‘Empire’ Music Director Jim Beanz Talks Working With Timbaland, Being Addicted To ‘Love & Hip Hop’ + More

by (@hernameislex)


Empire‘s music director had no idea the show’s soundtrack would be such a hit, but he considers the wide reception of it all a blessing. Jim Beanz, who also appears as Titan on the show, has been working with Timbaland, Empire’s executive music producer, for a decade, and he’s the genius behind the show’s hit song “Drip Drop.”

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The 15 Metal Bands, Young And Old, You Should Be Listening To In 2015


-By Doc Coyle (@doccoyle)

Being charged with spotlighting 15 bands that I think matter in 2015 is daunting. I’m not Bill O’Reilly. I’m not trying to pawn off propagandized opinion as fact. In my best impression of an authoritative figure, this is a collection of musical acts, young and old, that I predict will make an impact this year. Periodically, I have these exploratory talks with my friends within the music industry (A&R people, agents, promoters, musicians, managers, DJ’s), and part of the goal is to try and figure out where heavy music is going. What is the next “big thing”? No one knows. I don’t know either, but I wanted to shine a light on those bands that are making artistic strides in a time when homogenization is rampant, and discovering beacons of hope through the digital white noise is becoming increasingly difficult. Read more…

SONG PREMIERE: Hear Kelly Clarkson’s Sia-Penned “Let Your Tears Fall” + Bonus Artist Commentary

by (@JordanRuntagh)

Check out this EXCLUSIVE #MTVFirst & @ReesesPBCups album premiere!

Kelly Clarkson is back with her first full-length album of new material in over three years! Piece By Piece doesn’t drop until March 3rd, but VH1 is offering you an exclusive sneak peek of one album cut each day until the big release! Today’s track is the Sia-penned “Let Your Tears Fall,” which is the perfect combination of dreamy pop bliss and Clarkson’s barnstorming vocals. Stream the song right now, and then read on for commentary from Kelly herself!

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Our Picks For The Worst Dressed At The 2015 BRIT Awards


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It’s been a busy month, but awards season will finally be winding down after the BRIT Awards air. And maybe it’s just because stars are simply running out of looks to try out, but London’s red carpet tonight certainly had its fair share of fashion faux pas. Celebrities like Cara Delevingne and Marina Diamandis showed up to show us even the brightest stars can’t nail every appearance.

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