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13 Sick Songs About The Most Horrible Serial Killers Of All Time

The acclaimed podcast Serial concluded last night and has had fans on the edge of their seats during its first season with its in depth investigation of the 1999 murder of Baltimore high school student Hae Min Lee. It’s success is no surprise as nearly all humans share a morbid fascination with murder, which has manifested itself in art from the tragedies of ancient Greece through the “Murder Ballads” of the 17th century and modern day cable dramas such as Dexter and True Detective. Killers, and particularly serial killers, became a favorite song topic of punk rock bands in the late ’70s.

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‘That Metal Show’ Hosts Eddie, Don And Jim Share Their Top 5 Metal Albums Of The Year


The Jewish holiday of Hanukkah started last night and Christmas is just a week away so what better time to stuff your stockings with the gift that keeps on giving, that’s right, HEAVY F**KING METAL! And who better to tell you about the greatest metal albums of the year than Eddie Trunk, Jim Florentine and Don Jamieson, the hosts of That Metal Show, the only show on television about all things heavy metal and hard rock. Whether your tastes run from old schoolers like Judas Priest and Ace Frehely, or newer bands such as Kyng or King 810, it’s been a great year for loud guitars and killer riffs. See what albums the TMS boys rocked to in 2014 and tune in to VH1 Classic next year when That Metal Show returns. Read more…

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Judas Priest And Steel Panther Finish Tour In Style With Epic On-Stage Metal Collab

Metalheads might have mixed feelings about the pairing, but there’s no denying the affection tourmates Judas Priest and Steel Panther feel for each other. This manifested itself at the final stop of their tour together when metal god Rob Halford brought the Panthers up on stage to sing their heavy metal classic “Living After Midnight,” which you can watch above. Sure when band might have helped create the world’s loudest genre and the other at times seem like ironic-interlopers, but both bands and their fans stand united in their love of heavy f–king metal.  Read more…

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Was Hard Rock’s Class of 1973 The Greatest Of All Time?

With their new album, Rock or Bust, AC/DC charge into their fifth decade of swinging hard rock’s biggest, heaviest wrecking balls to the peak of the pop charts and the pummeling of popular culture once again. It’s indeed been a long way to the top for these Aussie rock-and-roll outlaws, one that began specifically in the ferociously fertile year of 1973.

Hard rock’s Class of 1973, in fact, may be the most potent and prolific marauders to ever variously invent, embody, and bulldoze the medium forward. After burying the final vestiges of ’60s flower power and fueled by free-form FM radio, rock itself dove deep into darkness in 1973, and came up spewing gold, platinum, and the volcanic ash that has spawned all forms of heavy metal, punk, grunge, hardcore, and other extreme musical subgenres ever since.

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Troubles Be Damned, AC/DC’s Latest ‘Rock or Bust’ Goes #1 In 10 Countries Around The Globe

Legendary Australian boogie-meisters AC/DC have had many highs in their career, and their most recent feat is one for the record books. The band’s latest album, Rock or Bust, debuted last week in the number 1 spot in album charts around the world, including Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Switzerland, Finland, France, Norway, Sweden, and Germany. In the good old U.S. of A., home to those “American thighs” singer Brian Johnson is so fond of, the record debuted at number 3 on the Billboard Top 200 chart and sold over 174,000 albums in its first week. Read more…

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Remembering Dimebag Darrell Abbott: August 20, 1966 – December 8, 2004

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It’s been 10 years today since the tragic death of Darrell Lance Abbott, better known to metalheads far and wide as Dimebag Darrell of Pantera. His senseless murder, while performing on stage with the group Damageplan, left a giant hole that can never be filled in the world of heavy metal guitar playing, and of course in the hearts of his family and fans. Read more…

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Interview: Ozzy Osbourne Recalls Getting Sacked From Black Sabbath “I Thought It Was Over”

Self-described “Prince of f**king darkness” and sometime-television personality Ozzy Osbourne sat down with  VH1 Classic DJ Nik Carter at the Classic Rock Roll of Honour where he was on hand to receive the Classic Album award for his 1980 solo album, Blizzard Of Ozz. Reflecting on his firing from legendary heavy metal pioneers Black Sabbath, Ozzy said “I thought it was over.” However, after hooking up with guitar shredder Randy Rhoads, the Ozzman crafted one of the great metal debuts of all time.  “I don’t know whether the stars were in alignment for me on that one but the two albums I made with Randy were classic albums.” Speaking of Rhoads, who died in 1982 in a tragic tour mishap, Osbourne added “he seemed to be with me for years but he was only there for a couple.” Read more…

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Interview: AC/DC’s Angus Young Says What He’ll Miss Most About Playing With Brother Malcolm

With well over 100 million records sold worldwide, countless unforgettable concerts performed, and a catalog full of some of the greatest songs in hard rock history, few bands can boast of the track record AC/DC has had since forming in 1973. The excellence of their recorded output is the model of consistency itself, from their 1975 debut album, up to their latest, Rock or Bust, which came out last week. Powered by the incendiary guitar work of Angus Young and the cord-shredding vocals of singer Brian Johnson – who took over for Bon Scott after his death in 1980 – the new album is a testament to the band’s songwriting skills and inability to not rock. Though the band recently announced the retirement of founding member Malcolm Young due to health problems, and the drummer’s chair is currently in question  after the legal woes of Phil Rudd, the band is still determined to carry on and give fan’s what they want with all they’ve got. Young and Johnson sat down with VH1 to discuss the new album, somewhat-new rhythm guitarist Stevie Young and how they’ve kept it up for 40 years in the rough and tumble world of high voltage rock n’ roll. Read more…