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Through Gotye’s Animated “Save Me” We See The Beauty Of A Better Half

After Gotye‘s cultural phenomenon video to “Somebody That I Used To Know,” the Aussie musician debuted the animated follow-up to his latest single “Save Me” directed by Peter Lowey. In a snow storm various body parts are pulled by a magnetic force to create the face and body of an incomplete man. By man we mean non-human animated male. Now that he’s assembled he travels through the snow–searching. In his pursuit he takes hold of the hand of a mystery person with a visible pumping red heart. While our Song of the Summer contender sings, “When I could not love myself/And you made me turn/From the way I saw myself,” the red hearted woman makes Mr. Incomplete whole. His better half  saved him. His search is a success. And even in the blizzard the sun shine brights on love. Read more…

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Pop Up Video Returns With A New Way For Fans To Get In On The Fun

Our favorite fun-fact packed music video show Pop Up Video is back, bloops and all, weekday afternoons at 12/11c on VH1! They kicked the season off with the lowdown on Katy Perry’s boozy “The One That Got Away” set. And it looks like they’re just getting warmed up with all the snark-filled glory. A little birdie told me Green Day, The Black Keys, Janet Jackson, Flo Rida and a little “Sexy Can IRay J action are just a few of the stars getting their turn in the hot seat in upcoming episodes.

So, in honor of the return of the show that has made me the queen of pop culture trivia over the years, I used the fabulous create-your-own Pop Up Video player to add some fun facts (read: I found them on Wiki and made the rest up) to All-4-One’s “I Can Love You Like That.” I passed it along to my friends on Facebook and Twitter, who added their own comments. Hilarity ensued. And, because we know you’re as hungry for some 1990s R&B smooth grooves as Anne Hathaway was for food while she was on that Les Miserable diet, check out our video above and add your own Pop Ups. Then head over to, if you’re feeling inspired, and show us what you’ve got.

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Karmin Bring It, Bring It In The Vibrant New Video For “Hello”

Karmin‘s Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan are doing things a little different in this new video for “Hello,” a song meant to introduce the pop-duo as more than just a YouTube covers act. “I’m gonna do it do it, like I want to do it,” sings Heidemann over the zappy synth before she shifts gear to full spit-mode: “Don’t they know I came from Nebraska, am I going to quit? Nice of you to ask, but…” Yeah, no, not quitting. It’s more like she’s just getting started. Read more…

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Fiona Apple Gets An Unlikely Cameo In Rick Ross’ New Video

Rick Ross has had a busy week —  dropping an album and several videos, helping to bring Mariah back. Between all that, do you think he also found time to get his Fiona Apple ticket before the show sold out?

The new “911” video finds Ross cruising the moonlit streets of Los Angeles in the 911 Porsche for which the menacing God Forgives, I Don’t song is named. Spliced in with quick cuts are shiny chains, XXL sports jerseys, multiple sunglass changes, and all the rest of the Rozayian embellishments that make for a Ross video. And then, atypically so, The Bawse pulls up to a venue with a marquee that says “SOLD OUT,” but above it reads Fiona Apple’s name instead of his own. Huh? Ruh. Read more…


Pitbull And Shakira “Get It Started” So You Can Finish It…On The Dance Floor

Pitbull and Shakira on any track together is a combustible explosion of flavor. Pitbull’s “Get It Started” featuring Shakira oozes sultry, making it impossible to take your eyes off of either of them. Pitbull, like the OG that he is, has hired a private detective to spy on the woman he loves who is living a double life as another man’s woman. But this is a dance song, not a sappy tale. Pitbull dances in his luxurious living room while his lady parties it up at the club. When she tries to escape on her own she is captured and taken back to the unlucky guy until Pitbull rescues her to which she thanks him by a passionate night of romance. In a sequins gold dress Shakira sings her heart out on top of the world. And to celebrate the couple reuniting Pitbull treats her to his very own concert with thousands of screaming fans and fireworks. The explosion of fireworks were only an inkling as explosive as Pitbull and Shakira’s collaboration and hotness in this David Russo directed video. Read more…

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Norah Jones Takes Quiet Revenge In New Video For “Miriam”

“Miriam,” off of Norah Jones‘ recent Little Broken Heart, is as leaden a lullaby as a lullaby can be. In the new Phil Andelman-directed video, Norah sits alone in row boat, floating quietly on a twilight lit Texas pond and singing about just how nice a name Miriam could be. But, pretty as could be in her red dress, she is a woman scorned, and nothing else is so peaceful as it seems. “Never been the killing kind, but I know what you did,” she warns. “Now I’ve saved the best for you.” And well, what was started in the “Happy Pills” video gets finished and we are reminded that no water should sit so still.

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Keyshia Cole’s Gone Mad In “Enough Of No Love”

Insanity ensues in Keyshia Cole‘s “Enough of No Love” video featuring Lil Wayne. Sick and tired of being sick and tired has landed her in a padded room that looks rather enticing given the circumstances. When she spazzes out her emotions range from anger to hurt as she works through the feelings in unpredictable body movements. In the outside world there’s flying shoes, jewelry and roses that land in an empty suitcase. Although Keyshia’s too preoccupied with her fits in the psych ward to physically pack her bags, it’s understood she’s hitting the road, Jack. Read more…


Miguel Wants To “Adorn” You, Yes You

Miguel embraces the mystique and fantasy of potentially unattainable women in “Adorn.” Or maybe the cheerleader and gymnast in a yellow leotard (shoutout to the U.S. women gymnastics team for winning the gold medal!) are women fighting for his affection, but he’d rather save his adoration for the lady in black in the bathroom. That’s the thing about the Jason Beattie directed video released to coincide with the debut of part one of his sophomore album Kaleidoscope Dream, which will be released in three parts. It’s neon bright colors and cryptic message can mean just about anything. The only thing certain about the artsy visual is that Miguel is amazing at adorning. Read more…

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Justin Bieber Takes A Punch For Love In The “As Long As You Love Me” Video

Justin Bieber is campaigning hard for his adult credentials, and he’s roped real-grown man Michael Madsen into this latest effort. The video for Believe‘s second single, “As Long As You Love Me,” features the Resevoir Dogs actor as the enemy, aka the father of Justin’s love-interest (who, unlike videos past, doesn’t look that much like Selena). Madsen suggests that Justin keep a distance from his daughter because, he warns, “I know what type of guy you are, once upon a time I used to be the same thing.” Young still and virile, Justin insists that they are in love and that he doesn’t “know us,” and then he steals her way with all the blinding confidence his proclamations of “as long as you love me” afford.

There are fancy cars and kisses, an empty garage dance sequence and Big Sean in a black leather hoodie. And then, at the end, the return of Madsen, back to teach Beiber a painful lesson. Growing up is tough, and when those bruises fade, Justin — desperate to be rid of his baby face — might just like what he sees. Read more…

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Nicki Minaj Returns To Trinidad With Feathers And Fire To “Pound The Alarm”

Director Benny Boom returned Nicki Minaj to Trinidad for the blindingly bright and super hi-def “Pound the Alarm” video. Her fierce curves blazoned with feathers, the Young Money leading lady turns out the streets for a roving, Carnival-esque parade set to Pink Friday: Roman’s Revenge‘s most raucous and island-flavored cut. Which, actually,  is more or less what happened when she touched down in her homeland for the shoot and her cousins and all the rest showed up. 16-hours and a lot of fun later, Nicki’s got another vibrant video — and the a sore neck to prove it! — in her catalog.

As always with Nicki, there’s a whole lot to look at here. Let’s break it down…

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