIVE video commentary above, too… GOOD LUCK, GAVIN!

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