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Bret McKenzie’s “Man Or Muppet” Wins Oscar For Music (Original Song)

Unfortunately, there were no performances at the Oscars by the two Music (Original Song) nominees. With Bret McKenzie winning the award for “Man Or Muppet” from The Muppets, we would have liked to see Jason Segel and his felt friends on stage for a rendition of the song (the Oscars thought they could satiate us with a very bizarre Cirque de Soleil performance, but they were wrong). McKenzie beat out musicians Sergio Mendes, Carlinhos Brown and lyricist by Siedah Garrett for their song “Real In Rio” from Rio. In his acceptance speech, McKenzie thanked Jim Henson and co. for the “magical world” of the Muppets, saying it was “a true honor to work in the shadows of such legends.” McKenzie also adorably gave a shout out to Kermit The Frog, saying, “He’s just a normal frog, and like many stars here, he’s a lot shorter in real life.”

Bret McKenzie’s ‘Man or Muppet’ Wins Best Song Oscar [Billboard]

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Tuned In: Nicki Minaj Performs A Colorful “Starships” And “Super Bass” At The NBA All Star Game

Nicki Minaj gave a high energy performance of “Starships” and “Super Bass” at the NBA All Star game over the weekend. Beginning with her new single, “Starships,” Nicki bought euro-dance and flashing lights to the stage in a colorful performance. Surrounded by white and silver clad dancers, Nicki’s performance was full of joy and life as she and her crew bounded about the stage under flashing lights. After a quick wig chance from green to pink, Nicki also performed her smash hit “Super Bass,” to a roaring reception from the crowd. It seems like Nicki’s made a successful transition from rap to pop, and watching her on the futuristic set it’s easy to forget her darker beginnings as one of Kanye West‘s “Monster” collaborators.

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Last Lap: Kanye West Thinks Cash Money Signing Limp Bizkit Is A Bit Of A LOL

Kanye West Thinks Cash Money Signing Limp Bizkit Is A Bit Of A LOL
Kanye West, master of Twitter and epic rants, gave his two cents on the news that Cash Money Records signed Limp Bizkit today. And it was simply ‘lol’. We’re thinking that’s a pretty hefty insult from someone who’s not exactly known for being sparing with words. [Kanye West Twitter]

Andre 3000 Tells GQ There Won’t Be A New Outkast Album Any Time Soon
Andre 3000 dashed the hopes of Outkast fans everywhere, telling GQ, “There’s been a lot of talk on the Internet about an OutKast album and I have to say that as of now, there are no plans for another OutKast album.” [GQ]

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Clearing The Air About The Controversial Results In The Britney/Gaga Greatest Woman In Pop Showdown

Hey everyone. We want to thank you for voting (and continuing to vote!) in our 8 Greatest Women In Pop poll that has been running all week long. Now, we’ve seen the chatter on Twitter this afternoon about the controversy surrounding the Final Four showdown between Lady Gaga and Britney Spears and we wanted to address the issue head-on.

When the voting for the 2nd round of this tournament closed at 11 a.m. ET today, Lady Gaga had narrowly defeated Britney Spears to earn a place in the finals against Mariah Carey; the final vote tally showed Gaga with 51% (10,746 votes, to be exact!) to Britney’s 49% (10,361 votes). However, after the voting period had closed, someone wrote a piece of script that altered the results of our contest to tip the scales in Britney’s favor; essentially, this nefarious piece of code automatically and illegally voted for Britney enough times to put her on top of Gaga after the round of voting had closed. We noticed that this was happening thanks to the eagle eyes of you, our Twitter fanbase, so thank you for alerting us to the issue.

Now, we want to make sure you know that we have NO vested interest in who wins this contest. This is purely a thing we did so that you, the fans, could have a voice in who you think is the Greatest Woman In Pop right now. We just ask that you guys play by the rules, that’s all!

We wish the best of luck to both Lady Gaga and Mariah Carey, as well as their respective fan bases, in their race to be named the Greatest Woman In Pop by you, our totally awesome viewers and readers.

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Beef Alert! Santigold Calls LMFAO A “Joke Band,” Comments On Lady Gaga And Katy Perry Diss In “Big Mouth”

It appears that Santigold, like the name of her new single, has a big mouth. In an interview with Pitchfork, Santigold talked about her new album, but the prevailing takeaway in the media seemed to be her distaste for LMFAO. Of the schizophrenic dance act, Santigold said, “I watched a music awards show last year and started crying afterwards. I just felt really sad that people go along with stupid wack sh*t. I’m sorry, but LMFAO performed at the Super Bowl? Aren’t they a joke band? That type of sh*t makes me cry. I’m like, “Really?””.

Along with her obvious abhorrence for LMFAO, Santigold appears to take issue with Katy Perry and Lady Gaga too, parodying both of the pop stars in her video for “Big Mouth”. Santigold said of the Perry and Gaga imagery used in the video, “That was actually not intended in the way everyone thought. I am not that familiar with Lady Gaga or Katy Perry, I swear to God. I missed that. I can’t say the director missed that, though — it might have been his brilliant interpretation of my song, but we never discussed it. I’m disappointed with the state of music right now, but it’s not really about anybody specific. I think there’s a lack of true art, and the fanfare is valued over actual substance. It’s like you don’t have to make good music to be f**king huge. Now, I’ll say that, and all the little kids will be like, “F**k you. I hope you die.” [laughs] Don’t let them think you dissed Lady Gaga!”

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Is Rita Ora The New Rihanna? Her Single “Party & Bullsh*t” And Jay-Z Both Say “Yes!”

Move over Rihanna, there’s a new babe on the block! The super gorgeous Rita Ora is poised to topple Rihanna’s throne as the go to girl for hip hop collaborations and sexy pop. Her new single, “Party & Bullsh*t” (which you can listen to below) is the first release for her forthcoming debut under Jay-Z‘s label, Roc Nation. The chorus of the infectious party anthem directly references Biggie‘s own iconic “Party & Bullsh*t”, and we predict that the new track is going to be blasting out of speakers everywhere this summer, especially with Jay-Z’s backing, and other huge collaborators like Drake, The-Dream and Stargate for her album.

The stunning Ora was a favorite at fashion weeks this past month, and rumors are flying that Jay-Z has “dumped” Rihanna is favor of Rita. Media Take Out “reports” that Jay-Z has begun a “media blitz” for Rita, not least because he’s angry at Rihanna’s for her recent collaborations with Chris Brown. An “rock solid” insider has allegedly said that, “Rita [Ora] has the same kind of pop appeal that Rihanna does, but she’s younger, and not as crazy… [Jay Z] has scheduled to make a bunch of appearances with her, and he’s even going to integrate her into [upcoming THRONES] concert [with Kanye West].” Does Rihanna need to watch her back? Will Rita dethrone RiRi’s, until now, dominance of cameos on the songs of hip hop’s finest? Is Rita Ora about the be the sexiest thing to happen to pop since RiRi’s “Umbrella”?

Listen to Rita Ora’s “Party and Bullsh*t”:

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New Music: Rita Ora “Party & Bullsh*t” [Rap Up]

[Photos: Getty Images]

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Concert Review: DMX’s Homecoming Reminds Us Of NYC Hip-Hop’s Grittier, Glorious Past

Eager energy and chants for “D-M-X” filled the Tribeca nightclub S.O.B.’s Thursday night in anticipation of the Yonkers rapper’s first New York City show in years; it was dark, and the venue was beyond hot. Uncertain of what to expect from the artist who barks, growls and is known for his well-documented turbulent past, concert-goers were pleasantly surprised when the star, slated to appear on VH1’s new show Couples Therapy this spring, pulled off an almost two-hour long gig full of heartfelt sincerity and animation.

In addition to performing a few new tracks (including Machine Gun Kelly-featured single, “I Don’t Dance”), X took us back to his heyday in the late 90s and early 2000s, performing a number of fan favorites like “Party Up,” “How’s It Goin’ Down,” “It’s All Good,” and “Get At Me Dog.” Joining him on stage for hit “Ruff Ryders’ Anthem,” a song that DMX revealed he wasn’t initially on-board to record, was a towel-swinging Swizz Beatz who then showed allegiance to his longtime comrade by remaining front and center for the duration of the show. “I didn’t want to do the ‘Anthem,'” admitted X to the crowd, explaining that it was the now Megaupload-tied NY producer whose plea he submitted to during their gritty Ruff Ryder era.

Reminding us of his untamed personality and raw artistic chutzpa, X’s antics throughout the show were entertaining, but by no means out of control. Hyper-sexual comments about his nether regions —that led to him, shirtless and sweating profusely, getting wiped down by a female fan— fell between powerful a capella verses and call-and-response interaction with the audience; X would shout “Flesh of my flesh,” and his disciples would answer emphatically: “Blood of my blood!” Reiterating comments made earlier that morning regarding both Drake and MMG ringleader Rick Ross, The Dog touched upon today’s boastful themes in hip-hop and took time to explain how tacky and redundant he feels that kind of bragging over bars can be. Lacking the filter that many of today’s artist strategically craft, X’s honesty was refreshing without being too overbearing; his intention was not necessarily to insult, but rather to take contemporary hip-hop overall to task. Just like he did 10-plus years ago.

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Jimmy Fallon’s Top 5 Musical Impressions, From Neil Young To Tebowie

Jimmy Fallon is a vocal chameleon — and he’s got us hooked to his ever changing colors. From the pop-tastic Justin Beiber to the folksy Neil Young to his own incredible inventions like the “Tebowie” mashup, Fallon is a convincing parody artist. Pulling off an array of voices so accurate you’d think it was the real deal, Fallon never ceases to amaze with his daring and precision — like he did last night when he sang about New York Knicks star Jeremy Lin in the guise of Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder. Going where no other contemporary comedian so expertly goes, Fallon is who is isn’t, and gives some amazing performances in the meantime. Here are our top five Jimmy Fallon musical impersonations.

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Buzzy Band fun. Performs Their Top 5 Hit “We Are Young” On Big Morning Buzz Live

It’s been a slow yet steady climb for New York indie rock outfit fun.‘s first single, “We Are Young.” The single was first released back in September to little fanfare, but thanks to the song’s appearance in a December episode of Glee, the track gained new life and made its way all the way to the #1 spot on the iTunes alternative charts. The anthemic qualities of “We Are Young” are manna to the ears of music supervisors everywhere, and this song was featured prominently in a Chevy commercial that aired during the Super Bowl. Enough people were curious about the song that it made its way all the way to #3 in the Billboard charts; it currently sits at #6 in the Hot 100 (but, we should also note that it’s currently #1 on the iTunes charts).

.fun’s latest album, Some Nights, just hit stores this past Tuesday, and the band stopped by our headquarters here in Times Square this morning to perform a live version of “We Are Young” on Big Morning Buzz Live. Check out the video of this performance above!

RELATED: A Flash Mob Starts An Epic Food Fight In The New Video For “We Are Young” By fun.
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Mariah Carey Vs Lady Gaga: Vote In The Final Round Of Our 8 Greatest Women In Pop Video Bracket Extravaganza!

It’s the final showdown in our 8 Greatest Women In Pop Video Bracket Countdown Extravaganza! It started with round one, when we pitted Lady Gaga against Madonna, Britney Spears against Rihanna, Katy Perry against Mariah Carey, and Jennifer Lopez against Beyoncé. Thanks to your votes, we’re now down to the final two and it’s Lady Gaga vs. Mariah Carey!

In round two, Gaga beat Britney Spears by a close margin of 51% of votes to 49%, while Mariah won against Beyoncé by an even tighter margin — a mere 60 votes! In our 100 Greatest Women in Music series that aired on VH1 last week we chose Madonna as the top lady in pop, but you knocked her out back in round one. So tell us? Who do you think is the greatest woman in pop? Is it Mother Monster, the avant-spectacle of crazy costuming and dance-led anthems? Or is it the soulful, timeless Mariah your ultimate fantasy? Voting closes on Monday at 11 a.m. EST, so get your vote in to make sure your favorite lady wins!