Nickleback’s “Photograph” Gets College Humor-ed: “Look At This Instagram”

by (@zaragolden)

Canadian grunge rockers Nickelback are an easy target, maybe because of all the records they’ve sold or because Chad Kroeger is engaged to be married to Avril Lavigne; because they cast George Costanza in their last video, or maybe because they’ve been the butt of every rock joke for more than a decade now and we’re all just used to it by now? Whatever the reason, College Humor has turned their “Photograph” into a too-good parody song called “Look at this Instagram.”

The video takes digs at frequent Instagram subjects, like nail art, cats, garden gnomes and “coincidental boob,” and maybe is making fun of Kroeger’s warbly rasp of a voice, too. But that’s okay, it’s pretty on point and if the guys wanted to work this song into their sets we definitely wouldn’t mind. Alternatively, if Chavril felt so compelled to Instagram their breakfasts, we would probably “Like” that, too!

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Happy Birthday Jigga Man! 5 Reasons Jay-Z’s Still One Of The Coolest Dudes In The Game At 43


Forty-three looks good on Jay-Z. Popping bottles are in order for Jigga man, but not Cristal since “I used to drink Cristal, the muh’f*cker’s racist/So I switched gold bottles on to that Spade sh*t.” The man has a lot to celebrate this year if for one reason alone: Blue Ivy Carter. Of course when you and a legion of your fans have likened you to the status of god–hence the Hov moniker–toasting to the good life for a plethora of achievements are in order. Jay’s an elder statesman at this point in his career. He’s fresher than guys half his age. We’re celebrating his b-day with five things Hov does at 43 that make him one of the coolest guys in the game. Read more…

Ed Sheeran Joins One Direction For “Little Things” At Madison Square Garden

by (@zaragolden)

If you were somewhere near midtown Manhattan and felt your ears ringing with the sound of thousands of teenage girls screaming, worry not that something terrible was going down. We have answers for you.

At some point during their headlining gig at Madison Square Garden. The dashing boys of One Direction hunkered down at the edge of the stage and plucked their way through their heart-swollen single, “Little Things.” And then, around 2:03, VH1 You Oughta Know artist Ed Sheeran — the song’s co-writer and 1D’s BFF (also, the one most likely to have hooked Harry Styles up with his new GF, Taylor Swift) — walks out and the arena’s already insistent shrieking dials up (the girl with or near the camera, for one: “There’s Ed! That’s Ed! NO WAY!”)  as he helps the boys out with one last round of the chorus. “Can we just give a massive cheer to Ed for writing that?” someone asked when it was done, as if the cheer he had already received wasn’t downright rapturous.

The only thing that might have been better? If Swift and Styles had taken their late night Backstreet Boys karaoke session to the big stage. We’re fairly certain that human ears aren’t prepared for the shrieks the fledgling lovebird’s “I Want It That Way” duet might have elicited, but can you just imagine?

One Direction & Ed Sheeran Perform “Little Things” Live At Madison Square Garden: Watch [Idolator]
Taylor Swift and Harry Styles Hold Hands After One Direction Concert [UsWeekly]

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Fleetwood Mac To Tour In 2013, Maybe With New Music

by (@zaragolden)

“It’s the perfect time to go back out. 2013 is going to be the year of Fleetwood Mac,” said Stevie Nicks yesterday, confirming rumors from earlier this year that the iconic band will head out on tour in 2013. They’re packing up their greatest hits and shipping out on a three month tour that will take them all over North America, and eventually Europe and Australia.

“We always have to play ‘Dreams,’ ‘Rhiannon,’ ‘Don’t Stop,’ ‘Tusk,’ ‘Big Love,’ ‘Landslide’ and all our most famous songs,” Lindsey Buckingham told Rolling Stone, figuring that about 75 percent of each set will be made up of hits, leaving a quarter of each night for the “under-explored,” “more songs from Tusk,” or “an extended middle portion of the show that’s just me and Stevie.”

Nicks had an even better idea for that remainder of time: “We actually have two new Fleetwood Mac songs that I cut with Lindsey two weeks ago we might play.” Crystal visions, we sure hope.

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New Teaser For Beyoncé’s HBO Documentary Has Bey Showing Off Her Bare Baby Bump

by (@zaragolden)

New teaser for Beyoncé‘s self-directed HBO documentary begins with Beyoncé saying “I always battle with how much I reveal about myself” and ends with her pretty much revealing it all — assuming that we are all on the same page, understanding “it all” to mean “Bey’s bare Baby Blue filled belly.” Because everything else that flashes by in the 30-seconds — a sleepy-eyed and make-up free Beyoncé, Beyoncé in nothing but a towel, Beyoncé on stage, Beyoncé in the studio, Beyoncé hugging Jay-Z — will feel familiar to even the most casual of the Bey-hive observers. But this, this is as far as we can tell something new and actually revealing for fans to feast their eyes on:

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Listen To Bruno Mars’ Mournful New Unorthodox Jukebox Ballad, “When I Was Your Man”

by (@zaragolden)

In anticipation of it’s December 11th release, Bruno Mars has been leaking one song at a time off of Unorthodox Jukebox. So far what we’ve heard has been diverse — “Young Girls”‘s doo-woop, “Moonshine” with it’s 80′s sheen and his Sting-cribbing “Locked Out Of Heaven” so far included — but generally joyous. This latest song is different in that it catches Mars at his most mournful and with his head hung low, and he was so nervous to share that he prefaced it with a tweet admitting that “I’ve never been this nervous. Can’t explain it.” The song is (of course!) pretty good and so he won’t have to, but we can definitely imagine the nerve it must take to let a song so raw and regretful as this out into the world. Read more…

You Oughta Know Artists Metric Promise SCOPE Will Be “Great,” We Believe Them

by (@zaragolden)

Up, up and away! Tomorrow we ship off to Miami for the SCOPE International Contemporary Art Show where we will celebrate a crop of fledgling visual artists who we think You Oughta Know (learn more about them here), and we are very excited to be bringing Metric, our You Oughta Know musical artist for December, with us to play the opening party!

When we caught up with the group last month, Metric lead singer Emily Haines assured us that “it will be great,” offering that “they have had too much fun there in the past” as evidence of the good art, music and beach town fun sure to come. “Different film and art inspiration come to us when we’re making music and sort of keep us going throughout the process,” she explains, citing an Italian radical architecture school as a particular inspiration and stop she’ll certainly be making when she’s down there. The boys in the band voiced excitement for late night beach trips, and we’ll offer that we are very excited to hear them perform some of the new stuff of Synthetica, like “Youth Without Youth,” as well as an oldie/goodie, like “Gimme Sympathy,” or two!

Keep up with our coverage at @VH1Music; and more information on SCOPE events, head over here.

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SPOILER ALERT: 7 Amazing Things That Apparently Happen During Shania Twain: Still The One At Casears Palace

by (@lindseyweber)

Shania Twain: Still The One, Twain’s brand new Vegas spectacular opened to rave reviews this past weekend. Really! The New York Times loved it, calling Shania “comfortable and strong” and declaring that the show truly lives up to Vegas standards. That Celine slot is a tough ones to fill, especially when you’re used to wearing cowboy boots.

What else appears during Shania: Still The One? The reviews written so far give a good idea of what to expect–and even if you’re not planning on going, why you should book your flight, like, now:


1. She appears riding a motorcycle through the air.

From The Las Vegas Sun:

It morphed into a roaring double-ton, high-speed motorcycle ride through a video tunnel to reveal her flying in on the souped-up chopper above the stage. Whereas Cher came in by basket, Shania amped it up with a heavy, horsepower, hammer-down throttle aerial assault.

From an Instagram of the Shania: Still The One program:

There are still SIX MORE THINGS!

Five Things You Really Oughta Know About Metric, December’s You Oughta Know Artist

by (@zaragolden)

You may recognize Metric‘s dynamo frontwoman Emily Haines‘s voice from Broken Social Scene‘s breathy classic “Anthems For A Seventeen Year Old Girl” (which surely was an anthem to us when we were a seventeen), or from that lovely scene at the end of Eclipse wherein Bella and Edward make out in a field of flowers. Or perhaps you were turned onto them by Lou Reed, a notoriously hard-headed legend who shows up at the end of Metric’s fifth studio album Synthetica because he’s got a soft spot for Haines. We do too, and that’s why we are celebrating the prolific indie-rockers as our You Oughta Know artist for the whole month of December. And so for those just joining us and Reed in the Metric fan club, here are five things we think you really oughta know:


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