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A$AP Rocky Wanted To “Bone” Lana Del Rey Even Though She’s “Gotta Be In Her Late 30s”

Lana Del Rey is 26-years-old, actually, which is just three more than A$AP Rocky‘s 23. Age being no thing, though, Rocky is sounding quite smitten by his A$AP Jackie O.

“She’s a genius,” he gushes in this interview with “Wassup”director Andy Capper, explaining that the idea for the “National Anthem” video — and his casting as the POTUS to her FLOTUS — was all Rey’s. “Lana wrote the treatment with me in mind,” says POTUS Rocky. “Sh*t is like, everybody knows we got a thing for each other and we wanted to show that on screen.” And all that touching and feeling they do? It’s got him thinking: “Look at this b****, I wanna f*** the sh** outta her. Look at her she’s gotta be in her late 30s and shit… Err, Hello?”
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Lupe Uses Cartoon Characters For Subliminal Message In “Around My Way (Freedom Ain’t Free)”

Cruising in a white Lamborghini with too-many-to-count diamond encrusted chains around his neck is not what you’ve come to expect in a Lupe Fiasco video. Unless, of course, he’s making a larger point. For “Around My Way (Freedom Ain’t Free)” from Food & Liquor 2: The Great American Rap Album, Lupe takes it to the streets of Chicago. With creepy glowing eyes he gives dap to the guys on the block. If the possessed glowy eyes were any indication of the surprises to come we should have expected to see him sitting on a porch rapping next to cartoon characters, one that happens to roll a joint, while two others shoot dice. Oh yeah, and another drinks a 40. Read more…


It’s Time To “Celebrate” In Jordin Sparks And Whitney Houston Video

Whitney Houston may be missing from the “Celebrate” video, the last song she ever recorded, but her presence is felt. Jordin Sparks and Houston collaborated on “Celebrate” for their upcoming remake of the 1976 film Sparkle. Since Houston couldn’t appear in the video as originally planned, Sparks and her Sparkle co-stars turn “Celebrate” into a tribute to the one and only Whitney Houston. One can easily catch themselves snapping to the catchy upbeat tune. The dancing and laughing shown in video makes one want to have a celebration of their own. Whitney may not be present physically, but scenes from Sparkle show her just the way we’d like to remember her–happy! Read more…


Lana Del Rey And A$AP Rocky Are The New Age Love Story In “National Anthem”

She’s Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, and briefly Marilyn Monroe. Lana Del Rey opens the Born to Die “National Anthem” video singing “Happy Birthday, Mr. President.” And who is Mr. President? A$AP Rocky smokes a cigar while toting a gold grill. In a bit of revisionist history LDR and Rocky are modern day Jackie O and JFK with two adorable kids. As Jackie Kennedy LDR reinvents the First Lady as one born in the generation of bling. Hence, “money is the anthem of success.” Read more…

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B.o.B And Taylor Swift Do It For The Underdogs In Their New Video For “Both Of Us”

If you were to take a quick glance at the Billboard Hot 100, you would have no idea that our country is still digging its way out from the biggest pile of economic rubble since the Great Depression. Now, that’s not to say that pop music needs to be anything other than escapist in nature, or that people should be turning to the radio when they feel the need to wallow in depression; after all, that’s what cable news is for! Rather, it’s more to note that most pop-leaning artists (and the labels that support them) have largely turned a blind eye to the recent woes of our country, certainly more so than, say, country-leaning artists have.

Enter B.o.B and Taylor Swift, who collaborated on the song “Both Of Us,” which is the third single of Bobby Ray Simmons, Jr.’s latest LP, Strange Clouds. On an album chock full of supsterstar cameos —shout-out to Morgan Freeman!— this particular pairing on this particular pairing is nothing less than inspired. The song revolves around regular day folk undergoing hardships, like not having enough food in the fridge, or having to make the difficult choice between having their cars repossessed or paying their rent on time, and B.o.B’s hard scrabble rhymes are perfectly accentuated by Taylor’s uplifting lilt on the hook. It’s not exactly what most would describe as a “summer jam,” but truth be told, the way it stands in such contrast to today’s fluffier material is exactly what makes it stand out.

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Tamia’s Back With A “Beautiful Surprise”

Tamia is truly one of the most underrated R&B artists out today. We’ve loved the five-octave range soul singer since her debut album in 1998. After a three year hiatus, Tamia is back with her first single, “Beautiful Surprise,” from the upcoming album of the same title. There’s not much going on in the video, not that there needs to be with a voice like Tamia’s. She’s sprawled across the floor solo for the majority of the time as the radiant sunlight beams on her glowing skin. “For you to wake up, holding me/Telling me you loving me/You got my heart on lock,” she belts out. Read more…


A$AP Rocky Is JFK To Lana Del Rey’s Jackie O In “National Anthem” Trailer

What Lana Del Rey says, she means. As promised LDR enlisted rap newcomer A$AP Rocky to play John F. Kennedy to her Jackie O. An odd pairing at first thought, but not when you think about LDR’s artistry, which is completely unconventional. It’s hard to pin down exactly what the Anthony Mandler directed video’s concept is from the trailer, but it so darn intriguing. JFK (Rocky) is gazing at the stage as he’s surrounded by loud applause when Jackie O (LDR) stares back at him. He blows his cigar smoke and flashes of an American flag whiz by in a split second. This brief sequence of events repeats itself for the entirety of the three minute long clip. What could it all mean? Read more…


Slaughterhouse Celebrate The Good Life In “My Life” Video

So, Slaughterhouse’s “My Life” video is awkwardly weird…at first. There, we said it. Yet even with all of its awkwardness it’s lovable. Sure, instead of a six and a half minute video it could have been four. At the start of the video Joell Ortiz is watching Eminem on Rappers Are Richer Than You, a Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous-esque program. Since Eminem doesn’t have a verse on the track we probably could have bypassed the wonky show where Em owns 300 Chrysler 300s, and is chills with T-rex dinosaurs as pets in his mansion. But then we wouldn’t have the classic clip of Em dipping his hands in a white bowl while the narrator says, “By bathing in the tears of other rappers.” That alone is worth the two minute Eminem Show intro. Read more…

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Artist Of The Day: Rita Ora Is The Real Deal

The temperature isn’t the only thing heating up this summer. Rita Ora‘s career is clearly about to boil over. The soulful Roc Nation rookie is already hot back home in the U.K. where her Drake-penned single “R.I.P.” reached No. 1. The Tinie Tempah featured record is the second chart-topper for the Kosovo-born, London-raised Rita whose own guest spot on DJ Fresh‘s track “Hot Right Now” landed her atop the UK Top 40 back in February.

Despite capping all the accomplishments of the past four months by opening up for Coldplay’s European tour, 21-year-old Rita is determined to go global.  Boss man Jay-Z‘s ringing endorsement plus heavy-hitter collaborations with producers like Will.I.Am, The-Dream, and Stargate to name a few, almost guarantees Rita’s eponymous debut album will officially usher in the Ora era in the States.

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It’s “No Lie” That 2 Chainz And Drake In A Video Together Will Get People Hype

What’s going on in 2 Chainz’s “No Lie” video featuring Drake? We haven’t quite figured that out, but we can’t stop watching. Shot in black and white, the camera lens captures the illusion of paint dripping down the wall and the same paint being poured onto a beautiful muse. This has to be the only place where a polygraph test, skateboarding and masquerade masks paired with a wedding dress exists in the same room. Director X is no stranger to creating aesthetically pleasing videos that don’t have meaning that one can easily pinpoint. “No Lies” is beautiful artwork within cinema. Read more…