Psy Performs For President Obama In Wake Of Anti-American Controversy

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Over the weekend Psy found himself — and his especially sparkly red sweater! — at the White House’s annual Christmas in Washington charity holiday concert, performing a Oppan Christmas Style remix of “Gangnam Style” for President Barack Obama and the First Family just days after footage of his perhaps too-spirited anti-American protest performance from 2002 had brought the Internet’s love affair with the giddy-up dance to an awkward halt. Psy was quick to apologize, accounting the song’s graphic lyrics to “a deeply emotional reaction to the war in Iraq and the killing of two Korean schoolgirls” and expressing regret for “any pain I have caused by those words,” and the President reportedly politely shook his hand post-performance. And so while some may still be concerned by Psy’s less giddy past, we’re going to go ahead and rejoice that fact that Christmas this year may be very merry and Gangnam style after all.

A penitent Psy brings ‘Gangnam Style’ to Washington [Washington Post]

Not Literally, But Brandy Says Whitney Houston Losing Her Voice Probably Drove Her Insane


There was nobody as influential to Brandy‘s singing career as Whitney Houston. Whitney was her idol, her close friend, her everything. Almost a year later Brandy still tears up while talking about the legend on CNN’s Piers Morgan talk show. Brandy remembers falling to her knees in tears when she found out about Whitney’s passing. Brandy also weighed in on how Whitney must have felt after losing her voice. Hopefully her transparency will not be misconstrued to defame The Voice’s character. Read more…

Jim Shearer Scopes VH1 And SCOPE Art Show’s Artists On The Rise

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Anybody who is anybody in the art world, and also Rick Ross and Diddy, shipped down to Florida last week to celebrate the latest and greatest in visual arts at Miami’s Art Week. This year, VH1 teamed up with Fiat and SCOPE Art Show to present the work of our three up-and-coming Artists on the Rise and for a raging party that included a Fiat Instagram sharing station and DJ remix bar and a performance from December’s You Oughta Know band, Metric. Because we couldn’t all be there, we send our own Jim Shearer down to scout the scene and report back.

What did he find? One half of DJ duo The Dolls’ Mia Moretti suggesting that emerging artists are important and interesting because “no one’s really judged them yet, the world hasn’t made their decision,”  SCOPE Artist On The Rise artist Patrick Martinez explaining that he approached the show as an opportunity “step-up and shine,” and “Not Over You” star Gavin DeGraw putting aside his guitar to make his debut as a visual artist. “This is ‘The Love Beast of Gavin Degraw,'” he said, titling his sketch before explaining that, “This is how I feel on the inside.” It doesn’t get much more emerging than that.

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VH1, VH1 Classic & Palladia Present ‘The Concert For Sandy Relief,’ Live From MSG

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It’s not every day that you get the opportunity to see Bon Jovi, Eric Clapton, Dave Grohl, Billy Joel, Alicia Keys, Chris Martin, Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band, Eddie Vedder, Roger Waters, Kanye West, The Who, Paul McCartney and – just added! – The Rolling Stones perform in one night. But next Wednesday December 12th at 7:30pm EST, 121212 – The Concert For Sandy Relief will be broadcast from New York City’s Madison Square Garden to over one billion people in North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia, and you shouldn’t miss it!

Performing together on 12.12.12 to raise awareness for the victims of Hurricane Sandy, these world-renowned, A-list artists will all help The Robin Hood Foundtation raise funds to rebuild communities and lives of those affected by the disastrous storm. Here at @VH1, we’ll be live-streaming the 5-hour long concert at, so bookmark the page and feel free to donate what you can as you catch the historical night right here alongside us. If you can’t find an internet connection, tune-in to VH1 Classic or Palladia to watch the show over good old-fashion television airwaves!

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Rihanna Was Rapturous On The X-Factor, And Then She Did It Again On Wetten, Das…?

by (@zaragolden)

Her sea-punk cribbing green-screen act may have had the Internet up in arms, but what we really thought was most jaw-dropping about Rihanna‘s recent Saturday Night Live appearance was that stunning new ballad she performed called “Stay.” Rihanna’s not much of a vocalist, and studio 8H is not generally known as a place to really sing, but sing Rihanna did and she sounded so good. We didn’t know Rihanna could do — or even wanted to, for that matter — but we were blown away by it, and we were happier yet to see her do it again this weekend on The X Factor UK finale.

On a big stage and in a futuristic white cut-out dress, again finding emotional range and strength in her voice that we haven’t come to expect from her. The airplane-hanger sized space she was performing in remained silent through the song and when she moved into “We Found Love” without skipping a beat. She sang the first verse pared-down and from the gut like she did with “Stay,” but then seemed to catch herself. “Ooh!” she squealed, and the stage began spewing sparks and what had been a quiet performance erupted into some sort of spectacular laser-ridden rave we’ve only ever dreamed of. And so it seems, that first and very good SNL performance was no fluke — Rihanna’s for sure got that x-factor.

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The 9 Most Unexpectedly Delightful Musical Collaborations Of 2012

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The year is running down, and like everyone else, we are bundling up our most memorable musical moments from the year into a slew of Best Of’s. Before we get to the more obvious lists — the best albums, the best songs — we thought we would have a little fun. First up: 9 delightful collaborations, made all the more so for their unexpectedness. We aren’t talking Watch The Throne-style of-course-they-would team-ups, we’re talking collaborations that we couldn’t in our wildest dreams have imagined or that we thought we would never see, like — well, these nine:

9. Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars, “Safe & Sound”

Barton Hollow is totally “an indie record much cooler than mine,” but more careful observer might have predicted this unlikely but delightful collaboration, as Swift began yammering about her fellow Nashville transplants The Civil Wars on twitter long before this was even a possibility. We, however, were left breathless upon learning that one of the day’s biggest pop stars had teamed-up with one of our favorite You Oughta Know acts — and for a song for such a pivotal moment in the Hunger Games movie, no less! Joy Williams harmonizing turns Taylor’s girlish coo haunting, and John Paul White‘s patient guitar plucking gets the whole thing swirling.  See also: “The Last Time,” Taylor’s distressed duet with Gary Lightbody of Northern Ireland’s mostly absent as of late folk rock set Snow Patrol. Taylor is a slick machine when it comes to her music, and it was a surprise to see her reaching out of bounds for this one.

8. Ke$ha and Iggy Pop, “Dirty Pop”

Hard to believe as it may be given the boom box beats and all the sing-rapping that resulted, Warrior is allegedly a tribute to the genre Ke$ha loves the most: rock and roll. If you really strain your ears, you may hear some of that “old hippie rock” in the breakdown of “Die Young.” You won’t have to try so hard with “Dirty Pop,” which features Iggy Pop, a true and blue rock star and someone Ke$ha has spent a lot of time talking about through the years. The joy she must have felt the first time she heard him call her “Wild Child” on her own song is evident. See also: “2012,” K$’s duet with fellow weirdos The Flaming Lips.

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Adam Lambert Joins Cyndi Lauper For “Mad World”

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Adam Lambert was in town this weekend warming up for his 2012 VH1 Diva hosting duties with an appearance at the Home For The Holidays benefit at New York City’s Beacon Theater, where he was joined for a duet by none less than Cyndi Lauper. “I can’t believe she asked me to do this! This is amazing,” he gushed, welcoming his idol to the stage for a very special rendition of Tears for Fears oft covered “Mad World.” Adam took the first eerie verse and Lauper took the next, and of course they each sounded their best, but we began to wonder why these two firecrackers chose such a moody and haunted song to duet on. But then they harmonized (and held hands!) for a particularly powerful final act, lending it plenty of emotion and there it was: the glam. Not blown out, but just enough to really make the song theirs and to make sure Glamberts were left with nothing to mad about.

Adam Lambert Geeks Out Performing A Haunting “Mad World” With Cyndi Lauper [Idolator]

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Ciara’s VH1 DIVAS 2012 Performance To Feature Michael Jackson Song

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Ciara is bringing Michael Jackson to VH1 Divas! No, not hologram MJ. A little birdie told us that on Sunday, December 16 at 9PM ET/8C CiCi will be using one of his classics to kick off her “Got Me Good” set.

Though, she’s not the first to draw inspiration from the King of Pop, we’ve seen her perform tributes to his work in concerts over the years, work the red carpet like Mike and peeped his dance moves in some of her own gravity-defying choreography (does the woman have a spine?!). So, if any Diva can “Work” his presence on stage, it’s Ciara. We don’t yet know which minute-long snippet I’ll be screaming, “That’s my jam!” to in six days, but here are a few theories:

Which MJ song do you want to see Ciara to use in her Divas performance? Ciara MJ tribute footage after the jump.

VH1 Classic Airs Rare Doors Concert To Celebrate Jim Morrison’s Birthday

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Spend this Saturday, December 8th with VH1 Classic celebrating the music of legendary classic rock band The Doors and the birthday of their greatly-missed and iconic lead singer Jim Morrison‘s birthday. The channel will be featuring an all-day marathon of programming dedicated to the group whose music shaped the 1960’s and still influences music today. It’s all a lead-up to the airing of the never-before-seen concert film, The Doors: Live at the Bowl, which premieres that night at 8 pm ET/PT.

Beginning at 11 am ET/PT and running throughout the day until 1 am ET/PT you can see the following Doors  programming:

- 11am & 6pm: Classic Albums: The Doors “The Doors”The story of making the band’s historic first album.

- 12pm & 4:30pm: Soundstage Performances - Live performances and archival interview footage from 1967-1969.

- 1:30pm & 7pm: No One Here Gets Out Alive - The Doors’ tribute to Jim Morrison featuring performance footage and interviews with the band.

- 8pm: The Doors: Live At The Bowl - The never-before-seen live concert filmed at the Hollywood Bowl in 1968.

- 2:30pm & 9:30pm: The Doors – Oliver Stone’s 1991 film featuring Val Kilmer as Jim Morrison.