Go Inside Geddy Lee Of Rush’s Personal Bass Room With ‘Rock Icons’ Sam Dunn

by (@BHSmithNYC)

It’s not everyone that gets to spend time with one of their musical idols, but that’s what happened to Banger Films’ Sam Dunn during the filming of the debut episode of Rock Icons featuring Rush bassist and lead singer Geddy Lee. The two were  already well-acquainted thanks to Banger’s 2010 band bio-pic Rush: Beyond The Lighted Stage, but this time Dunn was invited into Lee’s personal “bass room” in the basement of his house in Toronto. “Being a bass player myself, this was a pretty big highlight,” said Dunn, adding that Lee had “the history of the bass guitar on his walls.” Read more…

10 Rockers Who Really Let Themselves Go


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Sometimes people don’t age well — even celebrities. But that’s not what we’re talking about today. While the natural process of aging will take its toll, we’re more interested in the rockers who just gave up on trying to look good. For instance: Paul McCartney has aged, but Paul McCartney still looks sharp. Bruce Springsteen has aged, but Bruce is still a sexy heart throb. By comparison: Axl Rose has aged. But Axl has also got a beer belly and doesn’t seem to comb his hair.

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