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Timbaland Reveals Aaliyah Visited Him in Dream, Says Tink is the “One”


Timbaland played hit after hit last night during his SXSW performance, but the biggest highlight comes from his statement of Aaliyah visiting him in a dream. It happened right after he brought out his rising protege rapper Tink to play a few songs including Aaliyah’s “One in a Million.”

After he stated, “I don’t touch any of my sister’s records. I don’t touch Baby Girl’s records—you know that’s Aaliyah. Then he went on to say, “She spoke to me in my sleep and said, ‘She’s [Tink] the one.’”

Watch the video below.

“She’s the one.” #FADERFORTConverse

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This might sound familiar, because it is. Kanye West had a similar dream recently, but including his mother Donda West who spoke to him while writing “Only One.”

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10 Reasons Why The High-Waisted Bikini Should Be The Official Swimsuit Of 2015

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By Frank Donovan 

Gone are the days of barely-there bikinis and Baywatch style high-cut one pieces. Today it’s all about harkening back to 1950s bombshells with high-waisted bikinis. We gotta say we’re totally on board with this look, especially when it’s completed with cat-eye sunglasses and a red lip a la Taylor Swift. In fact, after noticing so many of our favorite singers rocking retro swimwear everywhere from the pool to the stage, we’re declaring high-waisted bikinis the official swimsuit of 2015.

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‘Hell Awaits’ by Slayer Turns 30, Still Head Of The Thrash Class of ’85


With its spate of landmark record releases, metalheads properly revere 1986 as the year thrash broke. Still, those twelve months of bone-crunching, lightning-speed, punk-infused heavy metal didn’t just stage-dive out of nowhere. In fact, 1985 produced its own array of mind-blowing, neck-snapping, history-making thrash classics.

While Metallica spent the year formulating and recording Master of Puppets, three of the thrash’s other “Big Four” groups issued crucial albums. So did countless other thrash bands, great and small, in increasing numbers all over the planet.

Chief among 1985’s towering thrashterpieces is Hell Awaits by Slayer, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this month. In tribute, let’s don patch-covered battle vests, lace up massive white Reeboks, and bang heads with total abandon with a mosh-pit tour of the Thrash Class of ’85.

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‘That After Show’ With TMS Guests Jamey Jasta, Michael Angelo Batio + Armored Saint

This year on That Metal Show we’re doing things a little differently and thinking up exciting new ways to bring you the best coverage of all things heavy metal and hard rock. One of those things is That After Show, where we keep the cameras rolling after the regular broadcast is over and let the TMS boys and their guests talk about, well, whatever the f-ck they want to talk about. This week hear Jamey Jasta, Michael Angelo Batio and John Bush and Joey Vera of Armored Saint sound off about their life in music.

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The Most Awesomely Offensive Post-Death Musician Merchandise

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John Lennon Jesus candles. Amy Winehouse murals. Elvis Presley bingo bags. These are just some of the offerings on sites like Etsy and Amazon that take post-death artist merchandise to a whole new level.

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15 Love Lessons *NSYNC’s ‘No Strings Attached’ Taught Us


Prepare to feel incredibly old, millennials: No Strings Attached, *NSYNC‘s most successful (and best) album, turns 15 today. The band’s sophomore LP is pure bubblegum paradise — infectious, cheesy, and just a little bit angsty. It’s also *NSYNC’s most successful album to date and still holds the record for the most albums sold in a debut week (2.4 million — not even Taylor Swift could top that). Needless to say, No Strings Attached is pretty badass, but we bet you didn’t know the album is the only thing you need to navigate the complicated world of ~*LoVe.

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