Will Psy And Justin Bieber’s Collaboration Make YouTube Explode? Probably.

by (@zaragolden)

Well here’s an idea. Schoolboy Records brethren Psy and Justin Bieber have plans to collaborate sometime in the near future. The K-Pop phenomenon teased the “explosive” project in an interview with Capital FM, during which he explained that: “We have a plan to do something together. Later but we don’t have any details yet. But sure, we gonna do some work later on.” Can we assume that’s a promise?

With Bieber busy out on tour and with Psy laboring over that English language single he’s promised, it may be a minute before this team-up sees the light of day. But together these two account for the number one and two most viewed videos on YouTube (“Baby” has 799 million page views while “Gangnam Style” has 714 million page views), and Psy knows that means that together they can’t lose: “I mean of course you know, hundreds of millions combined [YouTube views] on YouTube — it’s gonna explode right?” Yes, “gonna explode” sounds about right. Read more…

Rihanna Explains Her “Tweet, Retweet, Trending Topic!” Songwriting Strategy And Dances With Chris Brown For GQ

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You may have caught glimpse of — or lingered over, because who could blame you? — Rihanna‘s sexy GQ “Men of the Year (And One Hot Woman)” cover that hit the web over the weekend and figured she had already bared all. But the accompanying story is now up, and the boundary-less star has more yet to show and tell, about the bottle brawl and her songwriting, her Caribbean culture and of course her love life. Rihanna and the writer enjoy a night out on the town that includes a papparazzi-flash lit dinner, an impromptu song-writing sesh in her hotel room and a dance-floor reunion with none other than Chris Brown.

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Theo Katzman Haunts His Ex Through Advertisements in “Hard For You” Video

by (@raevotta)

The curse of dating a musician is he or she might write a less-than-flattering song about you, but in the universe of Theo Katzman‘s latest video for “Hard For You” the Brooklyn-based performer whose sound is best described as a blend of indie and soul takes the threat just a step further, imaging a world where the uber-sucessful musician stalks his ex through the inescapable landscape of ever-present advertisements.

“The song was inspired by the idea of my girlfriend leaving me for a guy who makes more money, who seems more professional, who has his life together more than I do,” explained Katzman, who was formerly part of the dance-oriented band My Dear Disco. “In the song, I explain how, while this other guy may have his job and his money, I’m the guy with the soul. I’m the guy with the music.”

VH1 Storytellers: P!nk Sneak Peek: A Heartfelt “Who Knew” Becomes About Every Loss in P!nk’s Life


“Every time you’d see a show when I’m crying, it’s basically put on a new person,” says P!nk, referring to tearjerker ballad “Who Knew” — a song that was originally written for a friend killed by heroin and then went on to apply to each loss in the singer’s life. “Who Knew’s” story of frustration and regret soon became about her late Dog, Elvis, and even rang true with her late grandmother. In this sneak peek, P!nk details the emotional background of the song, and the proceeds to sing it out: as powerful as ever.

Along with “Who Knew”, P!nk performs a slew of her greatest hits–including a topical and equally emotional “Dear Mr. President”, written originally about George W. Bush. Check it all out on VH1 Storytellers: P!nk, which airs tonight at 11PM EST.

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Pitbull “Feels This Moment” With Christina Aguilera And “Has Some Fun” With The Wanted

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Party president of the 305 Pitbull has a new album called Global Warming out next week, and on it he’ll be joined by some of pop music’s biggest names, Jennifer Lopez, Enrique Iglesias, Usher and Chris Brown included. There’s got to be something on here for everyone. Two tracks made there way onto the internet last night, the Christina Aguilera collaboration, “Feel This Moment,” and “Have Some Fun,” featuring the The Wanted and superstar DJ Afrojack. And worry not that Mr. Worldwide may switch things up for lucky album number seven — Global Warming will be perfect kindling for all the season’s parties. It’s going to be a hot fall after all.

Let’s Listen:

Watch Alicia Keys’ VH1 Storytellers Now!


Alicia Keys is a talker, admittedly. For her VH1 Storytellers special tonight, telling the back story behind her songs was a piece of cake. Alicia knows how to interact with a crowd. “It’s actually one of my favorite ways to perform, though,” the “Superwoman” singer told the audience. “Really small and intimate. Close.” Alicia has so many hits narrowing them down to a six song set had to be challenging. Luckily, Alicia mixed it up with songs we know every word and ad lib to with new songs from her forthcoming album.

It takes her to tell the funny story of working with John Legend and Kanye West in the studio for “You Don’t Know My Name.” If you missed VH1 Storytellers: Alicia Keys you’re in luck. Watch the episode online right now, or check out our clips of her entire set. Read more…

VH1 Storytellers: Alicia Keys Online Exclusive: We Keep On “Fallin’” For This Song


Alicia Keys‘ “Fallin’” may always be one of those songs that you automatically sing every single time you hear it. The beauty of timeless music! VH1 Storytellers: Alicia Keys aired tonight, and in case you missed it the full episode is available online, here. It’s only right we share the exclusive of the singer’s debut breakout song. It sounds as good live as it does on the album. Read more…

ThisIsMyJam: What Is VH1 Listening To? Find Out!

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All day long we’re scouting out the newest, hottest, best, most-interesting songs to please your eardrums. You can find evidence of that on your TV, along your Twitter, across the newsfeed of your Facebook and even right in this very blog. But what about your jams? Those jams that are the jams–the ones that define a moment, a feeling, a topical holiday, anything that makes you wanna say: “This is my song and it’s AWESOME.” That’s where ThisIsMyJam comes into play. Literally.

ThisIsMyJam lets you choose that song you’re feeling, declare to the world that it’s your JAM and we’re excited that we can do the same. So sign up and join us in sharing some of the coolest music. We’ll be sharing songs that coincide with stuff that’s going on with VH1–everything from artist we love, new stuff we think you should hear and the songs you might have heard in some of our shows. So far we’ve recommended songs by Michael Kiwanuka, Young Jeezy and Marina + The Diamonds.

Go visit ThisIsMyJam and tell us what you’re listening to. 

Kelly Clarkson Summons Water, Wind And Fire In Her “Catch My Breath” Video

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Kelly Clarkson is a lovely lady of the elements in her new video for “Catch My Breath,” the first single from her upcoming Greatest Hits–Chapter One compilation, which is finally out next Tuesday. The video’s premise is pretty simple, as it finds Kelly looking extra-svelte in a floor length dress and with her new bottle-blonde hair, calling forth wind, water and fire with her voice so powerful. No one can get her down, it’s all so simple now. Oh mighty Idol, hear ye roar!

Kelly, in her elements…

Hunter Hayes Shows Us What It Means To Feel “Wanted” On Big Morning Buzz Live

by (@zaragolden)

Carrie Underwood‘s “Blown Away” tour mate and the Country Music Association’s newly anointed Best New Artist Hunter Hayes was the soundtrack to our morning here at VH1 headquarters, as his performance on VH1′s Big Morning Buzz Live was so powerful it raised all the way to our desk upstairs where are heels have been taping to the tune of his eponymous studio debut since. Hayes played his No. 1 single, “Wanted,” a song much more soulful than his 21-years and still-boyish good looks. Though he played every instrument on the song for the album version, he performed with a full band. The help freed him up to really lean into “Wanted”‘s heart-tugging moments, and to get up from his lyric scribbled piano and grab the mic for an especially crushing final verse. Also included in the above clip: seriously adorable bonus footage of a teeny-tiny Hunter Hayes performing on Nickelodeon back in the day. Seriously, Hunter, if you wanted to wrap us up, make us feel wanted — we wouldn’t mind.


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