Carly Rae Jepsen Ties With Gotye For Longest No. 1 Reign This Year


Carly Rae Jepsen Ties With Goyte For Longest No. 1

A nod from Justin Bieber on Twitter can literally change your whole life–it did for Carly Rae Jepsen. The popularity of the infectious pop tune “Call Me Maybe” has resulted in countless hilarious, good and bad covers of the 26-year-old Canadian’s song. From Katy Perry to .fun singers have taken a shot at covering the pop phenomenon of the year. CRJ gets major cool points in the form of Big Sean choosing “Call Me Maybe” as our Song of the Summer, which you can vote for here, but her latest accolade is measured by its rule on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. Read more…

Miguel Wants To “Adorn” You, Yes You


Miguel embraces the mystique and fantasy of potentially unattainable women in “Adorn.” Or maybe the cheerleader and gymnast in a yellow leotard (shoutout to the U.S. women gymnastics team for winning the gold medal!) are women fighting for his affection, but he’d rather save his adoration for the lady in black in the bathroom. That’s the thing about the Jason Beattie directed video released to coincide with the debut of part one of his sophomore album Kaleidoscope Dream, which will be released in three parts. It’s neon bright colors and cryptic message can mean just about anything. The only thing certain about the artsy visual is that Miguel is amazing at adorning. Read more…

Justin Bieber Takes A Punch For Love In The “As Long As You Love Me” Video

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Justin Bieber is campaigning hard for his adult credentials, and he’s roped real-grown man Michael Madsen into this latest effort. The video for Believe‘s second single, “As Long As You Love Me,” features the Resevoir Dogs actor as the enemy, aka the father of Justin’s love-interest (who, unlike videos past, doesn’t look that much like Selena). Madsen suggests that Justin keep a distance from his daughter because, he warns, “I know what type of guy you are, once upon a time I used to be the same thing.” Young still and virile, Justin insists that they are in love and that he doesn’t “know us,” and then he steals her way with all the blinding confidence his proclamations of “as long as you love me” afford.

There are fancy cars and kisses, an empty garage dance sequence and Big Sean in a black leather hoodie. And then, at the end, the return of Madsen, back to teach Beiber a painful lesson. Growing up is tough, and when those bruises fade, Justin — desperate to be rid of his baby face — might just like what he sees. Read more…

Nicki Minaj Strikes A Pose In New Adidas Originals Commercial

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Nicki Minaj, who is not afraid to rep a brand if it will help her empire, vogues hard in this new Adidas commercial. On board specifically to rep Jeremy Scott’s cheeky-as-she Originals line, the spot features Minaj and the designer himself, strutting through the streets of New York in his vibrant puffy jackets. Fly looking people — including Adida’s alums Big Sean and Sky Ferreira — in cool looking cities worldwide meanwhile dance to the Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded bonus track, “Masquerade.”

Of the campaign, Minaj told Rolling Stone that she has been an Adidas fan for “a very long time” and that “‘Masquerade” works well because it is about “feeling inspired to win and to never give up.” Much like, she says, the Olympics. “That’s what it’s really about: giving people hope and you know, that’s what I wanted to convey in song,” she says. We probably won’t be taking gold anytime soon, but we certainly could stop pickup a new puffy coat or two. But would we look so cool as Nicki? That, that’s what we’ll have to hope for.

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Marley, The Critically Praised VH1 Rock Doc, Makes Its Television Debut This Weekend

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Before opening in select theaters on 4/20, Marley was first unveiled in an intimate screening at SXSW back in March. Now, with unprecedented support from the music icon’s family and close associates, the documentary on reggae singer/songwriter Bob Marley makes its long-awaited on-air debut this Saturday night at 9 p.m. ET/PT on VH1. For the first time, Marley’s story —his lifestyle, career, political impact, influences, and tragic battle with cancer— will be televised in rich detail, and for music-lovers and fans of history, this film is an insightful must-see, proving to humanize a man who Rolling Stone places at #11 on their 100 Greatest Artists of All Time.

The most recent addition to the Emmy award-winning VH1 Rock Doc arsenal, Marley opens in St. Ann, Jamaica where Robert “Bob” Nesta Marley was born. Fanatically drawn to music early on, Marley would soon team up with Neville “Bunny Wailer” Livingston and Peter Tosh to form their band, The Wailers, helping to usher-in upbeat-rhythm Reggae music as it evolved from Ska in the Jamaican music hub of Kingston. An array of archival photos help director Kevin Macdonald paint a picture of the legendary hit-maker’s humble youth; capturing the band’s creative process and Marley’s gradual ascent within the music industry, Marley also boasts rare-seen performance footage and insider interviews to shed light on the musician’s career spikes, spiritual vision and untimely death. As record producers, engineers, band-mates, and executives wax nostalgic on the dreadlock-donning international superstar, viewers are slowly immersed into Marley’s world; one where activism, the affections of women, and a competitive attitude all played a major role in the trajectory of his success.
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Tuned In: The Fray Want You To “Run For Your Life” On Conan

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Last night’s most inspirational late night moment came surely from Conan guests The Fray, who broke from their tour with Kelly Clarkson to perform “Run For Your Life,” the most recent single from their Scars and Stories. Conan’s cozy sound stage is not nearly so expansive as, say, the California desert, and so it was the jangling keys and Issac Slade’s rough-hewn insistence that “You don’t have to go it alone” needed to be motivation enough. And last night they were, Slade’s laced-up red Converse sneakers and anxious seat insuring that he would be close behind should you so chose to run.

Click through to see their web-only performance of “Be Still”…

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Last Lap: Drake and Run D.M.C. Join Jay-Z’s Made In America Festival

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The line-up includes everyone from D’Angelo to Skrillex, Run D.M.C. to Drake, and the Dirty Projectors to Odd Future — not too shabby. But only two of the three so-called three kings? Let’s hope Dre‘s making like Azealia and keeping on lock-down until Detox is done. Bonus: “3 Kings” gets a video! [MadeInAmerica]

That’s $1.57 in U.S. dollars. But pocket change! [NME]

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Nicki Minaj Returns To Trinidad With Feathers And Fire To “Pound The Alarm”

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Director Benny Boom returned Nicki Minaj to Trinidad for the blindingly bright and super hi-def “Pound the Alarm” video. Her fierce curves blazoned with feathers, the Young Money leading lady turns out the streets for a roving, Carnival-esque parade set to Pink Friday: Roman’s Revenge‘s most raucous and island-flavored cut. Which, actually,  is more or less what happened when she touched down in her homeland for the shoot and her cousins and all the rest showed up. 16-hours and a lot of fun later, Nicki’s got another vibrant video — and the a sore neck to prove it! — in her catalog.

As always with Nicki, there’s a whole lot to look at here. Let’s break it down…

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The Top 10 Weirdos In Music (And Why We Love Them For It)


In a recent Rolling Stone article, A$AP Rocky explained that “nowadays, everybody wanna be weird. We know how to manifest being weird. We know we some weird-ass looking motherf**kers, and we know we do some weird sh*t.” He continued, “But at the same time, we some geniuses.”

While we’re not entirely sure that we agree with the “genius” tag, it does seem that suddenly every artist is out to “out-weird” each other. Whether it’s what Ke$ha‘s studding, what shoes Lil Wayne‘s rocking, or what Lil B‘s prophesizing, artists are competing to be the most unique and we just can’t get enough of it. Normal is just so boring, isn’t it? The art of music is all about expressing individuality in its purest form, and artists who don’t just let their tunes do the talking are the most appealing to us. We love these artists for embracing their individuality, their unique weirdness, that sets them apart. Brace yourself for our list of the Top 10 Weirdos in Music Today (And Why We Love Them For It).

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6 Reasons Snoop Lion (AKA Snoop Dogg) Gave Up Rap For Reggae

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Snoop Dogg is 40-years-old, and he’s ready to try something new. At midlife, the gin-and-juice guzzling gangster rapper has been Reincarnated as the reggae legend Snoop Lion, for an upcoming all-reggae album and accompanying documentary (for which you can check out the trailer below), but also for the sake of his enlightened self. Yesterday, in a Rasta knit cap and a Kobe Bryant jersey, Uncle Snoop sat down with the New York Times at a trendy Caribbean restaurant in New York to talk about what exactly it all means. Good vibes all around.

Here’s what we learned: Read more…