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The Occult Histories Of 10 Famous Musicians

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Happy National Occult Day everyone! Oh, you didn’t know it was National Occult Day today? Well it is, so now is the time to celebrate if you’re a Wiccan, a Kabbalahist, or just your garden variety Satanist. No one is really sure how the holiday came to be, which only makes sense since the term “occult” means “knowledge of the hidden,” however, some of the greatest musicians in history have flirted with spiritual pursuits beyond the regular mainstream religions we all know and love. Read more…

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From The Gridiron To Iron Maiden Fans, Trace NFL Football’s Heavy Metal Connection

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Both take place in stadiums and send their crowds into rabid frenzies. Both rely on equal parts emotional intensity, pinpoint accuracy and brute force. With it’s aggressive physicality and full contact fandom, NFL Football is the heavy metal of professional sports.With its agressive riffing and full contact live performances, heavy metal is the NFL football of music (though you could make a case it’s the MMA of music as well). Read more…

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Classic Heavy Metal Album Covers Come To Life In 10 Eye Popping GIFs

One of the visual calling cards of heavy metal music is it’s awesome album cover artwork. From the blown out post-hippie designs adorning Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath records to the fantasy-themed illustrations of Dio and Iron Maiden and going to the extreme with thrash and death metal’s graphic portrayals of violence and brutality, eye popping cover art is as essential to the genre as distorted guitars and high-pitched singing. Read more…

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Kid Rock Announces New Album First Kiss And Ambitious Tour Plans For 2015

Fresh from dropping in on a fan’s birthday party, and creating a viral video sensation in the process, hard rocking rapper Kid Rock has announced plans for a new album. The “American Badass” posted the news on his website and said that the record, to be titled First Kiss, will come out on February 24th. The album will he his first for storied record label Warner Bros. Records.

Kid Rock entered the studio fast on the heels of his highly successful $20 Best Night Ever Tour. The record marks “the continued evolution of one of music’s most versatile performers,” adding “the music will speak for itself.” Following the album’s release, Rock will again hit the road with his Twisted Brown Trucker Band for an “even more ambitious” tour that will take place during summer 2015.

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Sammy Hagar Says “Record Business Is Kind Of Done” And Maybe Chickenfoot Too

In an exclusive interview with Nik Carter, singer Sammy Hagar talks about why the future of supergroup Chickenfoot may be in peril thanks to the changes in the music business. “When you spend a half million dollars on a record and it sells 125,000 records, I’m sorry, that’s pay to play.” said the Red Rocker, who also spoke candidly about how his age effects the commitments he is willing to make. “Everything I do now is…I’m looking at this could be my last year of this” he said, adding “I’m trying to pick and choose everything I do and make it more special. For me.” Read more…

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Metallica Honor Those “For Whom The Bell Tolls” And Steal The Show At The Concert For Valor


On a night that honored those who served their country in the United States Military, Metallica showed why they are the biggest heavy metal band in the world. Introduced by metal loving comedian Jack Black as “a favorite of our troops,” and surrounded on stage by servicemen and women, the band’s appearance at The Concert For Valor had the same emotional impact as The Who’s performance at The Concert for New York City following the September 11th attacks. Read more…

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Exclusive: Get Ruff This National Metal Day With National Metal Dogs

Today, November 11th, is known the world over to metalheads as National Metal Day, when we celebrate all things loud and proud and rejoice in the history, the culture and the restorative, invigorating power of HEAVY F***ING METAL!!! And what better way to celebrate the most dominating genre in the history of music than with videos of heavy metal dogs? Am I right? So in the spirit of all that is unholy, and in honor of this heaviest of all holidays, we present you with National Metal Dogs! Read more…

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The 11 Heaviest Dates In Heavy Metal History In Honor Of National Metal Day

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Since 2011, the eleventh day of the eleventh month every year has been designated National Metal Day. The honor arises from a classic scene in the 1984 comedy masterpiece This Is Spinal Tap wherein metal guitarist extraordinaire Nigel Tufnel (Christopher Guest) shows off his custom Marshall amps, which are equipped with one extra notch on the volume knob. As Nigel famously puts it: “These go to eleven!”

That sublime moment perfectly encapsulates the fervor, ferocity, and, most importantly, the fun that makes heavy metal the vanguard of rock-and-roll gone “over-the-top.” In addition to its own inborn extremes, heavy metal has always devoured whatever rock music’s latest outrage may be and used it to make itself stronger—from electric blues to punk to hip-hop to grunge and beyond.

So in honor of National Metal Day today, we trace the eleven most insane, untamed, taboo shattering leaps forward in heavy music history. Lock your fingers into horn position, adjust your head for banging, and let’s tear it up!

Hear Ozzy Osbourne tell the story about the night of January 20th in 1982 when he bit the head off a bat, surely one of metal’s heaviest dates.

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Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason On The Endless River, EDM, And The Band’s Future

Pink Floyd‘s The Endless River is the latest chapter in a musical continuum that has endured for nearly 50 years, and drummer Nick Mason has been present throughout. As their longest serving member, Mason has the distinction of being the only bandmate to play on every album. That’s an impressive run by any standards, but when you look at the group’s tumultuous and complicated history, it’s practically superhuman.

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Adam Lambert And Brian May Discuss Whether Queen Is Still Really A Band

When American Idol veteran and solo star Adam Lambert hooked up with legendary British classic rock band Queen, fans were both thrilled and concerned. Could Adam honor the group’s legacy while still staying true to himself? Would Glambert fans mix with the Queen faithfull? And while no one could ever fill the shoes of original singer Freddie Mercury, would the end result live up to the epic standards the band set with him at the helm? To hear Lambert and Queen guitarist Brian May talk about it, the answer is a resounding yes.  Read more…