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Madonna Appeases Protests And Paid Tribute To Warsaw Uprising

After several weeks of controversy and defiance, Madonna has hewed ever so slightly to her protesters. The Queen of Pop compromised with critics in Poland, and incorporated World War II-era newsreel footage of the Warsaw Upsrising against the Nazis into her set during her MDNA tour stop there last week. The audience was, by all reports, very pleased with the tribute. Read more…

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Fiona Apple Gets An Unlikely Cameo In Rick Ross’ New Video

Rick Ross has had a busy week —  dropping an album and several videos, helping to bring Mariah back. Between all that, do you think he also found time to get his Fiona Apple ticket before the show sold out?

The new “911” video finds Ross cruising the moonlit streets of Los Angeles in the 911 Porsche for which the menacing God Forgives, I Don’t song is named. Spliced in with quick cuts are shiny chains, XXL sports jerseys, multiple sunglass changes, and all the rest of the Rozayian embellishments that make for a Ross video. And then, atypically so, The Bawse pulls up to a venue with a marquee that says “SOLD OUT,” but above it reads Fiona Apple’s name instead of his own. Huh? Ruh. Read more…


Drake Gets Another Aaliyah Tattoo, But At Least He’s Working On His High School Diploma

Drake's New Aaliyah Tattoo

Drake‘s fascination with Aaliyah just got weirder. In heaven she’s probably saying, “You wasn’t with me shooting in the gym!” using his own line to question his latest move proving, uh, he’s borderline obsessed. Forget the tattoo of Aaliyah’s face on his back–that wasn’t enough! Sampling her “At Your Best (You Are Love)” for “Unforgettable” didn’t quite scream ‘I love you, Aaliyah’ enough either. Executive producing her posthumous album was almost enough to profess his admiration for her. It took Drizzy’s latest tattoo to truly honor the late R&B singer, you know, the one he never met. Read more…


Beyonce Will Release “I Was Here” Video For World Humanitarian Day, Solves The Mystery Of August 19 Cryptic Message

Beyonce To Release I Was Here Video

Beyonce left the entire ‘net in suspense when she posted a cryptic message on her website stating, “Leave Your Footprint on August 19″  accompanied with a foggy blue picture. Since then she’s announced her goal of directing a documentary about herself, but that didn’t solve the mystery. Wait no longer, folks. According to Popdust, in conjunction with the United Nations and World Humanitarian Day, Beyonce will release a video for 4’s “I Was Here.” The video for the Diane Warren penned ballad was filmed at the UN’s General Assembly in front of a live audience. Mark your calendars (and our word), Queen B will crash the Internet on August 19. Read more…


Mariah Carey’s Inspirational “Triumphant” Sounds Like…Triumph

Mariah's "Triumphant" As Ever

This is triumph at its best. Now that that’s out of the way, we’re gushing over Mariah Carey‘s “Triumphant” featuring Rick Ross and Meek Mill from her upcoming 14th studio album. She may be one of the best selling music artists of all times, but Mariah knows all about victory after people counted her out. But when you’ve sold over 200 million records, have a five range octave and have 18 No. 1 singles, you don’t stay down for long. Over light piano keys Philly rapper Meek Mill effortlessly raps about grinding from the bottom to make it to the top. The brevity of Mariah’s voice in each octave is powerful and chilling at the same time. When she sings, “Can’t fall down stay triumphant keep on living/Stay on your toes/Get off the ropes/Don’t let em ever count you out/Realize all things are possible/In your heart who’s the greatest/Reach for the stars/Be all that you are/And make em all fall down” you believe her, because that’s the only thing to do when hearing a voice so beautiful. Read more…

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Beyoncé To Direct A Documentary About Beyoncé

Not willing to sit around and wait for someone else to do it, Beyoncé has decided that the world needs a Beyoncé and that she’s the one most fit to make it. According to the Los Angeles Times, Bey and her agents have begun shopping a film — “a mix of music and personal study, blending concert footage with confessional interview,” to be directed by Beyoncé herself — to Hollywood studios. Pop star, mom and wife, actress, blogger extraordinaire — if anyone is fit to do it all, we would count the Queen B. This project should be fast tracked in no time.

Last summer, she starred in (but did not direct) a mini-documentary about the run up to and making of her album 4Beyoncé: Year of 4 included footage of Bey floating in the Red Sea (“The coral was spectacular!”), making ROC diamond shadow puppets with her nephew Juelz, and whittling down a track-list with Jay in a label boardroom. Running just twenty minutes, it was an intimate and insightful look into one of today’s biggest stars, and we can only anticipate what a full-length feature, à la Katy Perry’s Part of Me or Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never, might show. More Blue Ivy, that best be for sure.

Re-live the magic of Beyoncé: Year of 4 below!

Beyonce to direct, star in a new documentary [LAT]

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Ed Sheeran Thinks He’s Performing With Pink Floyd At The Olympics, Pink Floyd Denies Performing At All

It’s been an extravaganza of 2012 London Olympics highlights from the exposed boob controversy to Samuel L. Jackson’s awesome live tweets of the events. There’s never a dull moment. Equally exciting is the lineup for the A Symphony Of British Music televised concert and the performers for the closing ceremony on August 12. Our very own You Oughta Know artist Ed Sheeran recently told BBC he was playing at the closing ceremony with Pink Floyd. “I’m playing the closing ceremony — which I think is kinda cool right? A lot of people think that I’m doing a song with The Who, but I’m not — I’m doing a song with Pink Floyd. I’m doing “Wish You Were Here,”  he told BBC. Well apparently Pink Floyd didn’t get that memo. Read more…

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Frank Ocean And Friends Pose For Terry Richardson Again

Frank Ocean‘s summer in the spotlight continues today with the release of photos from a new sitting with photographer to the hip and powerful, Terry Richardson. Ocean has joined his Odd Future brethren on visits to the studio past, notably the time they shot their epic and free-whiling “Oldie” video (super cute best-friend stuff, but probably NSFW if you’re without headphones today), and more recently to shoot the XXL spread that resulted in these beautiful and intimate pre-Channel Orange shots of Ocean. Back in New York again last week for a coupling of Odd Future and Frank Ocean shows, the boys sure enough showed up once more at Uncle Terry’s for another raucous free-style session and shoot. Today, Richardson posted some of that day’s outtakes to his Diary. Ocean in his new favorite red, white and blue handkerchief, a shirtless Tyler making mischief, and Earl Sweatshirt back in the mix — Wolf Gang’s all there! And two things are for sure: these boys have a ton fun together, and Richardson knows how to capture it all.

Check out their freestyle below (Ocean comes in at the end, leaving us to wonder what he was up to that whole time! And again, we warn: lots of “mature” language), and browse the gallery of images below or on Terry’s Diary.

View Photo Gallery

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Pitbull And Shakira “Get It Started” So You Can Finish It…On The Dance Floor

Pitbull and Shakira on any track together is a combustible explosion of flavor. Pitbull’s “Get It Started” featuring Shakira oozes sultry, making it impossible to take your eyes off of either of them. Pitbull, like the OG that he is, has hired a private detective to spy on the woman he loves who is living a double life as another man’s woman. But this is a dance song, not a sappy tale. Pitbull dances in his luxurious living room while his lady parties it up at the club. When she tries to escape on her own she is captured and taken back to the unlucky guy until Pitbull rescues her to which she thanks him by a passionate night of romance. In a sequins gold dress Shakira sings her heart out on top of the world. And to celebrate the couple reuniting Pitbull treats her to his very own concert with thousands of screaming fans and fireworks. The explosion of fireworks were only an inkling as explosive as Pitbull and Shakira’s collaboration and hotness in this David Russo directed video. Read more…


Azealia Banks Twitter Beefing, Again, This Time With Nicki Minaj

Azealia Banks Beefing with Nicki Minaj

Apparently Azealia Banks didn’t read our plea for her to get out of her own way. The tally of her rap beefs is pretty meaty. The latest addition to the tally of Twitter wars Azealia has ignited is  Nicki Minaj. Earlier this week Azealia Banks tweeted, “I got invited to tour with Nicki Minaj in Europe but I cant go because I have to finish my album during that time.” Seems promising, right? Unless of course Azealia was telling a little white lie. Read more…