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Obama Gets Vocal Again, Singing “Sweet Home Chicago” At The White House

President Obama has flexed his larynx yet again, this time singing a few lines of Robert Johnson‘s “Sweet Home Chicago” during a concert at the White House yesterday. We first heard the President sing Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together” at a fundraiser last month, and admittedly, the snippet of Obama’s vocal ability left us, and apparently even American Idol, hankering for more. So when he was baited by Buddy Guy (who was part of an All Star Band including B.B. King, Booker T. Jones, Mick Jagger and Derek Trucks), who said “I heard you had sung Al Green, so you started something so you gotta keep it up!” Obama, although reluctant at first, had little choice but to belt out a few lines from “Sweet Home Chicago”. Look out for the pretty amazing moment when Obama holds the microphone out to B.B. King, and the two have a brief back-and-forth style sing-a-long.

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Posted: The Fray Gives Us An Intimate Insight Into The Moments Right Before They Go On Stage

The Fray are VH1’s Posted artist for the month of February, and every week they’ve been giving us intimate blog posts from the road. So far, lead guitarist Dave Welsh has given us a poignant portrayal of travel, a story about watching the Super Bowl and a post about head colds and surprises. The guys even stopped by Big Morning Buzz Live to play their song “Heartbeat,” and now we have a fourth blog post for your weekly February Fray fix. This week, Welsh tells us about the back stage moments leading up to a live show — read all about it after the jump!

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Tuned In: Blur Play At The Brits But Not Before Adele Flips The Bird On Live Television

Adele got caught up in her very own M.I.A. moment at the Brits last night when she gave everyone the bird on live television. After winning album of the year, an emotional Adele, obviously composing herself and fighting tears, began a heartfelt, humble acceptance speech in which she expressed her pride at “coming home with six Grammys,” and “being British and flying our flag.” But almost as soon as she began her rousing speech, she was cut short by presenter James Corden who seemed to follow his direction to cut her off rather reluctantly. As Corden welcomed Blur to the stage, Adele expressed her frustration with a very clear gesture, flipping a giant bird at the room. But unlike M.I.A. who made her apologies, Adele had nothing to apologize for, and instead it was ITV and the Brit Awards apologizing to her.

Adele did clarify that her middle finger was for “The suits, not the fans,” and she was “Sorry if I offended anyone but the suits offended me.” ITV came back with a statement saying, “The Brits is a live event. Unfortunately the programme was over-running and we had to move on. We would like to apologise to Adele for the interruption,” while a spokesperson for the Brit Awards said, “We regret this happened and we send our deepest apologies to Adele that her big moment was cut short this evening due to the live show over-running. We don’t want this to undermine her incredible achievement in winning our night’s biggest award. It tops off what’s been an incredible year for her.” Corden was equally horrified and said, “I just feel bad about having to cut Adele off. I really don’t understand quite why I was made to, but it’s not a very nice way to end… She’s the biggest star in the world. I don’t understand what happened but I’m upset about it. Blur played for 11 minutes and she didn’t get a chance to say thank you once.”

Speaking of Blur, the band gave a rousing, five song strong set including the iconic Brit Pop hit “Parklife” (which you can watch after the jump). Damon Albarn looked pretty excited to be there, jumping around the stage like a kid who’d eaten too much sugar. Blur were presented an Outstanding Contribution To Music award, and their closing set proved just why — Brit Pop really is a very Blur-y thing.

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You Oughta Know Artist Gotye Takes Number One Spot On Billboard’s Alternative Song Chart

Our featured You Oughta Know artist, Gotye, is really turning heads with his hit single “Somebody That I Used To Know.” The Australian artist, whose collaboration with Kimbra has only just become ubiquitous the world over, isn’t just looking at critical success anymore as “Somebody That I Used To Know” climbs the charts. We love to say we told you so!

This week the track takes number one spot on Billboard’s Alternative Songs chart, and Gotye told Billboard he struggled when writing the song; “When I got to the end of (writing) the first chorus, I hit a real brick wall. I didn’t seem to have any way to take the song further… After struggling with what to do with it, it kind of struck me that I needed a different perspective. It should be the other side of the relationship. I wrote that part and then went about looking for the female vocalist I thought could really give it something edgy.” Gotye’s chart success is just another reason You Oughta Know the budding artist who kicks off his US tour in March, including a date with Coachella’s iconic festival.

Alternative Songs Leader Gotye: ‘Somebody’ You Should ‘Know’ [Billboard]

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Robin Thicke Pays Tribute To The Whitney Houston Legend By Covering “Exhale (Shoop, Shoop)”

Robin Thicke has paid heartfelt tribute to Whitney Houston by covering her beautiful 1995 song, “Exhale (Shoop, Shoop)”. His soft, gentle vocal compliments the track perfectly, and the stripped back arrangement gives the song an utter poignancy that will bring a tear to your eye. “Exhale” was the late Houston’s 11th number one single on the Billboard Hot 100 and was awarded a Grammy in 1997 for Best R&B Song. The heart wrenching cover will have you grabbing for the Kleenex as the subject matter — inspiring yourself to push on despite hurt or disappointment — resonates with the ultimate tragedy of Houston’s early passing. Robin himself Tweeted of the track:

And what a moving tribute. Robin’s vocals bring out a sense of nostalgia and whimsy, in a respect filled ode to the musical great.

Robin Thicke Covers Whitney Houston Classic ‘Exhale (Shoop Shoop)’ [Pop Crush]

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Rihanna And Chris Brown Shock The World By Duetting On Not One But TWO Songs

First, the news that Rihanna and Chris Brown might be collaborating together on a single started off as a blind item that promised to “shock the world.” Then, on Friday, Miss Info confirmed the news that the former lovers duetted on a remix of Rihanna’s Talk That Talk track “Birthday Cake.” The response to the news was even more mixed than you might expect: In a poll that we posted here on VH1 Tuner, 55% of the votes cast were in support of the duo working together in spite of what happened between the two back in 2009.

Well, the “Birthday Cake (Remix)” leaked last night (you can listen to it here) and it’s exactly as dirty as anyone who heard the original, 78-second version that appears on Talk That Talk would expect: There are lots illicit references to pleasures both carnal and confectionary, some metaphorical (licking icing off, blowing candles out) and some quite literal (“I wanna f*** you right now”). The album version became a fan fave due in no small part to its brevity; it’s the sexual equivalent of a tease. This single version, though, feels bloated and more than a little bit gross; it’s the sexual equivalent of watching a porno being filmed. In other words, all the mystery is gone.

In addition to the disappointing “Birthday Cake (Remix)” that leaked last night, the internets were shocked to discover that these two had also collaborated on ANOTHER song: a remix of Chris Brown’s newest single, “Turn Up The Music” (you can listen to it here). The song seems poised to do well on the charts, but its generic EDM beat and (we’re guessing literally) phoned-in RiRi verse sort of makes us want to turn the volume down on “Turn Up The Music.”

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Lana Del Rey Is Collaborating With Azealia Banks And Becoming A Fashion Icon

In an impressive front row line up, Lana Del Rey sat with Michelle Williams, Elizabeth Olsen, Pixie Geldof and Azealia Banks at the Mulberry FW12 show in London over the weekend. While we’re not sure that this automatically qualifies her for “fashion icon” status (the girls around her are tabloid virtuosos when it comes to style, and hopefully their penchant for high fashion will rub off on Lana, who is still finding her feet, aesthetically at least), it seems that regardless of her fashion status the Internet sensation is a Mulberry favorite already. The iconic brand the iconic brand had even named a bag after her, the “Del Rey” tote, which she sported at the event. She also performed at Mulberry’s dinner party (see images of the performance and the bag in the gallery below!). It will be interesting to watch her style evolution now that she’s been invited to sit front row for one of the world’s biggest fashion houses — surely designers will be clamoring to dress her.

And it’s not just high fashion at stake here — Lana is reportedly working on a collaboration with other Hottest New Music Thing Of The Moment, Azealia Banks, who has fallen into the good graces of the ice-cold Karl Lagerfeld. The pair of hype-machines are apparently working on a song together, and already we can hear the accumulated Internet buzz intensifying to what will no doubt be a deafening roar by the time the single actually drops. Between Azealia’s aggressive rap vocal and Lana’s stubbornly coy broken romanticism, it will be interesting to see what the pair come up with. Will Lana bring out Azealia’s softer side? Or will we get to see Lana harden up and show the “Video Games” heart-breaker what for?

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Lana Del Rey & Azealia Banks: Duet in the Works! [Just Jared]
Mulberry Names New Bag After Lana Del Rey [NBC New York]

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Rare Videos Of Prince Performing “Purple Rain” Live In Concert Surface

Over the weekend two rare videos of Prince performing surfaced online, and one has already been taken down, so make sure you watch this one fast before it too disappears! In this haunting footage, Prince sings “Purple Rain,” which is the vocal take used for the song on the album, recorded live in 1983. It really makes you think about the power of Price as a performer — there’s nothing manufactured about it, as the legendary artist relies on nothing but natural talent for his music.

As The Lefsetz Letter puts it, “It doesn’t sink in until Prince hits the mic at 3:51. You start to tingle. You’re witnessing history. You don’t believe someone, that a band can be this good. In a year where seemingly every Grammy appearance was lip-synched, you’d think the ability to deliver sans crutches is a lost art. But it’s not. That’s why Prince owns the Super Bowl crown, that’s why he still does great business today.” The performance itself is emotional and raw, and there’s no way you wont be moved by this intimate, exclusive footage.

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Bobby Brown Walks Out Of Whitney Houston’s Funeral

Over the weekend Bobby Brown controversially left the funeral of his late ex-wife, Whitney Houston. The debacle unfolded after Brown entered the church where the funeral was taking place with three other people, including his current wife, and was then forced to move seats several times by security. The LA Times reported that CNN journalist Raelyn Johnson (allegedly the only journalist inside the church), said that Brown “was not the only celebrity who had musical chairs going on,” and that “no one on the inside of that church knew that Bobby Brown was having any sort of drama.” Johnson said that Brown “was not singled out,” and that many VIP guests were moved around inside the church in accordance with Baptist traditional funeral protocols, which strictly say that those wishing to sit in the first few rows with the family must enter with the casket, or with the family if the casket is already in place, which Brown failed to do.

However, the confusion with the seating arrangement upset the bereaved Brown, who felt he was treated differently to other guests, and he issued a statement saying, “My children and I were invited to the funeral of my ex-wife Whitney Houston. We were seated by security and then subsequently asked to move on three separate occasions. I fail to understand why security treated my family this way and continued to ask us and no one else to move. Security then prevented me from attempting to see my daughter Bobbi Kristina. In light of the events, I gave a kiss to the casket of my ex-wife and departed as I refused to create a scene… I will continue to pay my respects to my ex-wife the best way I know how.” The distraught Brown then went on to play a concert with New Edition later that night at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Connecticut during which, according to the Huffington Post, he pointed a finger skyward and said “Blessings to my ex-wife, Whitney Houston. I love you.”

Bobby Brown at Whitney’s funeral: What went on inside the church? [LA Times]
Bobby Brown Leaves Whitney Houston’s Funeral: Seating Dispute Reportedly To Blame [Huffington Post]

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MTV Reveals The Top Ten Hottest MCs In The Game, With Rick Ross At Number One

MTV have unveiled their seventh Hottest MCs list, and it’s a pretty accurate reflection of the current hip hop landscape. Coming in at number one for the first time is the distinctive Rick Ross, of whom MTV says, “When Rick Ross experiences a personal moment of triumph, a hearty grunt typically marks the occasion. Built up from the bowels of his belly, Rozay’s baritone call has become as ubiquitous as his titillating one-liners — not that a simple ad-lib is the only thing that earned Rick Ross the #1 spot on MTV News’ Hottest MCs in the Game VII list, his first time up top.”

Coming in at number two is Drake, who had a great year in 2011 with his album Take Care (does this settle the beef with Common, who doesn’t appear in the list at all?). Kanye West appears at number three, oddly enough three places above Watch The Throne collaborator and veteran rapper Jay-Z. And the only woman on the list is Nicki Minaj at number four — the female Weezy coming in one spot above the real Weezy! See the full list after the jump.

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