Last Night on Late Night: My Morning Jacket Heat Up Fallon With “Circuital”

When My Morning Jacket played “Circuital” on their episode of VH1 Storytellers, frontman Jim James talked in almost spiritual tones about how the heat of recording conducted sound really well and made the recording sound great. Maybe it was really hot in the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon studio yesterday, too, because the band turned out not only a killer rendition of their single, but also one of the better-sounding musical performances we’ve ever seen on television.
Fallon’s staff deserves a bit of the credit: television performances are notorious for sounding bad (the audio equivalent of the old chestnut, “the camera adds ten pounds”), but somehow the band sounded as good as ever. Recently Billboard (in the May 28 print issue and an online supplement) and Pitchfork both ran features on the expanding role of late-night television in music promotion, especially for niche artists like My Morning Jacket. Both articles had kind words for Fallon’s music booker Jonathan Cohen. Judging from last night’s performance, the audio mixer needs some serious shine, too. It didn’t hurt that, even when it’s an open secret that musical performances get last billing because audiences are most likely to tune out, the show gave the band the full seven-plus minutes so they didn’t have to abbreviate the song or pick a different performance. The audience got the whole song?”greatest guitar solo of all time” (that’s Jim James on Storytellers again) and all.

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Coldplay’s “I Go To Rio” Sample Mistaken For Plagiarism

Not long after Coldplay debuted their new single “Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall,” claims of plagiarism popped up in YouTube comments, as listeners noted a similarity in the song’s riff to that of Mystic’s 1990 UK italo-house hit, “Ritmo de la Noche.” In actual fact, the song contained a melodic sample from Peter Allen‘s “I Go to Rio,” co-written in 1976 with Adrienne Anderson?a credit listed below the lyrics on Coldplay’s website?which happened to be the same melodic bit that “Ritmo de la Noche” used. (To be more specific, Mystic‘s rendition of the song was merely the Simon Cowell-helmed UK version of a track that had several regional variations. WhoSampled credits the band Chocolate with the “original” of this house track.) This was clarified in a statement that a spokesperson for the band made to Scotland’s Daily Record.
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Shakira Practices Some Spirited Baile de Tubo In “Rabiosa”

Latin-flavored pop music rarely crosses over in America unless the lyrics are sung entirely in English, but you can’t blame Shakira for trying. Her latest album, the bilingual Sale el Sol/The Sun Comes Out, debuted at #7 on the Billboard 200 (#4 among Digital Albums) when it was released in the first week of November against tough competition (namely, Kings of Leon and Sugarland), but the English-language version of single “Loca” featured British rapper Dizzee Rascal, who’s talented but hardly an American hitmaker.

“Rabiosa,” on the other hand, features Miami rapper Pitbull, so it’s getting a much bigger push, which seems warranted, since the lyric video posted a week ago already has nearly half a million views. (Granted, Latin artists perform disproportionately well on YouTube when compared to other charts.)
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Fountains of Wayne Return From A Long Absence With “Someone’s Gonna Break Your Heart”

New York tri-state power-pop fans have a big reason to be happy today: hyper-prolific songwriter Adam Schlesinger has re-teamed with his bandmates for the first Fountains of Wayne album since 2007’s Traffic and Weather. The critically-acclaimed but perennially underrated (and isn’t that always the way with power-pop?) band returns with “Someone’s Gonna Break Your Heart,” the first single from the forthcoming Sky Full of Holes. The song premiered this morning on Vulture.

Schlesinger has kept plenty busy in the interim, of course; he’s written dozens of songs for television and film, including the theme to That Thing You Do!, which won him an Oscar nomination, and, most recently, interstitial music for the Billboard Music Awards last month. He was also the primary songwriter for the super-group Tinted Windows, formed by his Scratchie Records partner James Iha, and featuring Taylor Hanson and Cheap Trick‘s Bun E. Carlos. But it’s good to have the old band back, if you’re into bright pop songs about love and/or the Northeast Corridor. And who knows? Maybe this record will have another “Stacy’s Mom.”

[Image: Violeta Alvarez/Fountains of Wayne]


Katy Perry Teases Her “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)” Video Release

The video for Katy Perry‘s new single “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)” premieres in a week, but today Perry released an entire teaser package, including not only the clip above, but also a Twitter account and Facebook page for the fictional “nerd persona” that we first saw on the single’s cover art. “Kathy Beth Terry” is some sort of mid-90s teenybopper everynerd; on Twitter she follows BOP and Tiger Beat, Popstar! Magazine, and teen idols from a range of years centered around 1995 (Leonardo DiCaprio, Hanson, Jared Leto, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Rider Strong, and Devon Sawa), plus two NASA accounts, Sudoku Fun, LARP Craft, and, of course, the Katy Perry account.
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Dr. Dre’s New Chrysler Ad Features Detox Beat, But Is Detox Really On The Way?

Dr. Dre cruises around Los Angeles in a Chrysler 300S playing an instrumental track through the sedan’s Beats by Dre speakers in a television spot that premiered on Sunday during the NBA finals. HipHopDX is reporting that the instrumental is the beat for a Dr. Dre/50 Cent collaboration from the long-promised Detox. Does this commercial lend support to the most recently rumored Detox release date?

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Beyoncé, Kanye and Andre 3000 Serve Up a Sassy Summer Anthem

We’ve got a live one! Leaking last night with the rest of Beyonc?’s album, 4, “Party” might be one of the strongest new contenders for our Song of the Summer, and we’re hoping it will also be her third single. Produced by both Kanye West and Consequence and featuring an insane verse from novelty-spitter Andr? 3000, this sweetly sexy track delivers something for every listener, including a silly line from Yeezy woven in-and-out that’s so cheesy it might actually grow on us (I mean, “swag sauce” and “dripping swagu”? If you say so!).
But don’t let the song title deceive you; while “Party” can easily help complete a laid-back, trill evening with friends, its sound is more reminiscent of a come-hither lady anthem from the R&B 90s. And who better to pull off a grown and sexy summer smash than B, singing sassy lyrics that demand the most intense kind of intimacy from her suitor– but only if he “don’t tell nobody tomorrow.” The need for intimacy, however, is a self-proclaimed bi-product of a (perhaps unrequited?) love that crowns the track’s endearing confesional nature. Of course Beyonc? is a happily married woman, but at one time, she was a single lady looking for love and cruising for a man to be her equal. Perfectly suited for brewing summer romances, “Party” can serve as the backdrop to a BBQ, a bikini-targeted workout session, or -you guessed it- some good old-fashioned boot knockin’. Proceed with caution, y’all!


Last Night On Late Night: Cee Lo And A 17-Piece Band (!) Perform “Bright Lights, Bigger City”

The best part about the promotion of NBC’s The Voice is that Cee Lo Green keeps turning up on late night. Last night, backed by a seventeen-piece band, including horns and strings, he continued his “Bright Lights, Bigger City” victory lap on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno. Frankly, a lot of his backing music was probably unnecessary, but Cee Lo is one of the best when it comes to selling it, so it worked?much as it did on his episode of Storytellers. Watch it above.

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Songwriter Of Golden Girls Theme “Thank You For Being A Friend” Dead At 59

People reports this morning that Andrew Gold, the 1970s era singer-songwriter, died on Friday night after suffering a heart attack. Gold got his start as a multi-threat talent (session player, producer, songwriter) in the dynamic Los Angeles music scene of the early seventies, gaining widespread acclaim for his work as a multi-instrumentalist and arranger on Linda Ronstadt‘s seminal 1974 album, Heart Like A Wheel (#164 on Rolling Stone‘s Top 500 Albums of All-Time). His success with that project enabled him to launch a solo career, which arguably culminated with his 1977 Top 10 Billboard hit, “Lonely Boy.”

However, Gold will likely be best remembered for penning “Thank You For Being A Friend,” which was a success in its own right when it was released as a single in 1978. However, it wasn’t until singer Cynthia Fee re-recorded the song in 1985 and NBC producers chose it as the theme song for The Golden Girls that his song reached iconic status. In his memory, take a listen to his original take on the song above. Gold was 59 years-old.


2011 Gathering of the Juggalos Commercial Promises “Good Times and Hard Rhymes”

Ever since the bizarre dichotomy of Insane Clown Posse‘s horror-fetishism and family-friendly state-fair advertising that was the commercial for the 10th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos Festival went viral in 2009, the arrival of the festival’s ads have been greeted with glee by fans and haters alike, and this year is no exception. Vanilla Ice, who over the past ten years has been accepted as one of the Juggalo “family,” costars in this twenty-seven minute advertisement for the festival taking place August 11-14 in Cave-In-Rock, Illinois. We don’t advise sitting through the entirety of this press conference-as-report to alien superiors, but we do recommend clicking through it for a taste.

Highlights include the authenticity ethos that characterizes the majority of pop music as “commercialized, mainstream, watered-down, safe-and-censored, unauthentic, pop p***y-fart bulls**t” and the misspellings of artist names onscreen (“DJ Quick,” “Juvinile,” and “Kitty“).

Beyond that, the main surprise of this clip is how good the rap bookings are for this show: aside from the requisite Psychopathic Records rap roster, the Gathering will feature Mystikal, E-40, Xzibit, Busta Rhymes, Ice Cube (in his second Gathering appearance), and Tech N9ne (in his fifth appearance, one shy of Vanilla Ice’s count!), plus DJ Quik and Juvenile, as mentioned above.

And of course, the biggest fan favorite will return to the Gathering: helicopter rides!

[HT Sound of the City]