Was The Rick Ross Shooting A Publicity Stunt? 50 Cent’s Tweets Beg The Question

by (@Lacezilla)

50 Cent Accuses Rick Ross Of Faking Driveby Shooting

After shots were reportedly fired at Rick Ross’ Rolls Royce in the early hours of yesterday morning, the MMG capo and a female companion were said to have fled the vehicle unscathed after it crashed into a nearby building. With fans and foes having little confirmed information to go on, the rumor mill is now churning: Was Ross the victim of an attempted murder, or was this whole episode a publicity stunt?

It goes without saying that gun violence is no joking matter, nor are yesterday’s reports regarding Rozay, or rap beefs in general. If you ask 50 Cent, however, he won’t be reluctant to tell you that there’s comedic value to be found here. After the shooting and car crash, 50 took to Twitter to voice his thoughts, asserting that the entire incident was “staged,” and even went as far as to Instagram a photograph of the scene. “No hole’s in da car,” he wrote before firing off a second tweet, which was more machismo in nature than anything else, reiterating his familiarity with bullet-proof vehicles.

50 Tweaks Rick Ross On Twitter

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Drake Finally Gives Us The Degrassi Reunion We’ve Been Waiting For

by (@emilyexton)

Drake and Shane Kippel Degrassi Reunion

Degrassi fans who’ve longed for the day Jimmy Brooks would run home into the welcoming embrace of Gavin “Spinner” Mason, forgetting about the time he accidentally got him shot and ready to pick up where Downtown Sasquatch left off, have a lot to smile about this morning. While we’ve kept up with the rotating cast of Canadian actors who get themselves into more drama than the TGS cast seconds before showtime, Drake has in turn decided to go by his middle name, release a few hip-hop albums and slowly take over the world, one mystifying v-neck at a time. But we’ve often wondered: Does he miss his former castmates? Is there some sort of top-secret annual reunion that goes down, where Craig (Jake Epstein) debuts his new music and Darcy (Shenae Grimes) goes on and on about what it was like to meet Shannen Doherty?

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Courtney Love Has “99 Problems” (But Doing Boring Covers Ain’t One)

by (@unclegrambo)

There’s a whole subgenre* of music wherein sensitive, acoustic guitar-strumming artists try to flip the script by taking the edge off hardcore hip-hop songs (think Dynamite Hack‘s “Boyz In The Hood”, Ben Folds‘ “Bitches Ain’t S***”) by adding an element of ironic humor to their interpretations. Well, no one has ever accused Courtney Love of being anything remotely approaching sensitive, which is why we have zero issues with the acoustic cover of Jay-Z‘s “99 Problems” that she performed at a Sundance Film Festival afterparty over the weekend.

Hova’s original, Rick Rubin-produced version of “99 Problems” is alternately defiant and hilarious, but Courtney Love ups the emotional stakes significantly by stripping any trace of humor from the song. She infuses lines like “But ain’t nothing sweet ’bout how I hold my gun” with a layer of emotional instability that turns the song from a riotous party anthem into something significantly more haunting and, along the way, reminds us how much the music world misses the enigmatic star.

*A genre which, frankly, we grew tired of as soon as it sprouted up.

Courtney Love, “99 Problems” [The Awl]

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Justin Bieber Is Sad And Singing About Selena Gomez On “Nothing Like Us”

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Justin Bieber Spills on Selena Gomez in "Nothing Like Us"

With a SNL double-bill on the horizon and plenty of hazy rumors in his rear-view, Justin Bieber has been at the center of many questions in recent months and even promised to give us some answers with his latest album. Moving away from the closed-off “swaggy adult” that was depicted in last year’s GQ profile, Bieber’s intimate one-on-one conversation for the cover of Billboard is the first and only interview he’s done for Believe Acoustic (out Jan. 29) and seems to have produced the best results yet. Something he reiterates–and something that gets forgotten all too frequently–is the fact that he’s 18 years old, and will hurt and react just like anyone else at that age. “I’m not in the happiest place that I’ve ever been. I’m trying to get through what I’m going through,” he says, speaking of what can only be the breakup of The Greatest Couple of Our Time (or of the last two years). “I have my really close friends to cheer me up and keep me going,” he adds, confirming our suspicions that a recent “Cry Me a River” cover and sluggish live show all circle back to one person. But before we can coronate Bieber as the most mature pop star on the planet, leave some room in your brain space to picture him slapping the butt of his interview partner.

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Tuned In: Start Your Week Off Right With Walk The Moon’s Performance Of “Tightrope” On Big Morning Buzz Live

by (@emilyexton)

You Oughta Know artists continue to make us proud. Last year’s featured act, Walk The Moon, stopped by VH1 HQ on this snowy Monday morning to perform “Tightrope” on the latest edition of Big Morning Buzz Live. Today’s visit marks their third trip to our very own morning show, and the group was more than willing to accept their newly-minted record with a spirited rendition of their title track and good humored enough to put up with questioning about a full-length LP. We’re sorry to nag, boys, but we just can’t wait for more music.

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Adam Levine, Kendrick Lamar And The Lonely Island Encourage Us To Only Live Once The Responsible Way

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He wasn’t pulling double duty like Bruno Mars did back in October–or like Justin Bieber will do in just two week’s time–but there was still plenty of opportunity for Adam Levine to show off what his day job is like during his first Saturday Night Live hosting gig. He’s been stretching his acting muscles in recent months, but Levine stuck to his musical roots just enough to bust out a catchy hook and taking part in the formation of a brand-new beef, the latter taking place when Pat Monahan of Train (Taran Killam) steps to his own Maroon 5. Employing one of our necessary rules for successful hosting, Levine was not above mocking his own group, and the bands squared off in a battle of harmless guitar riffs and lady-killing stares while the likes of Jason Mraz (Jason Sudeikis) and John Mayer (Bill Hader) looked on.

But the night was not complete without the return of the digital short and the Lonely Island, whom we miss now more than ever. Levine joined Andy Samberg (welcome back!), Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer to hold court along the famous Grease raceway, reminding us that yes, we only live once, and we probably shouldn’t take that for granted with stupid stunts that will make us momentarily Internet-famous.

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Where Does Frank Ocean And Chris Brown’s Brawl Rank In Music Beefs Of 2013?


Only 28 days into 2013 and the Grade D beefs between artists keep rolling in. Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj have been the hot water-cooler topic since October but that may have just changed with news of Frank Ocean and Chris Brown‘s brawl over a parking space. Check out our top five beefs of 2013.

1. Chris Brown and Frank Ocean get ’bout it ’bout it over a parking space

If reports are accurate, Chris and Frank actually fought. For this reason alone this is the leading feud of the year. Although their dislike for one another has been lingering since June 2011, it’s almost laughable the two came to blows over a parking spot. And how often does a celeb tweet then delete anything that could paint them in negatively in the press? Not Frank O. He’s rocking out with his tweet that Chris and his boys jumped him. If only his dog Everest had been there.  Read more…

Rick Ross Targeted In Fort Lauderdale Drive-By Shooting: Report

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Rick Ross Drive-By Shooting Target

Celebrations for Rick Ross‘s 37th birthday took a scary turn early Monday morning when an unidentified vehicle opened fire on a Rolls Royce located on Las Olas Blvd in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. According to local Miami/Fort Lauderdale station WSVN, Ross was celebrating his birthday (January 28) at nearby Floridian Restaurant and a passenger inside the car when the shooting occurred, along with an unidentified female. Multiple shots were fired around 5 a.m., causing the driver of the Rolls Royce to crash into the side of an apartment building on 15th Avenue. No injuries have been reported at this time. Read more…

Weekend Plans? Tune In To Tegan & Sara Live From Boston’s Brighton Music Hall

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Tegan and Sara Boston Livestream MTV Hive

What’s on your To Do list this weekend? Watching Tegan & Sara live in Boston, we hope! The lovely Quin ladies are just days away from the release of their seventh album, Heartthrob, and will be performing at Brighton Music Hall in Beantown Sunday, January 27 as part of MTV’s Artists to Watch Live in Boston series. Even if you don’t have a ticket to the show, or are rethinking ever leaving your house again given the current temperatures, you can enjoy the entire set from the comfort (and warmth) of your couch thanks to our friends at MTV Hive.

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