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INTERVIEW: Why Is Quincy Jones Worried About Music’s Future And The Distortion Of Sound?


When you’re discussing Quincy Jones, there is no such thing as hyperbole. Just ask his 27 Grammys. The 81-year-old has played a vital role in the development of jazz, funk, and hip hop, holds more records than a jukebox, logged more firsts than Adam and Eve, and collaborated with everyone from Frank Sinatra to Grandmaster Melle Mel. It is no exaggeration to say he’s the chief architect of popular music in the 20th Century. But as we venture further into the new millennium, he’s getting pissed.

The cultural titan recently appeared in the The Distortion Of Sound, a documentary produced by cutting edge audio outfit Harman Kardon. The fascinating film explores the complex pros and cons of music in the digital age. Although companies like iTunes and Spotify have made music more accessible, portable, and cheaper than ever before, mp3s have become so compressed that the vast majority of the sound quality -sometimes up to 90 percent- is lost. With the omnipresence of iPods and ear buds, the documentary contends that a generation of music lovers are being raised on low-grade sonic sludge. As the final piece of his formidable legacy, Jones is working with Harman to ensure that his art, and the art of so many others, can be enjoyed the way it was meant to be heard.

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10 Reasons Why James Brown Was The Hardest Working Man In Show Business

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The Godfather of Soul. Soul Brother #1. Mr. Dynamite. The Hardest Working Man in Show Business. James Brown had many regal titles in life yet none truly do justice to his monumental impact on music or presence in the world. His musical influence alone is staggering. Read more…


Sade’s Diamond Life Turns 30: Hear The Band Reveal The True Story Behind Its Origin

30 years ago this week the English group Sade released their worldwide smash hit debut album Diamond Life. Coming out at the height of the slick, glitzy, video-driven R&B era – as typified by Michael Jackson and Prince – the album’s chill grooves and lush melodies seduced listeners and announced the arrival of a new, uniquely British style of soul music. Read more…

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CONCERT REVIEW: Falling For Leela James at B.B. King’s


Leela James wants you to feel something. If you ever see the VH1 Soul You Oughta Know artist perform live, she’ll ask you to your face. “Can ya’ll feel that right there?” she shouted to the crowd in the midst of her performance at New York City’s B.B. King’s earlier this month. They responded with an Earth-shaking affirmative. Any advertisement for a Leela James show should come with a warning, Ms. James turns it up and takes you there, so we hope you can stand the fierceness and the fire! 

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Smooth Operator: Sade Guitarist Stuart Matthewman Debuts New Band Twin Danger

What’s your second musical act when your first record is one of the most successful debut albums of all time? Very few musicians get to ask themselves this question but such is the quandary of Grammy winning songwriter and musician Stuart Matthewman of famed UK pop soul world beat wonders Sade. His new musical venture Twin Danger has just been signed to Decca Records/Universal Music Classics and is performing tonight at New York’s Marquee, in a special showcase hosted by neo-soul heartthrob Maxwell. Read more…

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Fierce + Feline: A Guide To All Of The Animals Featured In Beyonce’s Music Videos

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We love Beyonce. We love animals. So when the two come together, we’re naturally going to be extremely happy about it.

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