Don’t Call It A Comeback: Stevie Nicks And The Beastie Boys Return After Long Absences

Today’s new releases are dominated by highly-anticipated and mostly well-received studio recordings from two career artists returning from extended absences: Stevie Nicks and the Beastie Boys.

Stevie Nicks has not released a solo studio album since 2001’s Trouble in Shangri-La, which came amidst the 1997 reunion of Rumours-lineup Fleetwood Mac, which began with the ultra-successful tour and live album The Dance (after which Christine McVie left the group) and ended with the allegedly rancorous recording sessions that led to the nevertheless successful Say You Will in 2003. After 2003, she continued to play shows, and in 2008 released a live DVD, but has not released solo recordings until today.

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Now That Miley Has Covered “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” Which Artist’s Nirvana Cover Reigns Supreme?

Miley Cyrus has been catching some flak for her cover of Nirvana‘s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” Friday night in Ecuador. But the criticisms aren’t really about her rendition?which was not great, but not terrible, and let’s remember that the audio quality is pretty low?but about the difference between what “Smells Like Teen Spirit” means to Miley Cyrus and what it means to those who were alive when the song was recorded. Miley has said that Kurt Cobain is her “dream boyfriend” but there’s no indication that she sees much of a difference between him and, say, Bret Michaels, with whom she recorded an unreleased rendition of “Every Rose Has Its Thorn.”

And so what? News flash, Generation X: Kurt Cobain isn’t ours anymore. He entered the pop imagination almost twenty years ago. Learn to share. (At the same time, that doesn’t mean you have to like the covers.)

In that spirit, here are the ten most notable reimaginings of the classic Nirvana single, in chronological order. Classic? Misguided? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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Love & Hip Hop‘s Olivia Is #10 On iTunes

Last night?s season finale of Love & Hip Hop was true to it?s name—a lot of love drama for Chrissy and Emily, while Olivia provided the hip hop. And even though this season of Chrissy and Emily’s love lives ended on a cliffhanger, the same can’t be said of Olivia’s music career—the woman is blowing up.

Olivia tweeted earlier about her single “December,” writing “Guess who’s #10 on Itunes :) Let’s keep is going.I’m shooting for #1.” (Ed. Note: Olivia’s #10 placement is on the R&B/Soul Chart, not on the overall, genre-spanning iTunes Top 10 Singles Chart). Will she be able to overtake Katy Perry and Bruno Mars? And more importantly, do you think she’s loving the fact that she’s climbing the charts and Somaya Reece is not? For what it’s worth, Olivia is also winning the battle on YouTube, where “December” has been streamed 1,075,000 times versus (a still pretty impressive) 358,000 streams for Somaya’s “Would You Still Love Me.”

You can follow Olivia (@1andonlyOlivia) on Twitter for more updates, and definitely check out “December” on iTunes.

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Video Premiere: Train, “Save Me, San Francisco”

The video for the fourth single and title track from Train‘s 2009 album Save Me, San Francisco starts with a red herring of a text message:

Before you think too hard about how illogical such a missive would be, remember: it’s just 21st century shorthand for “Here comes a parody of The Graduate!” Or, in other words, the perfect excuse for frontman Patrick Monahan to drive around San Francisco for three-and-change minutes. The band wants to show off their hometown, and who can blame them?

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Flavor Flav and Rick Springfield Arrested (Not at the Same Time)

TMZ is reporting that both Rick Springfield and Flavor Flav ran afoul of the law this weekend.

Flavor Flav was pulled over for a “routine traffic violation” on Friday night in Las Vegas, but arrested when he was found to have warrants for four outstanding traffic violations. He took to Twitter to protest that his initial “violation” was actually just the curiosity of a “Rookie Ass Cop” and that the violations have been settled.

More troublingly, Rick Springfield was pulled over last night in Los Angeles and arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol, just hours after appearing at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books to promote his memoir Late, Late at Night. TMZ also obtained his mug shot. Springfield has not yet commented on the matter.


50 Cent Prot?g? Hot Rod Wastes No Time Releasing His Latest Track, “Osama bin Laden Is Dead”

Sorry, Lil B! A decidedly less “based” rapper has copped your style and beaten you to the news-cycle-rap punch. Hot Rod, a 2006 50 Cent signee who was swiftly dropped by Interscope and then, in late 2010, re-signed by 50 to G-Unit’s new pop, dance and R&B subsidiary G-Note, rushed to the studio last night to record, master, and premiere the singular “Osama bin Laden Is Dead.”

The sidechained Eurotrance and party-lyrics (“Osama was killed tonight, so everybody come and have a good time!”) of Hot Rod’s would-be anthem are not dissimilar to his January single “Dance with Me.” But lyrically, “Osama bin Laden Is Dead” is deeply indebted to O Music Awards performer (and The Pack member) Lil B, who has spent the last two years creating a cottage industry (and a devoted fanbase?one fan even snuck behind Geraldo Rivera during Fox News’s coverage of bin Laden’s death and shouted the common fan tribute “THANK YOU BASED GOD”) by rapping about anything and everything, including twitter trending topics and other pop stars like Charlie Sheen and Justin Bieber:

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Christina Perri Keeps VH1 Posted in May

Before Hanson signed off as VH1’s April Posted artist on Saturday, they not-so-subtlely encouraged their fans to keep voting for “Give a Little” on the VH1 Top 20 Countdown. But they’re going to face stiff competition in their quest for the top slot, not least from one of this weekend’s guests on the VH1 Top 20 Video Countdown?and the VH1 Posted artist for May?Christina Perri.

Perri, whom you may remember as a You Oughta Know artist back in October, stopped by the countdown with tourmate (and fellow You Oughta Know artist) James Blunt to premiere her new single “Arms” from her full-length debut lovestrong., coming May 10. We’re excited to have her on board, where she’s going to provide us with a behind-the-scenes look at all of the prep that goes into making her upcoming album release a big success.

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News Of Bin Laden’s Death Greeted With “Party in the USA”

Osama bin Laden has been killed, and some Americans want to celebrate en masse without leaving their houses. Where do they go?

To the YouTube video of “Party in the USA” by Miley Cyrus, it turns out. In the wake of the news, the song has become the de facto celebratory anthem, its comments section playing host to hundreds of cheers, dozens of jokes and pranks, and the occasional conspiracy theory. Gathered crowds across the nation may have been singing Steam’s “Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye),” but online, they were singing a different tune.

So if there was any doubt, even after a singalong after an Atlanta hardcore show went viral, that Cyrus had captured the zeitgeist, it’s probably safe to put those doubts to rest.

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Lissie is VH1’s Latest “You Oughta Know” Artist

VH1’s You Oughta Know is, as the subtitle notes, an introduction to “artists on the rise.” But we don’t just highlight anyone with a big single or a talented marketing team?we look for artists whose sometimes unconventional approach gives their music a singular quality, and whose artistic commitment suggests a reserve of potential that could develop over a career. Singer-songwriter Lissie suits that description to a tee, so she’s a natural choice to be VH1’s latest You Oughta Know artist. Read more…