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Tuned In: Emeli Sandé Is Full of “Wonder” On The Tonight Show

The world still buzzing about her Olympic showings, last night You Oughta Know artist Emeli Sandé stopped in to lift the The Tonight Show with Jay Leno with a performance of her triumphant new single, “Wonder.” The stage was set with bubbles — maybe because of that “we ain’t falling under” line? — and she was joined by a full band and a snapping lineup of backup singers. Like this, the song feels almost like gospel, soaring and inspirational. “This song is for you, and you are full of wonder,” she insists at the songs climax, her hands held as a “W” over her head, and you really believe her. If only every night ended and each morning began with a performance like this, the world could probably be a better place.

Sandé takes the stage in the above video around 42 minutes — watch, feel the wonder!

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This Must Be The Place: The Lumineers Cover “Naive Melody” For You Oughta Know Live

It’s been a feet on the ground, head in the sky sort of summer for The Lumineers. And as the summer winds down and their ascent continues on and up, we have another treat to share from their You Oughta Know Live session. After stunning us with their own “Stubborn Love,” “Slow It Down” and, of course, “Ho Hey!,” the rising American folk rock trio looked back to 1983 with a crunchy-Americana cover of the Talking Heads‘  funky “This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody).” Stripped down, with Wesley Schultz alone strumming at his guitar for almost two minutes before the drums kick in and Neyla‘s cello begins to bellow, their rendering is less playful but goes in extra on the yearning and the “And You’ll love me till my heart stops, love me till I’m dead”‘s.

“Naive Melody” is one of the few love songs that David Byrne ever wrote, and as they cover it, it could fall comfortably into their mix of mostly loving songs. So, cover up your blanks spot, hit us on the head — we are happy to know the The Lumineers, and even more so that they can do this so well!

Check out The Lumineer’s full You Oughta Know Live session here!

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Walk The Moon Walk The “Tightrope” On VH1′s Big Morning Buzz Live

Walk The Moon swung back by VH1 headquarters yesterday, to announce their September You Oughta Know gig and book-ending the summer with a Big Morning Buzz Live performance. A lot has happened since we first met the boys from Cincinnati in June — they’ve celebrated their eponymous label debut, toured Europe, and won hearts and sound-tracked the hot months with their song of the summer, “Anna Sun” — and, now with September and their month of You Oughta Know upon us, they are only just getting started!

They showed up yesterday with just acoustic guitars and suitcases, and with Nick wearing again a Navajo print shirt (can’t fix what’s not broken), to bang out their quick-stepping next single, “Tightrope.” All warmed up, they then shipped off to get ready for their You Oughta Know Live session. More on that soon! Because if you don’t know Walk The Moon yet, we think you really oughta.
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Tuned In: You Oughta Know Represents At The London 2012 Olympics Closing Ceremony

Of the many Brits who took the stage last night to pay homage to their homeland during the 2012 Olympics closing ceremony, two were You Oughta Know artists past. Emeli Sande and Ed Sheeran did VH1 proud with shining performances in front of the whole world wide. You Oughta Know no more, we say gold medals all around!

Closing Ceremony - Emeli Sande - London 2012 Olympic Games from mathew rumsey on Vimeo.

Sande’s really run these Games, kicking off both the Opening Ceremony and last night’s Closing Ceremony with stunning performances. The Scottish singer showed up to last night’s spectacular wearing Alexander McQueen and posed atop a newsprint covered stage, where she sang a cover of Professor Green‘s “Read All About It.” She was followed by the percussionists from Stomp and the entrance of Prince Harry, who was there in place of his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth. Sande was back on stage later in the night, finishing up “Read All About It” while a montage of memorable moments played and flags from the competing nations were brought in. Read more…

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Tuned In: Emeli Sandé Shines With “Wonder” On Today Show

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You Oughta Know artist Emeli Sandé won Olympic glory before the games even began with her stunning Olympic opening ceremony performance, but stateside viewers missed it, because the NBC broadcast cut the segment for reasons that still aren’t entirely clear. This morning, the network made up for it by inviting the opening ceremony star to the Today Show‘s Olympic Village set-up for a quick chat and to sing a brand new song. “The sun’s shining, we are in the amazing Olympic Village, and we are full of wonder,” she said before jumping into the triumphant “Wonder.” Her voice buoyed by soul and her hair swooped high with hope, she claimed her spotlight, singing confidently, “I am full of light, yes I am full of wonder.” And truly she is. This was the perfect song to lead-off this last weekend of the games, because even we, who are not competing, were left feeling inspired.

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Two Door Cinema Club Can’t “Sleep Alone” Anymore

You Oughta Know alums Two Door Cinema Club had the internet stopped and tweeting last month when the they debuted “Sleep Alone,” the epic first single off of their upcoming album Beacon. And today, they unveiled the accompanying video. Last year they won us over with an eye catching, primary color soaked and choreography packed video for “What You Know.” This, though, is a darker and more CGI-ed affair wherein Alex Trimble invites us into his haunting and drug-addled dreams that inspired the song. Not exactly a PSA, this isn’t exactly our idea of a good night’s sleep either. Read more…

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Emeli Sandé Transforms Coldplay’s “Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall”

You Ougha Know‘s Emeli Sandé has borrowed “Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall” from her tourmates Coldplay, stripped it of the synth and jangle, and made it entirely her own, and in one take with just one mic and her unshakeable voice. Reviewing Our Version of Events, the New York Times suggested that, “What’s magical about this album is how Ms. Sandé’s stance remains unmistakable regardless of what the backdrop is.” And that proves true as ever in this beautiful and intimate rework of a song that was built to fill stadiums. Sandé has got a voice to be reckoned with, and let her at an ancient Scottish hymn or one of Coldplay’s biggest hits and she will transform it into a moment wholly her own.

Emeli Sande Covers Coldplay’s “Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall” [Idolator]

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Ed Sheeran Thinks He’s Performing With Pink Floyd At The Olympics, Pink Floyd Denies Performing At All

It’s been an extravaganza of 2012 London Olympics highlights from the exposed boob controversy to Samuel L. Jackson’s awesome live tweets of the events. There’s never a dull moment. Equally exciting is the lineup for the A Symphony Of British Music televised concert and the performers for the closing ceremony on August 12. Our very own You Oughta Know artist Ed Sheeran recently told BBC he was playing at the closing ceremony with Pink Floyd. “I’m playing the closing ceremony — which I think is kinda cool right? A lot of people think that I’m doing a song with The Who, but I’m not — I’m doing a song with Pink Floyd. I’m doing “Wish You Were Here,”  he told BBC. Well apparently Pink Floyd didn’t get that memo. Read more…

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Rebecca Ferguson Showed Us That “Nothing’s Real But Love” On You Oughta Know Live, And We’ve Got The Free MP3 For You!

At last the second of our July and August YOK artists, Rebecca Ferguson‘s, You Oughta Know Live has, well, gone live! Poised and glowing brighter than her neon orange dress at center stage, she performed for us a stripped down version of her hit single “Nothing’s Real But Love.” She really let the voice that landed her in second place on Britain’s The X Factor soar, growing only stronger and more triumphant where the song gets vulnerability. You can hear both the struggles she’s overcome and the winnings she’s earned, and you can’t help but believe when she preaches that “no money, no house, no car is like love.” She also performed “Shoulder To Shoulder” and a souled-up cover of “Knocked Up” by the Kings of Leon, one of her more surprising but often cited influences.

And! The news gets better: You can download an MP3 of Ferguson’s stunning “Nothing’s Real But Love” performance here on Tuner for free! But be quick — the link expires at midnight on Sunday, July 23rd and you’ll want not to miss it.


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The Lumineers “Ho Hey!” In The Streets In The Debut Episode Of CMT’s Concrete Country

Looks like we’re not the only ones hooked on July and August’s VH1 You Oughta Know artists The Lumineers! Our sister station, the Country Music Channel, tapped the roots-revivalist trio for the kick-off episode of their gritty new online performance and interview series called Concrete Country. The band played their debut hit “Ho Hey,” along with “Classy Girls” and “Stubborn Love,” live from the streets of Nashville while traffic and pedestrians passed behind them. “We used to play that song at an open mic at the Metal Arc in Denver, and sometimes people would talk very loudly so I would scream ‘Ho!’ and ‘Hey!’” Jeremiah Fraites joked of the bustle. “It was a good song to get people’s attention.”

Green River Ordinance, Carolina Chocolate Drops, The Infamous Stringdusters, Yarn and Trampled by Turtles will follow in their footsteps later this summer with Concrete Country episodes of their own, and surely all with as much enthusiasm to their toe-tapping.

The Lumineers on Concrete Country [CMT]

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