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Get A First Look At What Went Down At ‘That Metal Show’s Season 14 Premiere

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Saturdays are going to rock once again because That Metal Show returns to VH1 Classic tomorrow night at its brand new time of 9/8C for its season 14 premiere!  If you can’t wait until then, check out these exclusive pics of everything that went down when Rush‘s Geddy Lee took the stage and fellow prog-hard rock virtuoso John Petrucci of Dream Theater cranked up his amp as a special musical guest. Read more…


The 12 Greatest Heavy Metal And Hard Rock Supergroups Of The Modern Era


By Doc Coyle (@DocCoyle)

I have a soft spot for supergroups. It gives me the same feeling as when Ghost Rider and the Punisher would crossover into The Amazing Spiderman for a few issues. It’s the same reason why I love the NBA All-Star game, and why I like ice cream with a bunch of stuff in it; Oreos, Reese’s peanut butter cups, cookie dough, and literally everything else. I am a glutton for the things I like, and I fantasize about what they would be like all mashed up. Heavy supergroups are like fantasy football for metal nerds.

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Find Out Why Geddy Lee of Rush Thinks Rock Stars Are Superheroes In ‘Rock Icons’ Sneak Peek

This Saturday, February 21st, tune into VH1 Classic at 10/9C to see the debut episode of Rock Icons, the new documentary television series which goes into the limelight and behind the camera eye with classic rock’s most legendary musicians. If you think we went a little heavy with the Rush references there, that’s because episode one is about the band’s lead singer and bass virtuoso, Geddy Lee. Watch a sneak peek from the series premiere above and find out why he thinks rock stars are like real-life superheroes and how the band arrived at it’s unique sound below.  Read more…

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Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath Reveals Heavy Metal’s Bloody Origins In New Animated Short

67 years ago today clouds blackened the skies over Birmingham, England to herald the birth of the future Father of Heavy Metal, Anthony Frank “Tony” Iommi of Black Sabbath. But did you know that if it weren’t for a tragic industrial accident which chopped off the tops of two of the fingers on his fretting hand, he might not ever have created the heavy metal guitar sound that has reverberated through the ages? The new animated short The Complete History of Heavy Metal: Fingers Bloody Fingers explores how the guitarist made “a good thing off a bad thing.”  Read more…

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Metallica’s Lars Ulrich Gets Schooled On Tempo By ‘Whiplash’ Star J.K. Simmons

The Academy Award-nominated Whiplash is certainly a fine movie, but we couldn’t help but feel it needed a dose of heavy metal. Apparently we’re not alone, because Metal Injection just posted a hilarious video mashup of Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich getting taken to task by the uber-intense J.K. Simmons for not playing at his “f-cking tempo!”

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8 Classic Big-Screen Hard Rock + Heavy Metal Concert Movies


Before MTV, before VHS tapes, before DVDs, and way, way, way before YouTube, the only way for fans to see hard rock and heavy metal bands in concert was just that—in concert. For those who couldn’t make it to live shows, a handful of late-night TV programs offered respites, most prominently ABC in Concert, The Midnight Special, and Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert. Then there was the concert movie.

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Kerry King, Marky Ramone + More To Appear On Season 14 Of ‘That Metal Show’


You heard that Geddy Lee and John Petrucci will appear in the upcoming premiere of That Metal Show, and now, we’re adding more names to the list of Season 14’s stars. Find out who’s slated to appear on the show this season, and catch the premiere this Saturday, February 21 at 9/8 C.

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