The Fray Get “Lost”

Lots of bands have their music used in television shows these days, but sometimes the context and the impact are a little more on-target than others. The fact that Lost is threading its teaser commercial for the upcoming season with The Fray‘s “You Found Me” is pretty neat – the drama of the images moves with the drama of the song. We blogged about Lost last time around, and we’re big fans of the Fray – they’re one of our You Oughta Know artists. We thought those who feel the same might want to see the above clip.

Watch the Fray’s acoustic performance

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See pictures from the “You Found Me” video.


Connect With Katy Perry: See If She Thinks You’re Hot or Cold

You know how frustrated Katy Perry gets on her latest hit, “Hot N Cold.” She can’t get a bead on her boyfriend’s emotional waffling, and it drives her bonkers. Katy’s coming in to visit VH1 in the near future, and she’s wondering what has made her audience hot and cold this year. We’re giving everyone a chance to fill us in on that subject, and when Katy gets here, she might take a look at some of the more entertaining posts and offer her own two cents on ‘em.

You don’t have to stick to the subject of romance. Just let the world know what you’re hot about (faves) or cold about (frustrations) on any topic you choose. Music, politics, movies, fashion, videos, school, etc. Check back around December 15 to see if Ms Perry makes a comment about your comments.

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See the “Hot N Cold” video with some behind-the-scenes footage.

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Soul Cities: Bay Area Blackness

In the last couple weeks Nelson George has taken us through Philly and Chicago. Tomorrow night, Tuesday, November 25, the host of Soul Cities heads out West for a stroll around Oakland, Berkeley and San Francisco. Watch it on VH1 Soul at 9 pm ET.

Nelson drops into the Museum of the African Diaspora, waxes sentimental about his boyhood hero Willie Mays, gives shout outs to local author Ishmael Reed while visiting the black-owned literary center, Marcus Books. Don’t worry, he manages to hit some hip restaurants, too.

As with all episodes of Soul Cities, there’s plenty of music. We catch Raphael Saadiq (who says “music is my PlayStaion, my XBox”) during a rehearsal, and Robin Thicke explains his definition of soul backstage at local club. As usual, Nelson also rolls through some of his favorite albums when he hits the Groove Merchant shop on Haight Street. For a full list of all the places team George hit, and sneak peek clip of this week’s episode, make the jump.

Here’s a list of music videos from Bay Area artists

Robin Thicke’s Favorite Videos

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VH1 Metal Boys Punk Van Halen Fans

We knew the hosts of That Metal Show were wiseasses, but we didn’t know they’d punk a bunch of poor old Van Halen fans. They did, though. And it’s rather hilarious, especially if you think innocent French tourists are decent targets for ridicule.

That Metal Show, starring Eddie Trunk, Jim Florentine, and Don Jamieson, is a new item on the VH1 Classic roster. It airs every Saturday at 11 pm ET.


Soul Cities Hits Chicago: Tuesday Night!

VH1 Soul’s latest show is getting lots of buzz because it’s so much fun to follow host Nelson George as he moves through America, celebrating the specifics of the African-American culture. There’s lots of black history in each metropolis he visits; seems like every time he plants his flag in a new spot, there’s some learning going on.

This week George and team hit Chicago. He clues us in on the town’s Haitian founder, the migration of Southern blacks during the mid-20th century, and drops us off at the Negro Leagues Cafe in the Bronzville neighborhood. The restaurant celebrates the historic achievements of black baseball while serving up collard greens and mac ‘n’ cheese. George also roams from Hyde Park (Barack Obama‘s turf) to Michigan Avenue (and its Chicago Defender offices, founded by John H. Sengstacke). Other interviews include singer LaLah Hathaway, who says she’s rather sun bathe on the shores of Lake Michigan than the Pacific Ocean. He also samples soul food at Army & Lou‘s, and tries to make a deep dish pizza. House music, blues, Chi-town stepping, and Nelson’s tribute to Curtis Mayfield all make this episode a must-see.

Check Soul Cities every Tuesday at 9 pm ET on VH1 Soul.

Watch our play list of artists who hail from the Windy City.

Check Nelson George’s Facebook page for photos from the Chicago episode.

After the jump is a full list of all the spots visited in Chicago.

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Sneak Peek: Rihanna Addicted To Justin

Rihanna‘s video for her new single “Rehab” premieres on VH1′s Top 20 on Monday, but since we love you so much, we’re giving you a sneak peek of the hotness now! In the clip above, Rihanna smolders with co-star Justin Timberlake. And just so you can prepare yourself — JT’s a biker dude, and Rihanna rocks a skimpy green bikini. Meaning we’re not responsible for melted computer monitors.


Final New Kids “Ultimate Fan” Found!

It’s been a wild autumn here a for New Kids fans. We’ve been searching for four zealots who loved them some NKOTB, and yep, after sifting through loads of pictures and reading loads of notes, we found them all. The last winner is Blair Braman. She’ll be heading to a performance and hanging with Jon, Jordan, Donnie, Joey, and Danny during a meet ‘n’ greet session. Here’s Blair’s note. Obviously she’s come full circle.

“I recently went to a concert in Cleveland and just about got the beat down for my poster I made. I tried so hard for Donnie to see it. I was asked many times by girls bigger than me to take it down! I tried and tried. At one point, people even pulled me down to their row so I could wave it around. And also tried to get their attention. Please help me meet NKOTB! Besides, Donnie did say he wanted to meet all the girls he sang Cover Girl to. Yes, the little girl in the picture is me when I was 7!”

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Taylor Swift Tells Us Her “Love Story”

It’s Taylor Swift‘s time right now. Her new Fearless has just been released, the New York Times and the New Yorker have have written thoughtful profiles of her, and our pals at CMT have made a new episode of “Video Replay” for her current hit, “Love Story.” Watch it above.

“Video Replay” has its guests explain their latest clips, and along the way in “Love Story,” the young blonde sensation lets us know that she “wrote a lot of visuals into the song” so it would make for a great video, and dodged a make-out scene suggested by her male lead because she was after a “sweet” vibe. Think she reached her goal?

Watch other Taylor Swift videos. Check Taylor’s favorite videos by other artists in “My Playlist.”

Download Fearless at Rhapsody.

Check Taylor Swift playing with Def Leppard.

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Soul Cities: Take a Tour of Black America

The best way to find out about a subject is to jump in and drill down, right? Travelers know that the “drill down” part is the most fun when visiting various locales. You can’t get a full taste of New York or Paris by hanging at the Statue of Liberty or the Eiffel Tower – you’ve gotta get to where the people actually live and the culture is created.

Nelson George created Soul Cities with that in mind. For the next several weeks VH1 Soul is airing a string of episodes that finds the author, screenwriter, and music critic roaming through six of a the hippest towns in the U.S., including New Orleans, Memphis, Chicago, L.A., and the Bay Area. He creates a portrait of the artistic, cultural, and political vibe that help define each location.

Philadelphia is first (the show premieres Tuesday, November 11 at 9 pm ET on VH1 Soul). George chats with Kenny Gamble & Leon Huff about classic Philly R&B, swings by Geno’s to wolf a cheese steak, drops into Ms Tootsies soul food restaurant for an interview with LaBelle, talks politics and music with ?uestlove from the Roots, browses the ultimate R&B record store, and lots more.

Check our music video playlist of R&B artists associated with Philly.

Facebookfiends should check out the photos associated to each episode that live on George’s profile page.

For another glimpse into his world head to his Web site.

Check the specific addresses of the Philly sites after the jump.

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Kid Rock Storytellers: Sneak Peek!

Kid Rock loves a good romp, and a few weeks ago, just outside of Nashville, he gathered up his Twisted Brown Trucker band and spent the evening recording songs both old and new for an episode of VH1 Storytellers. That’s the show that delivers the artistic backstory, with stars explaining a bit about their songs’ genesis – you really get a feel for what goes into the creative process. Kid, of course, has been riding high this year. His Rock ‘n’ Roll Jesus CD found its way into lots of record collections. His “All Summer Long” dominated the radio during the last few months. His entire song catalog finally became available for download exclusively at Rhapsody.

VH1 Storytellers is set to premiere on Thanksgiving day, November 27 at 9 pm ET. Watch him bounce through “All Summer Long” from the show in the above clip.

And below you’ll find a special glimpse of another Storytellers track, as well as the show’s entire set list.

Check out a photo gallery of Kid Rock through the years.

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