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by (@JordanRuntagh)

Top 20 Countdown: Mark Ronson On His Killer ‘SNL’ Set + “The Most Amazing, Surreal” Part Of His Musical Journey

Mark Ronson is singularly responsible for funking up this fall, and we couldn’t be more grateful. “Uptown Funk,” his slinky groovetastic floor filler with Bruno Mars, has been blaring out of speakers worldwide, and that’s just the start of the story for the famed producer and DJ. He stole the show on an episode of Saturday Night Live with Mars and rapper Mystikal a few weeks back, and recently experienced a moment that he calls “the most amazing, surreal part of my musical journey.” For a man who has worked with everyone from Amy Winehouse, Paul McCartney, and Adele (just to name a very few), it must have been pretty damn incredible. From his new song and new album, to career highlights, Ronson revealed all to Jim Shearer On VH1’s Top 20 Countdown.

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Top 20 Countdown: Ethan Fixell Uncovers The Real Meaning Behind Pop’s Biggest Hits

This week on Top 20 Countdown, host Jim Shearer sits down with comedian and “Lyricologist” Ethan Fixell to learn the real meanings behind hits like Jason Derulo‘s “Trumpets”, Mary Lambert‘s “Secrets” and Maroon 5‘s “Animals”. Tune in to discover that everything you thought you knew about these songs was absolutely wrong.

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