Ladies Flock to Diddy’s Waxed Balls

It seems like Diddy has a different A-list hottie on his arm each month. We thought women were attracted to him because he’s a super-savvy businessman who throws great parties and practices tantric sex. But we didn’t know that he had another trick up his pants sleeve: waxed privates! Diddy has played the field for so long that it’s hard to keep track of his sex buddies. Can you guess which of the women below have had contact with Diddy’s immaculately groomed body? Click each thumbnail for answers.

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Gossip Break: Rihanna’s Ridiculous Head Gear

Rihanna looks ridiculous yet still manages to be hot. Not fair. [DListed]

Matthew Broderick and SJP‘s kid is already curious about smoking. Nice parenting, guys! [ICYDK]

Even though some think he’s hot, Mario Lopez continues to gross us out. [Seriously? OMG! WTF?]

Lindsay Lohan is super skinny and wants us all to know it. [WWTDD]

Do you think Matthew McConaughey can say his last name when he’s hammered? [IDLYITW]

Keyshia Coles looks adorable! [Bossip]

Katie Holmes sent Nicole Kidman a baby gift. Mrs. Tom Cruises, unite! [JustJared]

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Fiddy Banned By Judge From Seeing Ex

Ouch. Fiddy‘s ex Shaniqua Tompkins just scored a big victory in her battle against her baby daddy. She asked for and received a restraining order against the rapper, which means he will have to “forfeit any guns and other firearms.” When visiting his 11-year old sun he must pick him up at “curbside,” and may not be in the same location as Shaniqua at any time. Next up: Tompkins and her lawyer will be in court next month pushing for a permanent restraining order against 50 Cent. Everyone should just make their lives a lot easier and give up dating once and for all!

Who needs this kinda sh*t, right?

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Britney’s Back in the Studio

Britney wants to give us more songs! But do we even want them? The “singer” is back in the studio recording a follow up album to last year’s kinda hit “Blackout,” and her producer/co-writer calls her “amazing.”

He must be taking about her weave or Brit’s ability to chug back 32 ounces of frapp in half a minute. Surely he can’t mean her voice, right? The dude goes on to babble about how Brit is a “true professional” and only bringing positive stuff to the table. We don’t doubt that she can deliver a solid album – she did that already this fall. The real question is if she can deliver a solid version of herself – no meltdowns, no platform flip flops, and no half-assed lipsyncing. Is it possible? [Us]

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Wino Wasted, Coughing Up Blood

They tried to make her go to rehab, and she said “no.” So now Amy’s stuck in the hospital with an irregular heartbeat, as doctors try to wean her off her daily drug routine. She also apparently has a chest condition which doctors think might be tuberculosis. A hospital spy reveals that, “She?d been been suffering horrible coughing fits and hurling up blood for a while but refused to be examined. Doctors now believe it is tuberculosis and are doing more tests to be certain.”

This is Amy Winehouse on drugs. Any questions? We got one – think she’ll show up to her previously scheduled commitments, like the Mandela Concert next week?

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Diddy Doing Eddie Murphy’s Ex?

Remember when Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmonds kinda-sorta got married, but then it turned out the wedding wasn’t official and they split immediately after? Rightttt. Well, apparently she’s run into the arms of America’s #1 ladies man, DIDDY. Who isn’t doing Diddy these days? He waxes his man area, ladies – that is a sure thing! Buzz on the gossip blogs is that they pair are definitely a couple, and have been getting close on the sly at the Beverly Hills Hotel. What do you think – is this love happening or is it just internet lore?

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Soulja Boy Slams Ice-T In 7-Minute Rant

The beef is on! Soulja Boy has responded to Ice-T‘s mix tape slam, and the result is 8 minutes or straight up insults. Surrounded by two pals, the Superman dancing rapper reminds us, and Ice, that the 80′s legend is “old as f*ck” and disses him for being “born three centuries ago.” And while Soulja admits Ice-T is a “legend in the game,” his concession does little to soften his rage against the rapper-turned-actor. He even points out the irony of a guy who once say a song called “Cop Killer” now playing a police officer on Law & Order. Soulja Boy’s a smarty!

Warning: Language in above video is NSFW, obviously. [via Bossip]

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Jamie-Lynn Not Yet a Woman, Definitely a Mommy

The latest Spears tot has finally arrived ya’ll! Get that baby a Starbucks! Jamie-Lynn Spears gave birth to a healthy baby girl this morning in Mississippi, possibly via c-section. The Spears clan was present, and a pal in the know reveals that “everyone is healthy and happy.” Hurray! J-L and her boyfriend Casey Aldridge have named their new daughter Maddie Briann, which is seems perfect for a little Southern belle who will presumably spend a lot of time cruising on ATVs with her pops. Congrats to all, especially BritBrit, for being okay with not being the center of attention for once. Our girls are growing up!


Kanye Praises Someone Else’s Greatness In Shocking Blog Post

In a surprising turn of events, Kanye West has taken to his blog to praise an individual other than himself. After fellow rapper Lil Wayne‘s record setting album sales this week with his Tha Carter III, Ye took to his blog and, under the headline “A MILLION HERE… A MILLION THERE!!!!! EXACT NUMBER 1,005,545!!!!!!!!!!!!!” stated the following:


It’s unclear as to how Kanye was allowed to discover evidence of someone else’s success, as his handlers attempt to keep him unaware, so as to prevent the childish tantrums he’s known for.

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OMG It’s Baby Usher!

Blink and you’ll miss it, but in this new video sneak peak for an Usher photoshoot there are a few quick shots of the most adorable little man in the world, Usher Raymond V! The precious baby has no idea his daddy is all interested in making sweet sweet love to his mommy in the club, he just likes to hang around looking all tiny and cute. We love him! Finally Tameka did something right – maybe we judged her too quickly?