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15 Classic Songs With Truly Tragic Backstories


Musicians are known for being a sad bunch. They often channel their feelings in a much more refined way than you or I am capable of — song, and we love them for it. Some artists in particular were affected by a tragedy in one way or another, and retold the story through song. Others produced songs that had tragic backstories. From James Taylor‘s “Fire And Rain” to Led Zeppelin‘s “All My Love,” here are 15 classic songs associated with real-life tragic tales.

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Garth Brooks Talks About How Rock Band Kansas Changed His Life In Preview Of New Documentary

On March 20th VH1 Classic and Palladia will air the new documentary Kansas: Miracles Out Of Nowhere, about the American progressive rock band which topped the charts in the 1970s. In this exclusive preview, find out how Kansas‘s blend of cutting edge musicianship and heartland appeal inspired country legend Garth Brooks to pursue a life in music. Read more…

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‘Rock Icons’ Talks Music And Politics With Controversial Rocker Ted Nugent Next Episode

Ted Nugent.

Depending on your perspective, the name either conjures images of a loin cloth clad rocker ripping ferocious leads out of his hollow-body Gibson Byrdland or a conservative loudmouth taking no prisoners with his pointed political views. While it’s true, The Nuge can easily offend, you will also meet few people who talk as passionately about the trans-formative magic of rock n’ roll as the Motor City Madman. This week Rock Icons  profiles the man himself and explores his life in music and his commitment to making himself heard, whether with a wall of amps or as a television commentator. Read more…


Backlash of The Heavy Metal Puritans: Why Metal Needs To Expand Its Boundaries


To call my most recent column, The 15 Metal Bands, Young and Old, You Should Be Listening To In 2015 , polarizing, would be a disservice to some of the vitriolic commentary on the piece, proclaiming that I had tragically missed the mark. I don’t think I fully understood the gravity of the reality that I was writing for VH1 now; that the reach and impact of my words carried vastly more weight than before. The main gripe was that the list was not truly “metal” enough. This, I cannot argue. The “metal” tag was added to the title after I turned in the piece. I made a list of upcoming and established heavy bands (as I was assigned) that moved me, and that I believed needed to be heard and/or would have a significant role in making big waves in 2015. In my view, all of this lives under the umbrella of heavy music, or as Jamey Jasta would say, ”Loud amps in the face”, and not sticking to some arbitrary guidelines of what meets the benchmark for being “metal”.

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Miss Box Of Junk Explains How She Gets Motivated To Stay Healthy And Fit

Have you ever wondered what makes Miss Box Of Junk motivated to stay healthy and look good for the That Metal Show faithful? Well that’s what TMS viewer Frank was thinking about when he submitted the question for this week’s ‘Ask Jennifer’ segment.  Hear Miss Box Of Junk, A.K.A. fitness trainor Jennifer Gottlieb, explain how working good and eating right makes her feel great and look good in those skintight leather pants of hers.  Read more…

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Alex Skolnick From Testament Combines Classic And Modern Sounds On ‘That Metal Gear’

Every week Ed, Don and Jim welcome the biggest and best names in hard rock and heavy metal on That Metal Show, and we catch up with TMS’ shred-tastic musical guests in That Metal Gear. This week we caught up with one of the finest guitarist to emerge from the ’80s thrash metal scene, Alex Skolnick of Testament. As a player he combines technical finesses with raw power and combines classic and modern influences in both his playing and his gear selection. Read more…


Metallica To Reissue Legendary ‘No Life ‘Til Leather’ Demo For The First Time Since 1982

Record Store Day will bring something extra special for metalheads and Metallica fans this year as the Holy Grail of all metal demos is set to be officially reissued for the first time since 1982. Recorded with their original lineup, which featured future Megadeth mastermind Dave Mustaine and bassist Ron McGovney, the No Life ’til Leather demo made the band’s reputation in underground heavy metal tape trading circles and laid the foundation for the thrash uprising to follow. On April 18th, it will see release once again as a special limited edition replica of the original cassette, before being reissued on vinyl and CD this summer as part of an ambitious reissue program.

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The 10 Greatest Heavy Metal Front-Women


In times past, heavy metal was often charged with being a “boy’s club” where women were not only unwelcome, but they wouldn’t want to be there in the first place what with all the music’s fire and blood and Satan and other stuff that’s supposed to make prissy girls say, “Yuck!”

What a load of hellacious hogwash. From the very earliest days of heavy metal, female vocalists and musicians have raised an unholy racket and propelled the form forward with beautifully brutal force.

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‘That Metal Show’ Decides The Top Metal And Hard Rock Cover Songs Of All Time

That Metal Show is back and with it the TMS Top 5, where hosts Eddie Trunk, Don Jamieson and Jim Florentine argue about their favorite music picks. What’s different this year is TMS has been asking fans their top picks too! This week the boys weighed in with their favorite cover songs from hard rock and heavy metal‘s A-list.  Read more…