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Tom Petty Officially Gets A Songwriting Credit On Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me”


As soon as Tom Petty heard Sam Smith sing “Stay With Me”, Petty thought, “Well, that sounds too damn familiar.” He was right. The chorus and melody of “Stay With Me” sound almost identical to Petty’s 1989 hit “I Won’t Back Down” so Petty’s publishers went after Smith’s publishers to get to the bottom of the issue.

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Drummer Marky Ramone Recounts His Personal ‘Punk Rock Blitzkrieg’ In New Autobiography

Though relegated to being a cult band during their time together on this Earth, few bands can claim to have had as great an influence on rock n’ roll music as Forest Hills finest, the Ramones. Their 1976 debut album effectively launched the punk rock explosion, both in their native New York City and in the U.K., where their distorted, three-chord buzzsaw anthems inspired first wave English punkers like The Clash and Damned. Joining in time for the band’s monumental fourth album Road to Ruin, drummer Marky Ramone was there for the band’s heyday and was the band’s longest serving drummer, after having played with Brooklyn proto-metal band Dust and seminal CBGB’s mainstays Richard Hell and The Voidoids. His new autobiography Punk Rock Blitzkrieg chronicles a life in music, from being a teenage rock n’ roll fan in the ‘60s to touring the world with brothers Ramone. It’s an essential read for fans of rock in its purest essence and Marky talked to his about his motivations for the book, the Ramones worldwide legacy and his future plans. Read more…

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Life-Coaches, Kitty Cats And The 10 Softest Moments In Heavy Metal History

Heavy metal is about power. Sometimes heavy metal is about conflict. Often it is about anger, though other times it is about joy. The kind of joy one feels when they watch a bully get beaten up or the underdog team whip the pants off the favorites. It is hard stuff. Heavy metal is not about nice things. It is not about wholesome things (though it can be about values like strength, loyalty and perseverance). Heavy metal is not about kitty cats. Or is it…? Read more…

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The 10 Greatest Rock Movies You’ll Never See

Try to imagine a Beatles-produced Lord of the Rings starring Paul McCartney as Frodo and John Lennon as Gollum. Now ponder A Clockwork Orange with Mick Jagger as bowler-hatted psycho Alex and Keith Richards as his number-two droog, Georgie. How about Pink Floyd scoring the otherworldly soundtrack to Dune? Or Van Halen blowing up Rock-‘n’ Roll High School?

While these premises may sound like bong-scented conversation snippets among vintage rock and cult movie fans, each and every one of those film possibilities came tantalizingly close to becoming celluloid reality.

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10 Great Albums That Came From Terrible Band Beefs


Have your favorite bands always been in harmony when creating classic albums? Not even close. Groups have endured lineup shifts, breakups, and fist fights while giving fans the best music ever. Members of The Police hated each other so much while making Synchronicity that they couldn’t record in the same room. Destiny’s Child dropped, added, and again dropped members ahead of Survivor, and a romantic split in No Doubt led to the band’s biggest single.

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You Won’t Believe Which 25 Classic Metal Albums Are Turning 25 In 2015

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As we count down another batch of records that celebrate important anniversaries this year, 1990 looms large in the history of hard rock and heavy metal. While the dawn of the nineties saw the United States winning the Cold War against the Soviet Union, in the world of metal the thrash hordes had fought the glam bands to a stalemate. While both sub-genres retained huge followings (for the time being), grunge waited in the wings and a new crop of even more underground bands would take thrash’s innovations to even sicker extremes. What’s most striking about those records celebrating their 25th, or “Silver,” anniversary this year is the sheer diversity of what was considered metal in the year 1990. Read more…

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The Black Crowes Break Up Again, This Time Maybe For Good


It would seem that storied Southern rock jam band The Black Crowes have once again called it quits, however, there’s reason to believe that this the break is going to stick. While the band has always been at the mercy of the sibling rivalry between vocalist Chris Robinson and his guitar playing brother Rich Robinson, the latest dissolution apparently came after the singer allegedly asked for a greater stake in the ownership of the band. In a statement Rich Robinson said, “I love my brother and respect his talent, but his present demand that I must give up my equal share of the band and that our drummer for 28 years and original partner, Steve Gorman, relinquish 100 percent of his share, reducing him to a salaried employee, is not something I could agree to.” Read more…