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Wednesday: Gwen’s Back for Baby #2

gwen-stefani.jpgTony Romo Woos Jessica with a Song
She may not suck at football, but at least they can both suck at singing together. Now that’s what we call soulmates. [Us]

J. Lo?s Babies Get Normal-ish Names
Emme and Max Lopez-Anthony, meet your new family, the paparazzi! [Star]

Gwen?s Baby Belly Back in Business
Gav and Gwen are adding to their clan. If it’s a girl, do you think they’ll call her Queenston? [Star]

Britney Numbs Pain with New Car
There’s no problem a $55,000 Mercedes (paid for in cash, obvs) can’t fix. Bi-polar disorder be damned! [TMZ]

Lindsay Lohan Loyal to Vodka
LL stands for Lindsay Lohan and Leggings n’ Liquor. [NYDN]

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Miley Officially Loses Her Stripper Name

destinyrose.jpgWhat, you didn’t know that Miley Cyrus’ (aka Hannah Montana) real name was Destiny Hope Cyrus? Yeah, we didn’t either, but it’s definitely the greatest name we’ve heard this side of Scores. It’s one thing to change your name to a sexy monniker later in life, but to be born with such a trashy name is a true gift. We’re sad to see Miley let Destiny go, especially with all those bikini pics that have leaked on to the internet in recent weeks. She is now legally Miley Ray Cyrus – Miley stems from her childhood nickname of Smiley, and she added the Ray as a tribute to her mullet-loving dad.

Seeing as Destiny Hope Cyrus is now dead (er, as a name), we invite you to discover your own awesome stripper name. Here’s a handy name generator to use at your leisure. Give it your best shot and let us know what you come up with!

Raquelle Razorthighs


Sundance Stories: Jack Black, Swagboy

An oddly blonde Jack Black informed VH1 News that the celebrity swag at Sundance wasn’t exactly free — it comes at a price. The price? Taking a picture with the stuff, which means being prepped to be the next face of a random cosmetics brand in their Asian marketing campaign. (Just kidding. Sort of.) We caught all of the action at Sundance, the annual Park City, Utah, meet-and-greet, where celebrities came to check out new films, promote their own, and, in general, raise the level of conversation. Whether or not that actually worked in practice is something else entirely. When asked, for instance, about his horrendous new glasses, Bono claimed that they’re 3-D. That goes along with U2‘s new film, U2 3D, but it doesn’t change the fact that the world’s most socially conscious star of the stage needs a new stylist. For more on the festival, click here.

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Someone Get Britney Some Help – FAST

The Queen of the Night had another meltdown outside her house yesterday that began in the early evening and lasted until one or two in the morning. Apparently Brit got in a big fight with her master/enabler Sam Lutfi, so she hopped out of his car with her bag and dog and tried to run away (you’re not in Kansas anymore, Brit!). Where she was headed we’re not sure, and neither was she, as she eventually plopped down on the curb to cry. Then Adnan Ghalib, photog boyfriend extraordinaire, tried to come to her rescue, but he was banned (by Sam) from entering her gated community. Eventually both her parents showed up around 9PM, but then Brit bolted to drive around with city with Adnan till 11PM. Eventually she headed back home, only to hit up a drugstore at 1:2o AM with her Mom and Sam in tow.

TMZ is claiming that the gang is in the process of attempting an intervention on the pop queen to try to get her to deal with her mental health issues. What we want to know is, who is thinking about Britney’s poor, suffering millionaire neighbors!? They’ve paid big bucks for their McMansions, only to live in the middle of a freak-show. Check out some video of the scene at her house and you’ll be offering to go evacuate people tomorrow. Seriously, the girl needs her own country to contain all the insanity she attracts.

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Tuesday: More Miley in a Bikini

mileycyrus.jpgNew Kids on the Block: Plotting Comeback?
One of the Kids posted confusing Myspace messages about a possible NKOTB reunion, proving that they care as little as we do about seeing Hangin’ Tough live again. [Us]

Pete Doherty Addicted to Animals
The cracked out Brit has taken to rescuing critters, like a one-legged hedge hog which he now keeps in his garden. This isn’t what we had in mind for “rehab,” but okay.? [Daily Star]

More Miley Bikinis Pics Hit Web
Someone’s trying to sabotage the star with sexy pics posted on the internet. Being sixteen sucks no matter how much fame you got going on. [NYDN]

Scam Artist Poses as Heath’s Pop
Because pretending to be a 9-11 victim’s family member is so 2002. Classy! [NY Post]

Britney Allowed to Call Kids
That conversation probably makes a ton of sense: “Hi Sean Preston, it’s mama! Googa goo goo ga!”? [People]

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Brit Readies for Super Bowl with Boob Flash


So what if Britney’s not actually performing at the Super Bowl next weekend? She still made sure she gave us a show that topped Janet Jackson’s whole wardrobe malfunction debacle when she flashed her boob to the paparazzi during a dance rehearsal this weekend. Check out the video above for a couple choreography moves, one of the twins, and a whole lot of crazy (skip to the 3:20 mark to get right to the goods).

But just because Brit was busy letting it all hang out doesn’t mean she’s out of control. It was probably just part of her new “treatment for mental issues!” Yes, Brit’s BEF (Best Enabler Forever) Sam Lutfi called Babs over at The View today (er, why?) and told her that the singer is seeing a psychiatrist and is seeking help for “mental issues,” including mood swings and sleeping problems. More good news: Brit’s in touch with her mother! Now if only someone would step in and help with her unfortunate lipstick choices, she’d be well on her way to almost normal. [Us]


Pepsi Smash: Maroon 5 Can Hardly Wait To See Mary

The Pepsi Smash show is a mere four days away, and Maroon 5 are pretty psyched to play it. With a line-up that includes Mary J. Blige and Ne-Yo, Adam Levine and James Valentine stopped by our Top 20 studios to chat about what they’re looking forward to. After some joking about their Grammy nominations (apparently the boys are nominated for Best Band Ever in the Entire Universe category — new this year) the Maroon Men gushed about Mary. Find out what they had to say.

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Ne-Yo Kicking Superbowl Smash, Too

ne-yosuit.jpgMary J. Blige is going to have some help in Arizona this Thursday night. When the Pepsi Smash Superbowl Bash gets going, Ne-Yo is jumping onstage to help his pal Mary throw some funk around. You know that she was part of a remix of Ne-Yo’s “Do You” last year. But did you know that his favorite sandwich is a chicken and cheese thingee with mayo and mustard? And did you know that the first CD he bought was the Pharcyde‘s Bizarre Ride to the Pharcyde? And did you know one of his earliest memories was watch his mom dance to Prince songs? No? You’d best get brought up to speed on our boy. Here’s a User’s Guide that will let the R&B star explain things himself.

Watch the Pepsi Smash show, which also features Maroon 5, live this Thursday night on, and again this Saturday night on VH1 itself.

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Monday: Lindsay’s New Lover Boy

lindsay-lohan-prowl.jpgNicole Richie Sheds her Mom Bod
The new mother steps out just weeks after giving birth and she’s already back to her former toothpick-shaped self. We knew those boobs were too good to last.? [TMZ]

Hollywood Stars Gather to Remember Heath
Ex-GF Naomi Watts and other celeb friends gathered in LA to remember the actor. Noticably abesent were hook-up pals Mary-Kate and LiLo.? [Us]

Lindsay Sinks her Teeth into Brody Jenner
Ah – LaLohan was super busy this weekend getting her freak on with D-Lister man whore, Brody Jenner. Does this mean she’ll end up on The Hills? Sounds like a smart career move!? [People]
Celebs Honor Each Other at Sag Awards
It’s like the ultimate ass-kissing festival, but at least actors have good taste, tapping Tina Fey, The Sopranos, and? No Country for Old Men for awards.? [People]

Diddy Shakes Name Change Rumor
The rapper is not changing his name to his legal name. People even still call him Puffy. The sky’s the limit!? [NY Post]