Britney Spears Is About To Be Fired From X Factor: That’s Horrible!

by (@unclegrambo)

After one listless and uninspired season on Fox’s struggling X Factor, US Weekly is reporting that Britney Spears “will get fired” from her role as a judge on the program. According to their report, there seem to be two main issues at play here. The first is her $15 million salary, which a source tells them is an awful lot “for her to say ‘amazing’ and offer half-claps.” Her mental state is also being reported as an issue, but not in the way that you might think.

X Factor creator/evil genius Simon Cowell is reportedly second-guessing his decision to cast the seemingly heavily medicated Spears on his show. “He wanted crazy Britney, but he got boring Britney,” a source tells US Weekly, which strikes us as one of those things that is okay to think but definitely not okay to say out loud. While there’s no denying that Spears lacks the ability to riff on an impromptu basis, this is not exactly what we in the business call “breaking news.” Ever since her head-shaving incident, she has been kept on a short leash by her team of caretakers, rendering her as a personality-challenged shell of her former rambunctious self (who, in her “defense,” does make hilariously inappropriate crazy faces on the reg). Cowell should’ve recognized this deficiency from the start, and not placed a foolish bet that the stress of being on live television twice a week would revert Miss Spears back to her dangerous and emotionally challenged self. That seems incredibly callous, even for someone generally held in low regard like Cowell.
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Huh? The 5 Weirdest Promotional Stunts Of 2012

by (@zaragolden)

Everyone knows that albums don’t sell — exceptions granted to all British neo-soul performers whose names begin with the letter “A” and end with “dele,” because their albums go Diamond — and so tasked with the challenge of assuring that their albums actually sell, artists have done away with the televised performance here, album singing there promotional tours of old in favor of elaborate stunts that include breaking world records, reuniting with abusive boyfriends, large pizza pies and selling at least a few extra records. Here are five of the wackiest pulled in the last 365 days:

Nicki Minaj Plays Nice With Hot 97 (For Now At Least) As Host For The Station’s Christmas Extravaganza


It’s been silence on the dial since Nicki Minaj‘s Grammy snub earlier this month. The H.B(arb).I.C.hasn’t tweeted to her Barbz since December 5, and has been fairly low-key after a controversial second half of the year. The Queens rapper set aside her ongoing beef with New York’s Hot 97 to host its Christmas Extravaganza at NYC’s Webster Hall. Well, you know how we saw her arrive fashionably late to her first day on American Idol during her Nicki Minaj: My Truth special on E! Then there should be no surprise she showed up to her hosting gig at 2:30 a.m. She’s Nicki Minaj and can’t be bothered with arriving on time. Read more…

Is The World Ready For A Lady Gaga Documentary Made By Terry Richardson?


It was a Merry Christmas indeed for Lady Gaga‘s monsters who were gifted with the news of a Gaga documentary. On Christmas morning the larger than life pop star tweeted her 26 million followers the exciting news of her teaming up with renowned photographer Terry Richardson for what’s going to be a grand extravaganza, hopefully very different than Katy Perry: Part of Me.

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16 Crunkest Songs Of 2012


2012 was the year of being or getting #turntup. Crunk songs encouraging partying, drinking and the good life were the soundtrack to turning up. French Montana‘s “Pop That” instructed women on how to, err, pop their booties at a party or club. It easily was one of the summer’s most popular anthems. In the same vein was Juicy J‘s “Bands A Make Her Dance” which suggests rolls of money secured by a rubber band will indeed make a girl dance. Not that we frequented the strip club or anything, but word on the street is strippers made this their unofficial theme song.

Other crunk songs had less to do with booty popping or stripping and more to do with intimacy–straight grown and sexy style. Take for instance Kelly Rowland‘s “Motivation” that inspired a body roll whether you were at your desk at work or in your car at a red light. Fun.‘s “We Are Young” isn’t your typical crunk song, however, if the DJ played this song at a party you witnessed the crowd going wild. So without further ado, here’s 16 of the year’s crunkest songs. Shout out to the artists for enabling our turned up ways. Read more…

Frank Ocean’s Rejected “Django Unchained” Song Still Got A Ton Of Internet Love

by (@lindseyweber)

A Text Edit box filled with lyrics against a blue desktop. 1:09 remaining on Frank Ocean‘s laptop battery, as he posts what bloggers are now calling “Wiseman” (but originally had no name) to his Tumblr. The song reads like a fable, as Ocean tells a story parallel to the historical rework of Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained.

Ocean finds universality in the movie’s lessons, his song going from, “I bet your mother would be proud of you” into “I bet our mother would be proud of you”. Why wasn’t the track used in the film?

Tarantino commented it last month:

Frank Ocean wrote a fantastic ballad that was truly lovely and poetic in every way, there just wasn’t a scene for it. I could have thrown it in quickly just to have it, but that’s not why he wrote it and not his intention. So I didn’t want to cheapen his effort. But, the song is fantastic, and when Frank decides to unleash it on the public, they’ll realize it then.


JoJo Returns With Free EP, Will It Be Too Little, Too Late?

by (@lindseyweber)

Remember JoJo? No, not that JoJo, this JoJo. The JoJo that launched her career when she was just thirteen and starred in a movie with Robin Williams. Well, JoJo isn’t thirteen anymore, and since her hit album she’s been doing all sorts of good stuff–most of it under the radar. There was that cover of Drake’s “Marvin’s Room” that sounded (dare I say) better than the original? Last year’s “Disaster” even peaked at 29 on the Billboard charts last year. Most exciting, however, is JoJo’s newest project: an EP called Agápe.

Listen for yourself.

Drake Accuses Others of YOLO Theft, Has The Saddest Christmas Ever

by (@lindseyweber)

Everyone’s favorite emotional rapper Drake was bound to tap into the requisite holiday sadness. Not to mention that he’s actually Jewish, but even eight days of miracles didn’t stop him from taking out his holiday woes by taking to Instagram to attack the YOLO industry that is sprung up following his lead:

“Walgreens….you gotta either chill or cut the cheque”

2 for $12! That’s a good deal.

Happy Holidays From VH1 Classic!

by (@_bobina)

It’s the most wonderful time of the year — especially if you’ve been naughty like us! Over at VH1 Classic we just wanted to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thanks for rockin’ with us this year and we hope you get most of what you asked for. But don’t blame us if you find a giant mound of coal–let’s be real, we all know you deserved it!

Enjoy this message from VH1 Classic + Satan Santa — Happy Holidays!

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Must Listen: 8 of 2012′s Most Underrated Singles

by (@lindseyweber)

Contrary to popular belief, the music most celebrated on the charts isn’t always the best. Okay, that was sarcasm. But even artists with hits on the charts have a slew of singles that fall by the wayside. Not every album is a Katy Perry string of #1s. Thus, here is a list of artists whose albums were certainly recognized, but had singles that didn’t quite get the attention they deserved.


1. Rye Rye, “Boom, Boom”

Rye Rye’s delayed and delayed album Go! Pop! Bang! finally came out in May of this year–and is really fantastic. An upbeat, eletro-pop banger that not only samples the Vengaboys‘ “Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom”, but also elevates Rye Rye’s signature sound. Unfortunately, it didn’t do so well on the charts, only hitting #9 on Dance Songs.

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