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Tuned In: Dirty Projectors Perform “Gun Has No Trigger” On Fallon

Brooklyn-based indie rockers Dirty Projectors dropped by Late Night With Jimmy Fallon last night to play the lead single “Gun Has No Trigger” off the forthcoming Swing Lo Magellan, which is out July 10 on Domino. As Fallon points out, this was their first live appearance in more than a year; and moreover, it was for many a first taste of Dirty Projectors sans wily vocalist Angel Deradoorian, who is on hiatus from the band. No fear, though! A shaggy looking David Longstreth took reign over a pared down backing band (drums, bass) and a gaggle cooing back-up vocalists, leading a performance of the new song so sharp with focus that it penetrated the airwaves and had us at home completely gripped. Stillness of course being their move, the song builds through soft, harmonizing “oohs,” but never triggers. And for that, it’s all the more powerful.   Read more…

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Tuned In: Fiona Apple Warns Past Paramours That “This Song Is Not About You”

Fiona Apple dropped by Late Night With Jimmy Fallon last night to talk with Fallon and to perform “Anything We Want” from her new album, The Idler Wheel Is Wiser Than the Driver of the Screw, and Whipping Cords Will Serve You More Than Ropes Will Ever Do, which is out today. Afterwards, she paid tribute to Paul McCartney, who turned 70 yesterday, with a riled-up cover of the Wings’ “Let Me Roll It.”

The appearance marked her first television appearance in six years, and was also a surprisingly not-awkward reunion with Fallon, who had opened the night of her infamous Roseland Ballroom breakdown. “That’s part of the reason I thought it would be cool to do this show,” she tells him. “I’d finally have something to talk about.” Fallon tells her that, “I was worried about you, pal.” To which she tells him, “I was worried about me, pal, too.”

Before performing “Anything We Want,” probably as romantic a song as we’ve heard from her, Apple explained that, “There’s somebody that thinks the song I’m about to sing is about them.” Then, holding up a billiard ball, she corrects: “If you didn’t give me this, I am not thinking about you.”

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Big Sean And 7,000 Screaming Girls Join Justin Bieber On Today Show

The screaming (and crying) fans who spent days camped out in Rockefeller Center were well rewarded this morning when Justin Bieber showed up on the Today Show stage to preform a new favorite, an old favorite, and a soon-to-be favorite. The audience loved it all.

Backed by a swarm of dancers and wearing a baseball tee, a hooded-vest (Bieber staple), and a nice looking pair of black and white high tops, Biebs hit the stage with his current single “Boyfriend.” Like he did at the BET Awards, it looks like he relied pretty heavily on the backing track for some of song’s the harder-to-hit notes. No bother, though, the Bielibing audience was thrilled enough to have their boyfriend there, and for a lucky few in the front row, within arm’s reach.

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Best Coast’s “The Only Place” Likely To Be The Hipster Song Of The Summer

California-based buzz band Best Coast earned across-the-board raves for their lo-fi debut album Crazy For You, which was released back in 2010. This week, the band’s sophomore LP, The Only Place, was released. This time around, the band traded the fuzzy, surf rock vibe present on their first record for a cleaner, more aurally immersive sound, courtesy of super producer extraordinaire Jon Brion (Fiona Apple, Kanye West). While it remains to be seen which version of Best Coast fans will remember more fondly, the band’s new single, “The Only Place,” is undeniably one of this summer’s sunshineiest melodies.

Lead singer/rhythm guitarist Bethany Cosentino and lead guitarist Bobb Bruno swung by the Ed Sullivan Studios earlier this week to perform their new single on The Late Show With David Letterman, and they turned in a cool, confident performance of this ode to the joys of the great state of California. “‘The Only Place’ is supposed to mean my bedroom, my home, Los Angeles, California,” Bethany told us when we caught up with her at SXSW in March. “It’s the place where I feel the most comfortable and confident. I wanted to make a record that reflected that this place is my safe place, and all these songs that are written about more darker, kind of lonely feelings, those all go away as I get back to this only place.” Well, after finally hearing the whole record, we can attest that the current of loneliness runs through it loud and clear. In this regard, the title track stands in complete contrast to the rest of the album in that it positively shimmers, both live and on wax, not unlike the sunshine bouncing off a tasty Pacific Ocean wave.

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Tuned In: Usher Makes The SNL Audience “Scream”, Then “Climax”

Usher‘s new album, Looking For Myself, isn’t set to be released until June 12, but he’s already pulling out all the stops to make sure his fans know that he’s got a new collection of his patented sexytime jams on the way. Two weeks ago, he collaborated with the cast of Fuerza Bruta for a special, one-night only multimedia spectacle, and this weekend, he appeared on Saturday Night Live to perform the first two singles from the record, “Scream” (video above) and “Climax.”

“Got no drink in my hand but I’m wasted/Getting drunk on the thought of you naked,” Usher declares early on his newest club banger, “Scream.” This energetic track seems poised to join the likes of Usher’s previous smash singles like “Yeah!” and “OMG” as huge summer radio hits, while his slow-burning, Diplo-collab “Climax” —which has been out for a few months now— is currently sitting at #1 on the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. Is this going to be the Summer of Usher? We have yet to hit Memorial Day, but at this point, it sure looks like it. Read more…

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Tuned In: The Existential Plight Of Bart Simpson Is Scored By Hot Chip

No one likes Monday mornings. From Bob Geldof and his Boomtown Rats to Susannah Hoffs and her Bangles, more than a few musicians have made fortunes off of songs written about the universally acknowledged worst day of the week. Last night’s episode of The Simpsons began with Bart Simpson‘s alarm clock going off at 7 a.m., leading him to sigh and say “Ehhhh Monday, here we go again.”

What happened next, though, was an incredible example of how visuals and music can come together to make magic. Set to the strains of Hot Chip‘s wistful “And I Was A Boy From School,” off their 2006 LP The Warning (and the #29 song of the last decade according to Pitchfork), Bart is shown going through the motions of yet another in a seemingly endless (and endlessly repetitive) week at school, soaked in a melancholic haze: The ritualistic humiliation he’s forced to endure includes moments of him getting bullied by Nelson, getting spilled on by Milhouse, and getting bored on the bus. Of course, things would soon go on to change for him in the episode entitled “A Supposedly Fun Thing Bart Will Never Do Again” (h/t to David Foster Wallace, natch), but the 66 seconds that this scene takes to play out are 66 of the best seconds that we’ve seen on television so far this year.

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Tuned In: Train Does A Dancing With The Stars “Drive By,” While We Say A Fond Goodbye To Gavin DeGraw

Well, as some slightly pessimistic fellow once pointed out, all good things must come to an end. After a stellar five-week run on Dancing With The Stars, VH1 BFF Gavin DeGraw and his dance partner Karina Smirnoff got sent home on last night’s Dancing With The Stars elimination episode. Gavin and Karina’s samba routine on Tuesday night’s episode was not well-received by the judges, but the two made a valiant effort to win the audience and the judges over last night by performing the Cha Cha during the Dance Duel portion of the evening, which saw them squaring off against Urkel and Kym Johnson. Unfortunately for Gavin and Karina, the judges chose in favor of Urkel, sending Gavin packing. It was a great run for Gavin, and with a slew of concert dates supporting his new album Sweeter on the docket, we’re pretty sure he’ll get over this temporary disappointment in no time.

It wasn’t all sad news on DWTS last night, though. Train, whose new album California 37 is in stores now, performed their new hit single “Drive By” on the show last night. The video for “Drive By” is currently #2 on the VH1 Top 20 Video Countdown, so maybe this will give the song the boost it needs to top Katy Perry on the charts. Watch Train perform “Drive By” below, and be sure to tune-in to VH1 this Saturday morning at 9 a.m. to see where Train places this week!

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Tuned In: Adam Lambert Performs “Trespassing” On The NewNowNext Awards

Adam Lambert Performs "Trespassing" At The 2012 NewNowNext Awards

As we hold our breath in anxious anticipation for the May 15th release date of Trespassing, it’s good to know that Adam Lambert is right there with us. At last night’s 2012 NewNowNext Awards, which aired on our sister station Logo, Adam delighted the Glambert Nation by choosing to perform the title track from his new album instead of the first single, “Better Than I Know Myself.” Now, he has neither confirmed nor denied that “Trespassing” will be the next single from the record, but after the reception that this high energy rendition of the song got from the audience, we can certainly imagine that it’s definitely in the running.

Thematically, the song reminds us of a 2012 update of the song “Signs”, originally recorded in 1970 by the Canadian rock act Five Man Electrical Band, but popularized by the hair metal act Tesla in 1990. Both songs use the metaphor of signs to detail the way that an overly rigid and uptight society tries to get individuals to conform; with the song “Signs”, “long haired freaky people” are being oppressed, and in “Trespassing”, you could easily infer that Lambert is referring to the LGBT community. As Lambert sings in the song’s chorus:

“Well I was walkin’ for some time/When I came across this sign/Saying ‘Who are you?’ and ‘Where are you from?’/We don’t like when visitors come/’No Trespassing’, that’s what it said/At least that’s what I could read/’No Trespassing’, yeah my ass! Wait ’til they get a load of me.”

We love it when Adam Lambert speaks to issues of empowerment, and this awesome performance has got us even more psyched for the May 15 release date of Trespassing!

To watch the video, head over to LogoTV.com.

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Tuned In: One Direction Set Hearts Aflutter On SNL

Today’s millenials are currently facing a rite of passage that every generation since the dawn of time has had to endure: Declaring their allegiance for the Boy Band Of The Moment. Boomers had it with The Beatles and The Monkees, Gen Xers were forced to choose between the NKOTB and New Edition, Gen Y still can’t decide between the Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC, and now, there’s a war brewing between the supporters of One Direction and The Wanted. While both acts currently have a song in the Billboard Top Ten (“What Makes You Beautiful” and “Glad You Came”, respectively), the boys in One Direction pulled ahead in the awareness game thanks to an appearance on Saturday Night Live this weekend.

As is customary, the band performed two songs: Their current Top 10 hit, “What Makes You Beautiful” and their next thing, “One Thing” (the latter of which is a direct descendant of the BSB classic, “I Want It That Way”). The band impressed by singing their vocals live and not solely relying on backing tracks, but many a snarkster on Twitter gave them grief for their non-existent dance moves.

What say you? Are you impressed by the new generation of boy bands? Which one of the 1D boys is your fave? Are you forever loyal to [insert your generational boy band idols here]? Let us know in the comments below!

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Tuned In: Gym Class Heroes And Ryan Tedder Prove They’ve Got The Fighting Spirit

There’s no slowing the Gym Class Heroes. Their collaboration with Neon Hitch, “Ass Back Home,” is currently sitting in the #3 position on the VH1 Top 20 Video Countdown, but Travie and the boys have no intention to rest on the laurels. They debuted their new single, “The Fighter,” on the Tonight Show last night, featuring Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic singing the anthemic chorus.

It’s an inspirational track, one that’s very reminiscent of last summer’s big hit for Eminem, Royce da 5’9″ and Bruno Mars, “Lighters.” Both songs feature a simple piano loop sitting on top of a thumping backbeat, lyrics about overcoming adversity, and a soaring vocal hook that is impossible to resist singing along with. “The Fighter” seems well-positioned to do well on this year’s Song Of The Summer charts, and seems like a no-brainer to be prominently featured during musical montages during the 2012 Summer Olympics.

Elsewhere in late night…
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