American Idol: Bye-bye . . . Asia’h?


The moments of truth come fast and furious on American Idol, where each week we crush a young man or woman?s dream. But few of these moments have the gravity of the Final 12 pick, where the fat is trimmed and the real contestants are allowed to take center stage. For the eight men and eight women who have made it this far, ’80s week was a challenge. Nobody?s fate was assured (except, perhaps, David Archuleta?s). Who?s in, who?s out? There were surprises and lesser surprises, but ultimately, Luke Menard, Danny Noriega, Kady Molloy, and Asia?h Epperson were dispatched. Let?s consider the losers:
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Kelly Rowland: Boob Job Magic


Destiny’s Child star Kelly Rowland has finally admitted to getting a boob job last fall. Her reason, of all things, was to be able to fit into designer clothes better. Um, okay. If only we had some designer clothes to try to squeeze into. Anyway – Kelly didn’t go for the Pamela Anderson look, opting instead to go up just one cup size to a B. Whatever makes you happy Kel! We’ve got the before and after look above, and you can check out some bikini pics here. Bootylicious!

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Friday: RiRi and Chris Get Cozy

rihanna-030708.jpgChris and Rihanna?s Parisian Snuggle Sesh
OMG! Music’s two golden children are caught cuddling up a storm! Now there’s no denying that these two are maybe/possibly/probs a couple.? [Just Jared]

Michelle Dishes on Heath Break-Up
Prior to her the death of her ex, Williams divulged that she “didn’t know where to go” following the couple’s break up.? [People]

Ashlee Simpson: ?I Wasn?t Wasted On the Radio!?
The singer adamantly claims that she wasn’t drunk during a recent radio interview. Unfortunately, she confirms that she wasn’t hammered when she got her new fugly tattoo, either.? [People]

John Mayer Disses Ex-Love
Oh! Mayer’s back on his blog and talking about an ex. Think it’s Jess? [Mayer's Blog]

Lionel Loves Nicole?s Mommy Skills
Awww, grandpa Richie coos over his daughter’s newfound mothering skills. We like Nicole all grown up too!? [Us]


American Idol: Kristy Lee’s Year as a Dog


There’s no better decade than the ’80s to underscore this week?s theme: humiliating-memories. The American Idol performances avoided that era’s gaudy glamor and glitz, favoring tamer, safer song choices. Filmed confessions of our contestant?s ?most embarrassing moments ever!? were equally tame (with the exception of canine-crazy Kelly). Unfortunately for a few of our favorites (Ramile and Amanda), tabloids and snoopy Web surfers did the probing for them. For sure, digging up the past can profoundly affect the present. While some of our contestants remained as boring as ever, others — in true Breakfast Club style — exhibited noticeable changes in attitude and style after a week of confessions, exultation and humiliation. It?s like everything?s totally changed now. Let?s take a look:

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New Snoop Sneak: Sexual Healing


You know about Snoop‘s upcoming episode of VH1 Storytellers, right? It’s taping next week in Brooklyn and airs on March 31. It follows up cool performances we did with Jay-Z and Mary J, and it parallels the arrival of Ego Trippin’, the Doggfather’s latest, which hits the racks next Tuesday. If you want to get a jump on the deal, check the stream of “Make It Good,” a Trippin’ track that finds our hero offering some sex advice to any playa looking to woo a special girlie.

“If you hit it, then you gotta hit harder than any other brother – the Karma Sutra be the author. Be the man who made her never want to see another man. One shot to pop/better hit the spot.” Yep, Snoop’s gone loverman. ?It was important to give the audience another side of me,? he has said. ?It can?t be all gangsta all the time.? No it can’t. Remember how he got all ’70s porno on us in the sugar-shit sharp clip for “Sensual Seduction”? Sure you do.


Biggie Biopic Actor Cast


Way back in August, we told you about the Biggie Smalls biopic Notorious that Fox Searchlight was looking to cast. The film, all about the life and times of Christopher Wallace, held an open casting call in October, which hundreds of wanna-Bigs attended.

Now, The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that the role of Big will be played by Jamal Woolard, a widely unknown Brooklyn rapper who attended the open casting call. Apparently, Woolard (also known as Gravy) shares more with the deceased rapper than physical size. Woolard, a former drug dealer, has released a few rap albums, and according to Biggie’s mother, has the same “charming personality, warm spirit, wonderful sense of humor and beautiful smile” as Big. Derek Luke (Antwone Fisher) has been cast as Puffy, while Angela Bassett will play Big’s mom. Anthony Mackie (Half Nelson) will play Big’s rival Tupac.


Janet’s New Vid: Kylie Locked in a Club?

BET premiered Janet Jackson‘s clip for “Rock With U.” The song has overtones of Australian club-queen Kylie Minogue, and the video’s set in a club (or sound stage, let’s be honest) that recalls a futuristic mental hospital/the well-designed drum ‘n’ bass nightspots of decades past. Janet herself is looking fairly fly, dressed in an outfit that looks a little like what might happen if Project Runway winner Christian Siriano did fetish wear. Would Christian collaborate with Janet? We suspect so, yes. Jackson is currently topping the charts with her provocative Discipline. To see other Janet videos — and watch her comment on them — check out our fresh Box Set.

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Thursday: Avril’s Complicated Clothes

avrillavigne.jpgAvril Lavigne Thinks She Can Design
The singer’s creating a line of rocker clothes for girls so you can dress just like her. Attitude problem not included. [Us]

Jamie Lynn Spears Back on TV
Brit’s pregnant teen sis will guest star on Ashton Kutcher’s new show Miss Guided. Not that Jamie-Lynn is or anything. [People]

We Got it All Wrong! Jen Aniston Dumped Brad, Okay?
We are we still talking about a break-up that happened years ago!? Brennifer is way over, even if it is cool to know that she dumped his maybe-cheatin’ ass. [DListed]

Britney and Her Dance Students: BFF!
Awwww. This pic of Britney and some of her little dance pupils is just too cute. [TMZ]

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Fashion WTF: All Signs Point to Bad Taste


Lindsay’s career may be “back on track,” but her fashion choices are as poor-planned as ever. At a recent event celebrating her current Paper magazine cover, Linds showed up decked out like a Wall Street trader on top, with a fugly skirt surely deemed by someone close to her as cutting edge. Perhaps it was created by her pal Jeremy Scott, the fashion designer who shot the cover, but we have no idea, as all our clothes are from last year’s sale rack at Old Navy. Yet while our garb may be shabby, our eye for bad fashion is not. LiLo’s ensemble is an ensembleghhhhh.

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Kanye Needs A Connect Four in Every City

kanyewest-0305.jpgTMZ got their hands on Kanye West‘s rider for his most recent concert tour, and his demands are, well, exactly what’d you expect. You can enjoy the entire 23 pages here, but why not just let us pick out the gems for you?

- There must be a masseuse at each show. Obvi. Big egos make for big back pains.

- A Connect Four game, if possible (The gang travels with one, but ya know – in case Kanye forgets it on his tour bus) .

- An entertainment center with an XBox 360, Playstation III and Guitar Hero. Fun!

- One bottle each of Hennessey, Sky or Absolut Vodka, Patron Tequila, plus six packs of Heineken and Stella Artois beer.

All food must be healthy and organic – NO fried food will be served. NONE! Kanye’s body is too precious for such things (alcohol excluded).