The Numbers Are In: Adele, Gotye And Jack White Top Year-End Sales Charts

by (@zaragolden)

Nielsen SoundScan numbers are in and the final tallies have been arrived at, and so it seems that 2012′s biggest sellers are Gotye, Jack White and of course Adele. Is anybody surprised?

Taylor Swift put up a good fight late in the year, as did One Direction (who have two albums ranking in the top five) and Mumford & Sons. But once again none could top Adele, whose much beloved 2011 album 21 sold another 4.41 million copies this year to top year-end album sales for the second year in a row (just as she did on iTunes). The blustery Brit’s staying power is impressive, but we can’t imagine that there are enough people left of this earth of ours still sans 21 to enable her to keep this up for a third year. But perhaps she could put out a new album that might earn her another two years at the top?

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Rita Ora’s U.S. Debut Will Feature One Or More Artists From Her Roc Nation Family


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Her name created enough buzz in 2012 for Rita Ora to make our Music’s Biggest Breakout Stars of 2012 list. But according to Jay-Z‘s British protege, 2013 is going to be her year. In an interview with MTV she is seemingly excited about the U.S. release of her debut Ora. “2013 is really important for me because it’s gonna to be the first time the U.S. hears my official album and I wanted to put a few extra tracks on there and make it really special,” she told MTV. “So I’m basically giving you guys a whole new album of new material.” Read more…

A Newly Engaged Brandy Is Glowing, Offers Kim Kardashian Advice On Motherhood


Fairytales do come true in their own time. Fifteen years ago 60 million viewers tuned in to watch a young Brandy play Cinderella in the television adaptation of the Disney cartoon movie. For Brandy, real life is far greater than the Cinderella story. A newly engaged Brandy was glowing on New Year’s in Vegas when she chatted with PopStop TV about her engagement to Ryan Press. The R&B beauty also had some advice for Kim Kardashian on motherhood. Read more…

Trey Songz Surprises A Fan At Home And She Wants To Know: ‘How Big Is It?’


If your favorite singer surprised you at home with a camera crew in tow would your apartment be tidy? Would you have on a full face of makeup, including faux eyelashes? Wanda was read, but in complete shock when  Trey Songz  knocked on her door. And all the questions she’d previously told Arlington’s K104 DJ she’d ask if she ever got the chance were delayed due to tears and speechlessness.

A K104 listener thought she was being gifted with free tickets to Trey’s concert, a limo ride and a $1,000 Macy’s shopping spree. Her joy was uncontrollable when Trey showed up minutes after the radio station’s camera crew. The tears flowed. And the words never left her tongue. Trey wiped her tears, hugging her while her head rest in his chest. It really is the cutest thing you’ll see all day. “Let me grab my Hennessy,” she said before heading to the couch with her favorite artist. Read more…

Kendrick Lamar Visits The Eiffel Tower In His New “Backstreet Freestyle” Video”

by (@zaragolden)

Kendrick Lamar spends the better part of his self-directed new “Backseat Freestyle” video wandering his hometown Compton, CA, booty shaking with his beloved Sherane, eating cereal in a living room adorned with a Last Summer replica, checking out Church’s Chicken, chilling in the barber shop, etc. And of course in due time we find him freestyling, and not in the backseat as the song’s title might suggest. Rather he’s in Paris, where he delivers that snarling last verse where else but in  front of the Eiffel Tower. He doesn’t put that “pray my d*ck get big as the Eiffel Tower” boast to the test exactly, but this first visual from his maybe-classic good kid, m.A.A.d city does well enough to show-off just how far he’s come in this past year. Though at one point the song breaks and the video cuts to Kendrick’s dad, calling him from Compton to see where his pizza is. “I don’t give a f*ck about you being in Paris,” he says. “When you get back, I want my goddamn Dominos.” So maybe not everything has to change.

Former Flames Ellie Goulding And Skrillex Get Together For “Summit”

by (@zaragolden)

When electro-producer Skrillex and ascendent pop star Ellie Goulding split, most of all what wanted to know was: will we still get to hear any of those bed-room style collaborations they’ve been teasing? Goulding has insisted in interview after interview that “we’re still big fans of each other, and nothing changes that,” and we got a taste of what the two could do together with “Bittersweet,” their dreamy contribution to the Breaking Dawn — Part 2 soundtrack. And last night the visual for “Summit,” the song that supposedly first brought the two together for the first time, arrived.

The video is comprised mostly of his exceedingly attractive friends (none of whom seem to have Skrillex-ed their hair) running around barefoot at night, playing with black-lights, eating glow-in-the-dark cotton candy and just generally goofing off. Skrillex makes a few brief appearances — hanging at a bonfire; dj-ing, duh –  but Goulding doesn’t show. We can’t help but wonder when Ellie sings sort of mournfully about how “If you can hear my now, why don’t you recall / I was the one who cared after all,” if it might really mean something now.

Now, as for the rest of those collaborative tracks, guys…

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Friday Face-Off: Soothing Hangover Songs

by (@SamSpokenWord)

Alright guys, you survived your New Year’s Eve party this year. To think, just 2 days ago it was 2013. Well, out with the old and in with the new. Welcome to 2014!!!

Sorry. I shouldn’t have shouted. I’m guessing your head is still ringing from your NYE hangover… My bad. Those thingd can be  brutal. In light of this rather headache-y feeling, I’ve chosen two excellent soothing songs to sweep you into this new year gracefully. Do you think Bruce Springsteen‘s “I’m On Fire” or Bob Dylan‘s “Tangled Up In Blue” eases the hangover blues best? Vote now and decide for yourself!

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Are Beyonce And Lady Gaga Cooking Up Something “Ratchet?”


Has Beyonce convinced you she has a little ‘hood in her yet? Or at the very least that she’s not this shy boring persona all the time?

Even the biggest Beyonce fan has admitted that her personality can be a bit dry. Her overly-private and “shy” nature has been great for remaining above the tabloid drama, but hasn’t necessarily made her the most interesting celebrity. Luckily, her mystique carries a certain appeal. Once Bey said hello to 30 and motherhood, she slowly cracked the window for the public to see a little bit more of her life through Tumblr and most recently Instagram. Read more…

Lil Wayne Got A New Face Tattoo — And A Role In The New Pixar Movie About Dinosaurs!

by (@zaragolden)

Lil Wayne‘s dedication to the skate-life knows no end. The rapper-turned-skatboarder rang in the new year with a brand new face tattoo, presumably because just enough un-inked skin remained between the cross on the bridge of his nose, the three tear drops on his cheek, the Fleur de Lis by his ear, the “I am music” over his eye, the “fear god” on his eyelids, the smiley face inside his lip, the “misunderstood” on his hairline and all those incredible glow-in-the-dark stars. This latest reads “BAKED,” and is a homage to Baker Skateboards and probably to one of pre-probation Weezy’s favorite past-times, too. We aren’t sure as to why Wayne didn’t go with his own skate-wear company Trukfit’s logo, but we also don’t have even one face tattoo yet, so what can we really know?

And the really good news is that, a mother’s warning be-damned, this newest face tat will not inhibit Lil Wayne’s acting career. Rather, it seems that Weezy has been voice-cast in an upcoming Pixar film about a boy and his pet brontosaurus called The Good Dinosaurs. No word yet as two what role Wayne will be playing, but he has that great, croaky voice that should be just perfect for any of the dinosaurs — even the ones that would straight crush his five and a half feet of height!

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We’re Finally Going To Hear Big Boi And Andre 3000 On A Track Together After All These Years


Big Boi came back in the game figuratively screaming, “I will not lose.” Aside from the positive reviews Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors has received, we finally will get the Andre 3000 and Big Boi reunion we’ve impatiently waited six years for. There’s no Outkast album that we know of in the works, but Big Boi is planning on adding a verse to Frank Ocean‘s “Pink Matter,” which already features 3 Stacks.  Read more…