That Metal Debate: The Top 5 David Lee Roth Era Van Halen Songs

by (@_bobina)

Last week on That Metal Show, we were joined by the one and only Sammy Hagar (Chickenfoot) who stepped in as our first ever guest host. He brought us rum and helped us debate the TMS Top 5 this week. Also, joining Hagar as guest was his Chickenfoot bandmate, Michael Anthony, and guest musician John 5, who blew us all away every time we went into a commercial break. (Yes, we are working on getting him full-time.)

Let’s Talk Top 5. We know it could be a bit controversial when mixing David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar in the same sentence with Van Halen, and it’s time we all move on from that. The Red Rocker/former front man for the iconic group helped us determine the Top 5 David Lee Roth Era Van Halen Songs. He’s perfect for the job, especially when you consider that he did sang all of those songs in front of thousands of people before, so he knows exactly which songs get the fans going. (Unlike Jim Florentine, who just sings them in the shower.) Here is what the guys and Sammy came up with:

1. “Panama”
2. “And The Cradle Will Rock…”
3. “On Fire”
4. “Mean Street”
5. “Unchained”

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Missy Elliott And Timbaland Are Back For A “9th Inning”

by (@zaragolden)

It’s true, Missy Elliott “ain’t quite finished yet.” Last night, she and her other-half, Timbaland, swung by Hot 97 to talk comeback and to debut the first two tracks off of her upcoming album, tentatively titled Block Party. The first we’ve heard from these two in years, and out of the gate they come charging with “9th Inning” and “Triple Threat,” boasting about their “real rap, real bars” and just about everything else, too.

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Ke$ha Strips Down For “Die Young” Teaser And Artwork

by (@zaragolden)

From the sounds of this first teaser, “Die Young,” the soon-to-be released single off of Ke$ha‘s forthcoming album — the one she says she gives “so many f*cks about” — new Ke$ha is as indulgent as old Ke$ha, but maybe a little more tender, too. Singing a capella on the subway in Tokyo, she belts out this plea: “Oh, what a shame that you cam here with someone/ While you’re here in my arms, let’s make the most of the night/’cause we’re gonna die young.” The “we’re gonna die young” refrain is a familiar one, coming from a wild-child like Ke$ha. The tender embrace bit is, though, is a sweet new line for her. And most surprising of all in this first teaser is the sound of Ke$ha’s voice, stripped of all that auto-tune and effect she’s used in the past. Read more…

Of Course Usher Is Narcissistic Enough To Make Love To His Own Music


Forget about Oprah getting Usher to divulge on some of the most personal moments in his life. Well, that was important too, but it almost takes a backseat to his big revelation. The talk show veteran not only had the gall to ask him if he’s ever gotten it on to his own music, Usher answered honestly. Our guess prior to last night’s episode was that the southern R&B star would think it sort of weird to hear his crooning voice as he’s making the headboard hit the wall. But no, not Usher. He’s totally into that sort of thing. Read more…

It’s Official: Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey And Keith Urban Sign On To Judge American Idol, But Are Already Fighting

by (@zaragolden)

After many months, the high pitch of speculation has been quieted with one Ryan Seacrest tweet confirming that this season’s American Idol judges panel will be filled by Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, Keith Urban and Randy Jackson (still hanging!), all as pictured above. Apologies to those who didn’t make the cut, Aretha Franklin, Alanis Morisette, Kanye West and a Jo-bro included. (Assuming this season’s chosen four do well enough to boost lagging ratings,) There is always next season! Read more…

BRACKET MADNESS: Which Justin Does It Better, Timberlake Or Bieber?

by (@zaragolden)

This new bout of Bracket Madness finds your favorite male artists going head to head — or maybe hit to hit — for the Greatest title, and this first round pits two of pop’s best against one another. When it comes to pop, none have done it — the singing, the dancing, the heart breaking — better than the Justins. Justin Timberlake came first, and Justin Bieber is growing as fast as he can to fill the shadow Timberlake left when he shifted gears to acting and also to create a mark of his own. Surely, both these men are great male artists, but if only one Justin can be the Greatest Male Artist, which should it be?

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One Of Our Five Favorite Gifs From Frank Ocean’s “Pyramids” Does Indeed Include A Stripper


One of examples of Frank Ocean‘s superb songwriting/storytelling skills is his imagination. Pyramids are usually automatically associated with Egypt by default, but Frank being anything but ordinary turned “Pyramids” into the place where strippers dwell. A day after kicking off Saturday Night Live‘s 15th season with a live performance accompanied by John Mayer, the visual to his wildly popular “Pyramids” hit the ‘net. And as expected, alas, there are strippers. Directed by Nabil, the eight minute video owes its aesthetic appeal to the numerous special effects. The bending lamp posts, the multiple Frank Oceans, the blinking fluorescent lights, they are all somewhat mesmerizing. John Mayer’s guitar performance in the middle of the desert is easily one of the highlights. Although the strippers are the focal point of the song, they serve as merely a backdrop in the video, despite their obvious presence. Now that we’ve seen the women “working at the pyramids tonight” the mystique is gone, for now. Until the next time you watch the video. Have a look at some of the awesome gifs from the video. Read more…

BRACKET MADNESS: Do “U Got It Bad” For Usher Or Michael Jackson?


For our latest edition of Bracket Madness, we’re doing the unthinkable by matching up Michael Jackson and Usher. It seems almost blasphemous to pit the King of Pop against his young protégé whose career has been heavily influenced by the former. But here on Tuner, we love doing the unexpected.

There hasn’t been an artist as globally loved as Michael Jackson. Not to mention the fact that he’s recognized as the most successful entertainer of all time by the Guinness World Records. His star power is seemingly unmatched. MJ’s music was so great that naming all of the records he’s broken would take a Biblical scroll and hours upon hours that no one has. His 1982 album Thriller is the greatest selling record of all-time. Classic songs like “Rock With You,” “Don’t Stop ’til You Get Enough” and “Billie Jean” transcend generations, making a party full of early twentysomethings dance and sing wildly as if no one else were around. His dance moves (including the famous moonwalk!) have been emulated by some of today’s biggest stars, but no one does it like Mike. And his videos were epic short movies. When an MJ video premiered the family sat around the TV to watch it together. He truly was a once in a lifetime artist. Read more…

BRACKET MADNESS: In Battle Of The American Idol Alumni, Do You Prefer Lambert’s Glam Or Daughtry’s Brawn?

by (@zaragolden)

One thing that’s for sure is that it takes more than just a little bit of talent or luck to make it to the Top Ten on American Idol. Year in and year out, the show has churned big stars who have been super successful in the music industry, whether or not they actually won the show. No worse for their early exits, Chris Daughtry and Adam Lambert are two such Idol alumni who have proven themselves winners beyond the competition, racking up album sales and Grammy nods galore. Daughtry and Lambert have already proven themselves worthy competitors on Idol, but how will they fare in the battle for VH1′s Greatest Male Artist? This first round of voting pits the two Idol alums against each other, but only one can move on to the next round. Who should it be? Read more…

AMERICA’S HARD 100, Day 3 – Vote To Determine The Greatest Hard Rock Song Of All-Time

by (@BHSmithNYC)


Welcome to Day 3 of VH1 Classic’s America’s Hard 100 Countdown Poll where YOU, the FANS, determine the 100 best hard rock and metal songs of all-time! Each day we’ll be posting a new list of classic hard rock and heavy metal tunes for you to vote on to help us with the rankings.

PLEASE NOTE: If you don’t see your favorite bands or songs on today’s list (or on Day 1 or Day 2‘s list), don’t fret! Be sure and check back daily at noon, as we’re going to be adding new songs for you to vote on each day!

Today we’re pitting two of metal’s founding fathers Black Sabbath and Deep Purple, against Jersey giants Bon Jovi, theatrical 70s rockers KISS and 80s bad boys Guns N’Roses, among others.

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