INTERVIEW: The Zombies’ Rod Argent And Colin Blunstone On How Odessey And Oracle Rose From The Dead To Become A Classic

by (@JordanRuntagh)


Half a century after a breakup should have nailed their coffin shut, the Zombies are just as alive today as they were in their 1960s heyday. Singer Colin Blunstone and keyboard-playing composer Rod Argent have just completed a 14-date cross-country tour, including a packed house at New York City’s iconic BB King Blues Club. This fall, the band’s two creative pillars are entering the studio to record an album of new material for their continuously growing legion of fans young and old. Like their namesake, the Zombies have come back from the dead to reclaim their rightful place in rock history alongside trailblazing artists like Brian Wilson, Pink Floyd and even the Beatles.

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This Beyoncé VMA Vanguard Extended Fan Tribute Will Make You Want To Run The World


2014 MTV Video Music Awards - Fixed Show

Beyoncé made us all bawl like babies during her #VMAVanguard Award acceptance speech at the 2014 MTV VMAs after she performed an insane medley of her self-titled album. The audience watched as an emotional Bey embraced her family on stage and gave thanks to her fans upon receiving the award. Beyoncé has evolved into one of the most important artists of our time and it’s only right that the #Beyhive come together to share how much she is appreciated in this extended fan tribute brought to you by Verizon.

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How To Deal With Haters According To The Greatest “Shake It Off” Anthems


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If anyone knows what it’s like to attract hate, its musicians. For as much adoration as they receive, there’s a pretty high volume of people looking to tear them down. But the great thing about having music at your disposal is you can release an anti-hate track and have it bounce to number one, putting down the detractors and giving sage advice to us regular people dealing with our own beefs. Taylor Swift is the most recent to jump aboard the anti-hater train with her track “Shake It Off”, but everyone from Beyonce to 50 Cent has a song to sing for the haters.

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15 Times Innocent Activities Were Turned Unnecessarily Sexual In Music Videos

by (@TaylorFerber)


When it comes to conveying sexual innuendo, our favorite modern day artists sure have a knack for thinking outside the box. Pun intended. Singers like Justin Timberlake, Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey have made the least sexy scenarios imaginable ooze sex. And until Miley Cyrus experienced her sexual awakening, our naive souls actual thought a wrecking ball was just used for construction work. How wrong we were…

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