Robin Thicke Breaks Down Blurred Lines, Track-By-Track (Pt. 2 of 2)

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Robin Thicke Blurred Lines

Robin Thicke‘s Blurred Lines LP just dropped today and signs are pointing towards it being the biggest album of his career. It is seemingly well-positioned to topple Jay Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail when next week’s SoundScan figures are released, thanks in large part to the buzz created by the worldwide success of the album’s title track. And if you’re looking for inside dirt on the writing and recording of the LP, you’re in luck. None other than Robin Thicke himself recently sat down with VH1 here in our New York headquarters to give us the scoop about Blurred Lines in the latest installment of our Track-By-Track series.

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RES Readies Her Refried Return

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Res At The Blue Note

I just love when I’m able to share a music appreciation moment with someone; those moments are even more dynamic and enriching when seemingly unlikely fans connect and bond over a particular artist. I had one such moment about a year ago, when my officemate and fellow music lover Dan Tucker (who’s a talented musician in his own right) heard the sounds of RES blaring through my headphones. “That was a great, album. What happened to her?” he commented and questioned, and for several moments we mutually expressed how much we loved and missed RES.

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EXCLUSIVE: The Civil Wars Debut Their New Video For “Same Old, Same Old”

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It’s been nearly eight months since The Civil Wars announced their “internal discord and irreconcilable differences of ambition” and, quite frankly, we’re still gutted by the news. Even though Joy Williams and John Paul White are no longer on speaking terms, there is a small silver lining for fans of the Grammy-winning duo: August 6 will see the release of The Civil Wars, the follow-up to the duo’s much beloved 2011 debut. VH1 and CMT are excited to exclusively premiere the first video from this project, which is for the album’s single, “Same Old, Same Old.”

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John Forte, Kat Dahlia + More Perform 60-Second Songs For Stop/Watch

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Three weeks ago, we celebrated Music Independence Day with a 12-hour music block party where artists like Hanson and Jessie Ware debuted 60-second versions of their songs. Why stop the party now? Stop/Watch is back with minute-long performances from John Forte, The Stepkids, Kat Dahlia, Vicci Martinez and more!

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The Replacements: 15 Bad Boy Rock Stars Who Were Fired From Their Famous Bands

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15 Rock Stars Fired From Their Bands

When you’re in a rock band, you’re expected to be somewhat of a rebellious badass. That sort of goes with the territory, right? Rock isn’t generally known for having too many rules… So when you hear stories about folks getting kicked of their group, the first thing we think is: Wow, they must have REALLY f’d up pretty bad!

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Robin Thicke Breaks Down Blurred Lines, Track-By-Track (Pt. 1 of 2)

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Robin Thicke Blurred Lines Commentary

Robin Thicke has been one of the most popular artists in the R&B game for going on a decade now, but even he would agree that his career trajectory took a significant jump when he dropped “Blurred Lines” back in March. Over the course of the last three months and change, the song has gone to #1 in 14 different countries and become the undisputed Song Of The Summer here in the United States. Tomorrow sees the release of his full-length album Blurred Lines, his sixth studio LP. We sat down with #THICKE a few days ago for the latest entry in our ongoing Track-By-Track series, and he was gracious enough to share the inspirado behind each one of the 11 songs on this collection.

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Behind The Music with Ludacris: Exclusive Web Extras!

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Tonight on Behind the Music we put the spotlight on the triumphs and tribulations of rapper, entrepreneur and actor, Ludacris. There’s no doubt you learned loads about this musical master from the show, but we have four special web extras for you that didn’t make the full episode.


Ludacris is one determined guy! After weeks of begging the front desk of a radio station for a job, he finally snagged a spot as an intern. This ultimately led to the explosion of an amazing music career. But what about that infamous “Ludacris” name of his? Well, he had to give it quits temporarily since early morning listeners weren’t quite ready for Ludacris behavior. Fortunately, Ludacris is making his own rules now and thriving. Watch the rest of the clips here.

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