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Pete & Ashlee Get Engaged, Register for Eyeliner

petenash.jpgThink they’re celebrating at the Simpson home in Texas? 23-year old Ashlee Simpson is engaged to her sensitive rocker dreamboat, Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy. Yes, that noise you hear is the shattering of 12-year old hearts around the world. Ashlee announced their good news on Pete’s website late last night with this message:

“We know there has been a lot of speculation recently about Pete and I and we wanted our fans to be the first to know, because you guys are the best. Yes, we are thrilled to share that we are happily engaged. Thank you for all of your support and well wishes – it means the world to us. We consider this to be a very private matter, but we wanted you to hear it straight from us.”

The singers are, however, remaining tight-lipped about the rumor that Ashlee is pregnant with a fall out baby, which possibly spurred the speedy engagement. Whatevs – can’t a famous couple just simply be in luv? All engagement presents of eyeliner and black nail polish can be sent directly to the happy pair. Mazel tov!

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Thursday: Miley Messes with her Face

mileycyrus.jpgKatie Couric Kicked Out by CBS?
The news anchor may be parting ways with her network for greener pastures at CNN. Will people like her better as part of the 24-hour news cycle? [People]

Pete Doherty: Friendless in the Clink
Apparently none of the rocker’s buddies – including ex-flame Kate Moss – give a crap that he’s locked up. Maybe he should seek out Blake Incarcerated to be his jailbird BFF? [DListed]

Solange Says Nothing ‘Bout B’s Wedding
In a recent interview this week, the younger Knowles sis revealed no details about Beyonce’s wedding to Jay-Z. Think we’ll ever know the truth or will this be the Jimmy Hoffa of nuptials? [Us Weekly]

Paris’ Bro: No Jail, No License
18-year old Barron Hilton has pleaded no contest to charges of a DUI and using a fake ID, and has been sentenced to two (that’s it?!) alcohol education classes and had his license suspended for a year. Here’s an idea – hitch a ride with your big sis! No, not Paris – NICKY. [WWTDD]

Miley Gets her Teeth Done
Awww, it’s her first cosmetic procedure! Our little pop star is all grown up – and with whiter, straighter teeth too! [Star]


Stone Temple Pilots Announce Huge Tour

Just like we promised, Stone Temple Pilots are reuniting to hit the road this summer. VH1 was there when the band discussed the decision, and revealed that this is no ordinary jaunt: starting at the end of May, the rockers are embarking on a whopping 65-date tour. Take the jump to find out the city they’re playing near you.
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American Idol: Inspiration? No, Perspiration


In honor of tonight’s Idol Gives Back charity broadcast, the American Idol contestants were charged with singing ?inspirational songs,? a genre apparently fluid enough to include anything from Judy Garland to Queen. The eight remaining finalists inspired less than they ought. Let?s review:

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Mr. & Mrs. Z Wedding Details!


First Mary J. let the cat out of the bag, now Jay and Bey‘s florist is talking: UsWeekly‘s latest cover story features a lengthy story on the first couple of hip-hop’s wedding. According to florist Amy Vongpitaka (who probably won’t be hired for any future celeb weddings after opening her big mouth), Mr. and Mrs. Z had an almost six-foot wedding cake, 750 pounds of flowers, and an intimate guest list at their 9,000 square foot apartment. While the couple have refused to confirm or deny their marriage, Beyonce did keep her ring finger covered on Tuesday when the singer stepped out in Manhattan.

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Jamie-Lynn’s Got a Gun

jamielynn.jpgLook out, nosy photogs! Jamie-Lynn Spears‘ man Casey Aldridge is young, wild and ready to do anything to protect is baby-mama! The pair were cruising along in some sort of four wheelin’ vehicle (their friends were up ahead in an ATV) with a pit bull chillin’ in the back. As you can see in this video, Casey pulled over to yell at some paps who were supposedly lurking on private property trying to snap pics of his pregnant bride-to-be. Before he drove off he gave a little gun flash (the footage is foggy, but TMZ is claiming its a weapon) to the trespassers to prove that he means business. The dude is only 18 but he’s got attitude – and a gun! He’s giving Kevin Federline a little competition in the trashy Spears-boyfriend department, don’t ya think?? [Star Magazine/TMZ]

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Wednesday: Naomi Campbell is Not Nice

naomi.jpgNaomi Dropped Racist Slang During Arrest
The supermodel allegedly spewed racial slurs at the cops who attempted to arrest her. High fashion, low class. [DListed]

Paris Hilton Blogs her Deepest Thoughts
America’s princess, Paris Hilton, is in love with EVERYTHING, according to her MySpace blog. Her boyfriend, his band, Canada – what isn’t she obsessed with? [People]

Wanna See a Pregnant Tori Spelling in a Bikini? Totes!
Donna Martin has graduated from teen queen to MILF. [Us]

Ryan Seacrest Gets Benji Madden?s Sloppy Seconds
The Idol host has been squiring Madden’s ex-GF Sophie Monk around town. We can’t quite tell if this is a step up or down for the Aussie hottie. [JustJared]

LiLo?s Ex-Bodyguard Sues for Big Bucks
Linds is getting a legal whupping again, this time from a bodyguard who is suing for back pay. [E! Online]


Hear Mariah’s New Tune: Hello “Bye Bye”


Mariah has always had her sentimental side. So don’t be shocked that “Bye Bye,” the second track from E-MC2, is a pat on the back to those of us who have recently lost someone dear. Appropriately, her vocal sounds sweet on this one. She recently told Billboard that her billion dollar voice sometimes has a mind of its own.

“The days of rest are really it. I sit here with my throat sprays, and spraying water and drinking a lot of water is kind of the only thing I can do. A lot of people get obsessive with trying to take things for their throat ? it doesn’t work the same for me. And I just got over the flu, so that can be something that will stop me in my tracks. But sometimes I’ll sing better with a cold, as long as it’s not in my throat. It’s weird. My voice has a mind of it’s own [Laughs]. You have to maintain it, and you have to have these vocal rest days. I’ll be doing what you’re doing, just writing notes instead of talking. It’s total silence, and sometimes I’ll whisper softly. It’s not good to whisper for your voice, it’s not good to stage whisper.”

Check Rhapsody for E=MC2 a week from today.

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Britney Needs Cash This Badly?


Papa Spears – who deserves mad props for stabilizing his wild daughter – is determined to get her finances back on track with some work hawking furniture made in Denmark. How do you say “It’s just like a mini-mall” in Danish? Jamie is in cahoots with Claus Hjelmbak, who is the same dude who runs those big bashes at the Scandinavian Style Mansion, where Brit, Paris and LiLo have all gotten big bucks for hosting gigs. Sounds like a perfect business partner! Hjelmbak and Papa Spears have been allegedly working on the deal for a couple of months, but nothing has been finalized. We’re desperate for a new love seat and bedroom set, and we’d rather buy from Brit than Ikea. Work at it, girl! [NYP]


OneRepublic Decodes “Stop and Stare”

After watching the awesome-but-hard-to-follow video for “Stop and Stare” by OneRepublic, we were left with some questions. For example — who’s the old guy? Where’s that creepy motel? Did this cost as much as a movie? Luckily, OneRepublic lead singer Ryan Tedder is such a nice fellow, he stopped by to walk us through the imagery-laden musical epic, plus fill us in on the band’s next video.

1. This video almost didn?t happen.
?We had written a treatment originally, and it just got too complicated and over-budget,? Tedder said. Originally set on the Lower East Side, the band settled for the desert locale when director Anthony Mandler submitted his treatment. ?We got [the expense of the video] down from $620,000 to $450,000?which for a new band ? no bands are getting that kind of budget right now.?

2. Don?t worry; you?re not the only one confused.
?A lot of people have questions as to what [the video?s] about,? says Tedder. ?Any time you see a shot of me, it?s me contemplating where I?m at in my life when the song was written. The grave and the priest represent death, and the girl who?s later pregnant represents birth and life.?
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