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Ranking Rihanna’s 20 Sexiest Music Videos


Believe it or not, Rihanna has been slaying us with hit after hit for 10 years! And each song — from her debut 2005 banger “Pon de Replay” to 2013’s “Pour It Up” — has come with its own (often sexy) music video. So in honor of her 27th birthday, we’ve undertaken the superhuman job of ranking the 20 hottest vids in her catalogue. It was a daunting task, but we have a list that will make The Navy proud. Read on, and then resume praying for the swift arrival of #R8


Hunter Hayes Premieres “Tattoo” Music Video, Ladies Across The Country Rejoice

By Christopher Rosa

Monday just got way cuter: Country hottie  Hunter Hayes’ latest music video “Tattoo” hit the Web, and you can literally hear the women of America screaming for joy. “Tattoo” is the second single off Hayes’ sophomore album Storyline, which landed in stores this past May. The mid-tempo acoustic banger gets a simple video; set in what looks like an abandoned warehouse, Hayes and his on-screen girlfriend play with some paint, a Samsung tablet and smile a lot at each other while he says her name would be a good tattoo. Provided it’s not a tramp stamp, he’s probably right! Read more…

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Top 10 Most Naked Music Videos in the History of Nudity

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With everyone in a kurfluffle over VH1’s new unscripted show Naked Dating (Thursdays, 9/8C), we got to thinking about nudity in media. Where’s the last place it’s totally acceptable to be sans clothing in public (besides dates, apparently)? Music videos. Yep, your favorite divas, R&B crooners, and post-punk bands have all dropped trou — and bras, and panties — in the name of record promotion.

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Exclusive Video Premiere: Jason Mraz, “Love Someone”

Happy Friday! VH1 is pleased to bring you an exclusive first look at Jason Mraz‘s newest music video. “Love Someone” captures the progression of a relationship from its early, carefree stages to the days when having that special person by your side is the only thing that matters. Don’t believe us? Take it up with Jason and his flawless band of lady angels.

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10 Tear-Jerker Music Videos to Prepare You for “The Fault in Our Stars”


By Christopher Rosa

The Fault in Our Stars hits theaters this weekend, and we’re ready to wallow in tears as we watch two teenagers (Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort)— who meet in a cancer support group— fall in love. In fact, the thought of it is causing our eyes to swell. While we’re in this crying mood, we decided to do some digging and unearth 10 of the weepiest music videos in existence. Britney Spears, Avril Lavigne, Kelly Rowland and even Johnny Cash will make you feel all of the feels.

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Lachey + Oates? Big Morning Buzz Live’s Nick Lachey Sings “Out Of Touch” With John Oates

There’s nothing we love than a sweet collaboration between two musical souls and that’s what we got this morning on Big Morning Buzz Live. Host Nick Lachey joined forces with tonight’s Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee John Oates on a stripped down, “modern” cover of the Hall & Oates hit song, “Out of Touch.

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Exclusive: Go Behind The Scenes Of Aloe Blacc’s New Video

After taking the lead on Avicii‘s hit single, “Wake Me Up,” Blacc is stepping out on this own in a big way. In the new music video for “The Man,” Aloe Blacc channels his inner-Marvin Gaye in a spirited video that captures the social discourse of the early ’70s. The You Oughta Know Artist sat down with VH1 in an exclusive interview to explain the powerful yet beautifully shot imagery in the video.

“This music video is an amalgamation of historic images that remind me of moments in time where there was struggle and triumph,” Blacc says of the video’s theme.

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Hottest Sex Scenes In Music Video History

hottest sex scenes music video

Music videos have always straddled the line between selling the music or selling sex. The love scenes in some music videos are so steamy, so scintillating and so sexy that we’re not sure if we’re watching a music video–or a sex tape! But which are the hottest sex scenes in music video history? Let’s just say it’s a battle between making love on the beach, in a bathtub and in a plain old hotel room bed…

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Gavin DeGraw Is On The Run From The Police In His New “Make A Move” Video

Gavin DeGraw is one of the featured artists performing during VH1’s Super Bowl Blitz next week. Gavin’s concert from New Jersey’s Wellmont Theater on Saturday, February 1 will be broadcast live on VH1, where he’ll be performing songs from his brand new album, Make A Move. Speaking of which, we’re excited to premiere the brand new video for the album’s title track for you right now!

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