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It’s The “9th Inning” Of Missy Elliott’s Comeback, So You ShouldTake A Look Into Her Music Video Vault

No one does a music video quite like Missy Elliott, and really, all credit is due to the VA rapper for her innovation that was way ahead of her time. Last night the female originator of theatrics released a snippet for her latest single “9th Inning.” When Timbaland tweeted about Missy’s return we patiently twiddled our thumbs waiting for the new music to drop. As with every Missy song, the anticipation for the music video sends our creative imaginations to a level 10 of wondering, what will Missy do now? In the meantime we took a trip down memory lane by flipping through the vault of Ms. “Supa Dupa Fly’s” extensive video collection. Indulge in a little nostalgia with us with a look back at 10 of Missy’s game changing videos. Read more…


By “Anything Could Happen” Ellie Goulding Means Love Is A Bloody, Gory Thing

It’s a sad love story in Ellie Goulding‘s “Anything Could Happen.” Something tragic has left a pink haired Ellie on a rocky beach searching to piece back the broken fragments of whatever has happened to her. Filled with sadness, a teary eyed Ellie sings, “After the war we said we’d fight together.” When her lover appears he’s bloody and bruised, which leads to Ellie’s own nose bleed. As she looks over her deceased lover she reflects back to the accident. The car crash has left both of them injured, but more than the physical injuries the collision is a metaphor for their dying love. Read more…

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There Will Be Blood In Green Day’s “Kill The DJ” Video

Green Day go full charge ahead in the video for ¡Uno!‘s kicky anthem “Kill the DJ.” Their pretty “Oh Love” ladies kept clearly aside, the clip finds the boys saddled up on big bikes and zipping through the desert, off to find a DJ to kill so that good punk fun can be had by all once more. The hit is only a symbolic one, though, and the only real violence to be had here is a slaying guitar riff. Rather, this is an assault against the dubbed-out sound that seems to be dominating today’s air waves, Green Day’s own and only pretend bloody dubstep demolition. Read more…


Azealia Banks Goes Retro In “1991” By Channeling Madonna And Aaliyah

Visually Azealia Banks owns the vogue and vintage look and feel in her videos. It’d be easy to mistake her for a high fashion model opposed to the Harlem bred speedy tongued rapper she is. Directed by Justin Mitchell “1991” brings, well, 1991 back in style. A black pants suit has rarely looked as glamorous as it does against a white backdrop or in a blue room studio or behind a raindrop covered glass. Her aggressive lyrics directly contrast with the smooth house electronic instrumentation, which is what makes the song sound heavenly. Read more…

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“We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” Premiere: The Anatomy Of A Taylor Swift Break-Up

Here we have the new video for “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” and in it we get to watch Taylor Swift actually break up with someone for once. The dismissed dude here is an indie-loving Adam Levine look-a-like, who Taylor tells us told her — extra emphasis on the air quotes — “needed space” before he changed his mind and came running back. But you know what? Grammy Awards, sold out tours, and quadruple-platinum albums and records broken — Taylor’s got a pair of cat pajamas calling her name and a really fun looking woodland creature dance party to attend to. “We are never, ever ever getting back together.”

The video takes us deep into Taylor’s post break-up life and shows off her crocheted home (which maybe isn’t so different than her lovely lacy real-life home). And shot it one-take, 5 costume changes and all, it really puts an emphasis on the “weEEEE.” Post-split Taylor is fun. Read more…


Lupe Fiasco And Guy Sebastian Shed Those “Battle Scars”

Battle scars of life. Battle scars from love. Battle scars caused by war. Lupe addresses all three in the video to his third single from the September 25th Food & Liquor II. The visual for “Battle Scars” is quite the contrast from his previous controversial “Bitch Bad.” Lupe and Australian singer Guy Sebastian lament about being wounded from whatever it is that has caused one’s battle scars. Hurt people write down what they’re fighting to overcome on a blank page. Lupe lights a torch, throwing it inside the abandoned building to represent setting those hurdles on fire and overcoming. The pages are ripped from the book so each person can start anew with no more war wounds. Read more…

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Usher And Chanel Iman Take A “Dive” In New Video

Usher doesn’t need a lifesaver, because he and Victoria’s Secret model Chanel Iman aren’t afraid to get wet together in this sepia-toned new video for “Dive.” The Looking 4 Myself ballad leaves little to the imagination — “It’s raining inside your bed, no parts are dry/ Loving makes you so wet, your legs and thighs,” “I’ll be inside when the tides are rolling, baby” etc. — and so it’s no surprise that the video goes all in on Usher’s Titanic fantasy. Out to sea, things go from steamy to soaked pretty quickly as the two get down to business on their luxury yacht. And nobody seems to mind when they are eventually submerged — Ursher Baby knows going deeper ain’t going to kill him. Read more…


B.O.B. And Nicki Minaj Are Off Their Rockers In “Out Of My Mind”

Straight jackets and padded rooms, oh my. B.O.B.‘s crazy act in “Out Of My Mind” is surprisingly naturally great. But if any rapper can play loony, and do it well, it’s Nicki Minaj. B.O.B. is trapped in a prison-like insane asylum that he desperately wants to escape. In the Benny Boom directed video he’s forced to have a Psych evaluation with Dr. Minaj after fighting from being restrained. Dr. Minaj is slightly nutty herself, so there encounter isn’t an ordinary patient/client visit. Minaj strips out of her white doctor’s coat casting no shadow of a doubt that she’s just as cookoo as him. The parole board (is this prison or an insane asylum? I’m just sayin’) hearing doesn’t go too well. The rest is, uh, madness. Any artist that does “crazy” after B.O.B. and Nicki have a hard act to follow. Everything about this video was bananas!

B.O.B.'s Out Of My Mind ft. Nicki Minaj

B.o.B & Nicki Minaj’s ‘Out of My Mind’ Video Premiere – Watch Now! [Just Jared]

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Grace Potter & the Nocturnals See “Stars” In New Video

During Grace Potter & the Nocturnals VH1 Storytellers session, Grace Potter recalled The Lion the Beast the Beat‘s “Stars” as being about a recently passed childhood idol, who was “really wild and really wonderful” but who “always did take it a little bit too far.” “It’s kind of like when you are a kid and you have a balloon that just sort of slips off your wrist,” she said, choked up and with tears in her eyes. “And I wrote this song, because I don’t like looking up when I think about this person. I don’t like anywhere that I used to know her, used to see her.”

In the song’s new video, though, Potter does look up. Wearing a sequined evening gown, she plays with her Nocturnals under a dark and starry sky, her eyes fixed on Heaven’s Boulevard above. It’s a contemplative affair, all black and white and quiet, Potter at once large against the stars and small underneath the sky. “It’s a form of grieving, really, writing songs like this,” Potter says.

Watch “Stars” above, and below, see her talk about the song on VH1 Storytellers.

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Did Grimes Borrow Britney Spears Snake For Her “Genesis” Video?

Grimes, who you may have caught last week on Jimmy Fallon, has got a new video and it’s weird but totally awesome and beautiful, too. The self-directed “Genesis” clip first lands the Canadian synth-pop star in the twilight-y desert, her hair deadlocked and dancing in the headlights of an Escalade SUV. From there, things only get stranger, as an army of heroines played mostly by Grimes/women who look like Grimes show up to play: she swinging swords on the beach, wearing scant but shiny body armor in the suburbs, swinging sparklers on a roof, and — notably! — hanging out with a giant yellow python that looks an awful lot like Britney Spears “Slave 4 U” co-star, Banana (apparently!). Probably it’s just a snake that looks like Britney’s play thing, but when Grimes first pulls the snake out, and she’s in the back of a limo wearing pigtails and a sexy/sweet sailor’s uniform (a la Brit’s “Hit Me Look”), it’s hard not to wonder if she’s got some sort of point to make about pop stars then and now. Because she may be left-of-center, and she sure is not from the Mickey Mouse Club mold that Britney grew, but she’s a burgeoning pop star all her own.

Grimes’ “Genesis” Video: Is That Britney Spears’ Snake? [Idolator]

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