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Morrissey Puts On A Cat Hat, And Our Other 5 Favorite PETA Campaigns Featuring Musicians

Excuse us, Morrissey, but it looks like you’ve got a little something stuck up there…

Former The Smith‘s singer Morrissey donned a feline in hopes of helping to curb animal over-population. In an accompanying statement he explains that, “Despite the fact that they’re incredibly intelligent, animals unfortunately haven’t yet worked out how to slip on a rubber,” and that over-breeding leads to too-full shelters. “Please do the right thing,” the vegan and animal rights activist begs, encouraging pet owners to spay or neuter their animals while a real, live cat sits atop his head. The whole thing’s a little confounding and pretty silly, but it did get our attention just as a good ad should.

Controversial as the PETA may be, we can’t help but love their ads, Morrissey’s being only the most recent. Click through to see our five favorites that feature musicians:

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Trey Songz Is In Love, And It’s “Simply Amazing”

Trey Songz is in love. Well, at least he is in the video to “Simply Amazing” from the upcoming Chapter V release. Trigga man is all about sensuality, affection and adoration as he sings, “She ain’t perfect, but she’s worth it.” Off the beautiful shore of the beach Trey carries his woman around playfully, gazing at the blue ocean as a couple. They cuddle and bike ride together; and when they’re apart a quick video chat is in order. It’s all so reminiscent of the butterflies in one’s stomach feeling during the early days of something new. The cuteness of this video will make single ladies wish they had their very own Trey while the men will contemplate making it official up with one of their summer beaus. But that feeling may only last for a quick minute before it’s back to the benefits of being free in the summer, summer, summertime. At least Trey made love look sexy, even if only temporarily. Read more…


Bruce Springsteen Wasn’t Just A Partying Rockstar In the 80s, He Battled Depression And Suicidal Thoughts

Bruce Springsteen battled depression & suicidal thoughts

Legendary Bruce Springsteen is still touring and making No. 1 albums at age 62. He’s such a boss that at the Hard Rock Calling concert in England he brought out Sir Paul McCartney, only to have the plug pulled mid set due to a bloody noise curfew rule. Shame on the London police for messing with history! In the new issue of the esteemed New Yorker, Springsteen’s life is chronicled in a 15,000 word profile detailing his childhood in New Jersey to his Wrecking Ball tour. One of the biggest revelations sprawled from the profile was his suicidal thoughts and depression. Springsteen’s longtime friend and biographer, Dave Marsh, said Springsteen has been seeing a therapist since 1982. To which we say, kudos to him! Read more…


Nothing Better Than A “Birthday Song” For 2 Chainz And Kanye West To Request A Big Booty Girl

Birthday Song

It’s raining G.O.O.D. Music news today. Earlier today the official release date (September 4th) for Cruel Summer was announced. Not only can we start marking off calendar days for the label’s first compilation album, 2 Chainz‘s “Birthday Song” featuring Kanye West is being streamed by Fader magazine right now. Tonight at midnight the song from 2 Chainz’s forthcoming Based On A T.R.U. Story will be available on iTunes. In the meantime listen to the potential breakout artist of the year rap, “all I want for my birthday is a big booty gul” (that’s his southern pronunciation of girl). This southern gal knows. Read more…


A Year Since Amy Winehouse’s Death: Dad Says It’s Difficult To Listen To Back To Black

She was a young 27 when she passed away a year ago today. Amy Winehouse was the bluesy soulful British singer, songwriter who was already being considered a musical genius, or at least on her way to becoming one. Only two albums in she became a household name–one that rappers collaborated with and singers admired. Her second album Back to Black led to five Grammy awards making her the first British female singer to win that many. There were definitely some troubled days in Amy’s life as she battled with drugs and alcohol. However, in Spin’s rare behind the scenes footage of Amy during a photo shoot in 2007 shot by then-husband Blake Fielder-Civil, her troubled days seem to be washed away with nothing but remnants of happiness. Read more…

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Mariah Carey Has Signed On As American Idol Judge

Mariah Carey is back to business, and officially on board to judge American Idol‘s twelve season. Today Fox president Kevin Reilly confirmed the good news before dialing Mariah up on her cell phone to tell the star himself. “I’m so excited to be joining Idol,” she gushed, thrilled no doubt by the opportunity to put her industry experience to work, as well as the reported $12 million-plus salary she will be earning.

There has been much debate as to who could possibly fill the seats left open by Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler‘s exit. Not only does that someone have to be worthy of brassy Idol judges past, he or she will also have to stand their own against The X Factor‘s Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera on The Voice. Mariah and her five-octave vocal range should do just the trick. We only worry that, as it did for Lopez, who left “to get back to doing the other things that I do that I’ve put kind of on hold because I love Idol so much,” judging will slow down her recently announced return to music. Otherwise, we’re thrilled to have a diva of her caliber back in the spotlight on the regular.

And our apologies to Aretha Franklin, who was hoping to earn a seat — the diva quotient for this season has likely been reached. However, the scramble is not over yet, and as for the others whose names have been bantered about — like Idol‘s own Adam Lambert — Tyler’s and possibly Randy Jackson‘s seats still remain to be filled.

Mariah Carey Joins ‘American Idol’ [EW]


Future, Diddy And Ludacris Rap And Show Off Money At The “Same Damn Time”

With Future‘s “Same Damn Time” catchy summer track, he pretty much has anyone that’s cool writing, talking or tweeting “at the same damn time” in the context of their conversation. For example, Rihanna tweeted an Instagram photo with the caption: “Last year, same damn time!” Frank Ocean tweeted, “at the same damn time” as its own sentence. So you see where we’re going with this. It’s a catchphrase phenomenon! For the remix Future enlisted the number one badboy, Diddy himself, and Ludacris. Diddy snapped in a way we haven’t heard him spit since “All About the Benjamins.” Read more…

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Young The Giant Take Us Behind The Scenes At Firefly Music Festival

To Pitchfork two weekends ago for Kendrick Lamar and Vampire Weekend, and then back again for Red Hot Chili Peppers and Flo at Lollapolooza next. Summer’s busy festival season draws fans to corners of the country far and wide with line-ups that bundle all their favorite acts into one great go. But what does it take to get those artists here and there and onstage, week in and week out? VH1 News caught up with California indie rockers Young The Giant at Dover, Delaware’s Firefly Music Festival this past weekend to see. There’s their big-red bus decked with beer cubbies (“It’s like living on a submarine”), friends (“It’s like working summer camp”), and dressing rooms stocked with soda pop and candy (although one day, they hope to find “a room filled with tiny wolverines, like Mariah Carey and her puppies). And most of all there is the crowd. “When we can get the audience to kind of move around and dance and just look happy? That’s pretty much it,” says drummer Francois Comtois. Read more…


Big Sean Thinks “Mercy” Should Be The Song Of The Summer Because…It’s Music You Can Literally Do Everything To

If there’s one place to see fresh faced young talent it’s the annual Teen Choice Awards. Always filled with fun surprises and performances, this year the five cutest moments, which was pretty hard to narrow down, and the worst dressed celebs who get an A for effort, were some of the highlights. But on the red carpet is where the special magic happened when we chatted with Carly Rae Jepsen and Big Sean about their picks for VH1‘s Song of the Summer. Read more…

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Mariah Carey Is Poised For A “Triumphant” Return

Mariah Carey is poised for a “Triumphant” return next month — August, for an august diva like she! — with the help MMG comrades Rick Ross and Meek Mill. Mimi shared the good news yesterday on Twitter, where she explained also that, “I wrote TRIUMPHANT when I was going through a difficult time & it helped me get through it. When you hear it, pay attention 2 the lyrics.” An intriguing tease, as she sure has had quite the year or two between Dem Babies and her husband Nick Cannon’s health issues. It’s not like she needs a reason to sing it out, but if it gets her back to the studio? We’ll always be here to listen, Mimi.

Mariah has worked with Ross in the past on that “Touch My Body (Remix)”, and she bares an impressive catalog of rap collaborations past — who could forget that Bad Boy Remix of “Honey” or Jay’s verse on “Heartbreaker”? It’s exciting to see her hooking up with two of today’s biggest gets, but we worry that her comeback might get lost in the bunches of other Maybach Music branded singles currently dominating radio waves. We won’t worry too much, though, because Mimi’s no mere hook-girl, and one of her trade mark vocal runs and a twinkle of that whistle register will be quick to remind us of why she always “Triumphs.”

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