The Decibel Tour Kicks Off In LA With At The Gates, Converge, Pallbearer, + Vallenfyre



-By Doc Coyle

I have a love/hate relationship with Decibel Magazine. In their early days, they afforded God Forbid, my ex-band, one of our first and only magazine cover stories. Since then, Decibel found their niche, and their direction crystalized to focus on the crusty, dank world of the extreme underground. In the 10 plus years since their inception, my tastes have diverged over ground, and I would often quizzically look at their Top 40 albums of a particular year not knowing half the bands, feeling it was maybe caked with pretense informed by the Hipster-ization of the Metal world. (My ignorance may have been mostly to blame). With that said, I have always respected their stance and recognize their stature as the preeminent authority on Grindcore, Noise, Sludge, Doom, Black Metal, Death Metal, Stoner Rock, Post Metal, and everything in between. The line-up for this year’s tour was perfectly curated to reflect the magazine’s taste with At The Gates, Pallbearer, and Vallenfyre all landing the top 10 of 2014’s Top 40 list and Converge topping 2012’s list.

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Richie Sambora Allegedly Threatened To Kill His Girlfriend + ‘Bury’ Her In The Desert

by (@JordanRuntagh)


Former Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora is under questioning for allegedly threatening to kill his long-time girlfriend, fashion designer Nikki Lund. The death threats came a day after the launch of her clothing line on March 18th, when the 55-year-old rock legend apparently told her he would “dig a hole in the desert and bury” her following a vicious telephone argument.

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Good Friday Rocks: The Top 10 Epic Rock Songs Featuring Jesus Christ

by (@McBeardo)


From its incendiary onset in the 1950s, rock-and-roll has oft-times been disparaged as “the devil’s music.” Yet Christian rock has long run parallel to the more incendiary gen-pop variety. Elvis Presley’s 1957 gospel album Peace in the Valley, for example, provided an early bridge between age-old divine sounds and the Eisenhower-era’s diabolical new music revolution.

As with the central figure in those gospel songs, Elvis acquired a vast multitude of followers over whom he has exuded great influence. It seems inevitable, then, that those disciples of the King of Rock-and-Roll would, on occasion, cross musical paths with the King of Kings.

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Backstreet Boys Documentary Pulls Back The Curtain On The Band’s Trials + Tribulations

by (@cocothedj)

It’s been two decades since we first met The Backstreet Boys, but just because they’re married men doesn’t mean they’re ready to hang up their matching boy band outfits and retire. Want proof? Check out the television debut of their new documentary on VH1 this Friday! Backstreet Boys: Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of commemorates BSB’s 20th anniversary, and will pull back the curtain on the band’s many ups and downs over the course of their career.

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Watch Maddie Ziegler Steal The Show Once Again In Sia’s “Big Girls Cry” Video

by (@Bosnaud)

Sia keeps the frantic, improvisational dance moves coming with the official video for “Big Girls Cry.” Dance Moms star, Maddie Ziegler resumes her duties as the miniature focal point for Sia’s three-minute clip. The video was directed by both Sia and Daniel Askill, with choreography supplied by Ryan Heffington.

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