Comedy Central’s Key & Peele Get Beaten-Up By “The Dubstep”

by (@zaragolden)

You might think you know what dubstep is, but have you every really “felt it”? Let Comedy Central’s Key & Peele show you what it’s like.

In need of a soundtrack for their apartment packing, Key and Peele put on “the dubstep.” Key’s never heard of dubstep, and Peele tells him to, “Just wait for the drop,” because — oh boy! Is he in for a treat. What begins with involuntary body-waving quickly becomes bloody noses, which eventually give way to pulled teeth and apartment destruction. There’s a motion to turn it off and a Hootie and the Blowfish joke, but Key persists and is so moved by it that he ends up taking a swan dive out the window. Our first dubstep experience was a tad more tame, but their point about the way that first bass drop hits — like, really hits — is well taken. Bravo!

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Taylor Swift: I Write About The End Of Relationships “Because That’s What I Know”

by (@katespencer)

“I tend to write songs about relationships, that tends to be a thing that happens,” said Taylor Swift, in a sit-down interview with VH1 before her Storytellers show. “Usually beginnings and endings,” she added with a laugh. “Because that’s what I know most.”

Taylor’s Storyteller’s show took place at Harvey Mudd College, after students won an online voting contest to bring her to the school. She spoke of the connection college students feel to the emotional journeys she details in her music. “For me being here at a college, these are kids that are my age,” said Taylor, “and so were all going through the constant up and down, twists and turns of who are you going to love, and who are you going to end up and who do you want to avoid because they just broke your heart. I really hope this crowd relates to the stories I tell because were all kind of going through the same stuff.”

It was reported yesterday that Taylor and boyfriend Conor Kennedy split in the past month (cue sad groans). We guess this means we can expect another song about the end of a relationship on her next album?

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Lil Wayne Is “Doing Better” After A Mid-Flight Health Scare

by (@zaragolden)

Lil Wayne is “doing better” after suffering from a mid-flight health scare yesterday, TMZ reports this morning. The private jet made an emergency landing somewhere in Texas, and the Young Money honcho was rushed to the nearest hospital with “seizure-like symptoms.” He’s since checked out. A nerve wracking scenario to be sure, Wayne’s Young Money underlings all seem to have gone about their yesterday’s as normal, and so we have to assume that the “source close to Weezy” meant it when he or she assured TMZ that everything is okay.

As you might remember, Rick Ross suffered a very similar in-flight scare last year around this time and lived to write a song called “Diced Pineapples” about it. We wish for Wayne a similarly quick recovery. And so until we know more, we’ll leave you with this:
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Who Is Kendrick Lamar? 5 Things You Should Know About The Rapper Everyone’s Talking About

by (@zaragolden)

Who is this Kendrick Lamar, the 25-year-old rapper from Compton who’s got the hip-hop loving world breathless with his major label debut, good kid, m.A.A.d city? His very good good kid, m.A.A.d city came out last Tuesday, and already it’s being talked about as a classic on par with Nas Illmatic or Outkast‘s Aquemini. Technically speaking, Lamar raps very, very well; more remarkable, though, is his storytelling. The best way to get to know him is to listen to the work he puts out, and to listen closely. But there are also a few things you should understand about him…

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Friday Face-Off: Lady Gaga vs. Lady Marmalade

by (@fdot415)

We’re getting freaky with our Friday Face-Off Music Video poll this week, because Halloween is here and we know at least half of you will be barely dressed as sexy-somethings, tricking for adult treats this weekend. Don’t lie. It’s okay, because Lady Gaga‘s “Judas” and Christina Aguilera, Lil’ Kim, Mýa and P!nk‘s collaboration “Lady Marmalade” feature costumes worse than yours. Nothing tops pop stars posed as prostitutes: Gaga as Mary Magdalene and X-tina’s crew (un)dressed as Moulin Rouge’s best. So, who has the freakier video?

Team Lady Gaga: Felicia Daniels, Associate Producer, Music  (@fdot415)

You don’t have to be a Little Monster to freak over this racy clip. It has everything you want in a Lady Gaga spectacle. Religious imagery ala Madonna? Check. Sassy dance moves courtesy of Miss “Boom Boom KatLaurieann Gibson? Check. Dramatic, skin-baring, Haute couture costumes? Take it to the bank and cash that check, because “Judas” has all of the aforementioned and then some. Take the poll and read our case for

Ciara Embodies MJ Out In The Desert For “Got Me Good”


Any singer can hit a few eight count steps in their video; only Ciara can deliver it with perfection. She makes it look easy. Earlier today we celebrated Ciara’s 27th birthday with an awesome GIF wall featuring 27 of her hottest dance moves. Here we are hours later–amazed, once again–by the R&B singer’s choreography in her latest video for “Got Me Good” from her forthcoming One Woman Army. Forget a boat load of useless props when you’re a true dancer like Ciara. The visual for this party record is minimalist–backup dancers, a few jeeps, a couple guys, all in the middle of a desert. “Nobody can make me feel like dancing all night,” she croons on the uptempo dance track. That’s how we feel while watching her channel a little bit of Usher, MJ and Aaliyah. Read more…

Taylor Swift Talks About Dubstep Decision On Red: “There Are Some Incredible Risks Taken Musically On This Album”

by (@unclegrambo)

Taylor Swift is not one who abides by the old adage, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” She’s sold over 20 million albums worldwide with her uniquely personal musical style that blends confessional lyrics with pop-tinged-yet-still-Nashville-friendly instrumentals, but seems committed to shaking things up on her fourth studio album, Red. The first single from the album, “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” (watch the video!), was a pretty stark departure from her past material in that it’s an unapologetic swing for the pop music fences. That collaboration with Swedish hit-making machines Max Martin (Katy Perry, Britney Spears) and Shellback (Maroon 5, Adam Lambert) resulted in her first career #1 song on the Billboard Hot 100, but Taylor’s willingness to experiment didn’t stop with Top 40 friendly beats.

Recently, VH1 News’ own Lauren Smith caught up with Taylor Swift here at VH1 headquarters in Midtown Manhattan and asked her about the risky decision to embrace dubstep on her song “I Knew You Were Trouble” on Red. (See video above.)

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What’s Up With Katy Perry’s Ballot Dress, And Did We Mention Republican Kelly Clarkson Is Voting For Obama?


Katy Perry was a show stopper last night. And not because of her performance. The celebrity endorsements for the presidential election are rolling in with the election only weeks away. President Obama has racked up his share of artist/celebrity endorsements including staunch supporter, Katy Perry. Perry showed her support by performing hits like “Teenage Dream,” “Part of Me” and “Wide Awake” at the president’s rally in Las Vegas last night. The president shouted out the pop singer and her grandmother who is a long term resident of Nevada. What an early birthday gift for Ms. Perry who turns 28 today. She tweeted, “So tonight was a great night! The PRESIDENT gave grandma and I unforgettable shout outs & now I am officially 28! Best. birthday. ever.” Read more…

There Are Many, Many People Having Sex To The Dirty Dancing Soundtrack, Says Spotify

by (@lindseyweber)

SPOTIFY Sex Playlist

That’s correct, according to Science aka a study done by music streamers Spotify, the Dirty Dancing soundtrack is the most arousing song selection to play during sex. And because this is Science, it is ultimately accurate and someone needs to teach these Spotify users about Sam Cooke or something. More important, men need to stop letting their ladies choose the playlist, because apparently music does not matter as much to men as it does to women in the sack. This, again, is Science:

Dirty Dancing was the top pick for both men and women, although the study’s author, music psychologist Daniel Mullensiefen, also pointed out that men are more willing to adjust their tastes in music in order to ensure “greater success in the bedroom.”

Apparently, Science becomes Science again after you’re finished with carrying watermelons and such, because the number two sex song pick is Marvin Gaye‘s “Sexual Healing”. Ravel’s “Bolero” (which sounds like this) comes afterward.


You Oughta Know‘s Delta Rae On Their Unlikely Influence: Kanye West

by (@zaragolden)

You Oughta Know artists Delta Rae‘s label debut Carry The Fire is hewn mostly from blues or country-rock tradition, but a close listen suggests many and diverse influences. When asked about this, Eric Hölljes began ticking them off — “passionate, vocal heavy, folk-pop, rock” — before catching himself. It’s “terrible,” he apologized, “because I’ve pretty much said most genres in that description. We have a lot of influences.” The breadth of their influences might make for long-winded answers during interviews, but our ear suggests there’s otherwise nothing so terrible about it. Sometimes it means following up a song that rings with gospel influence with another that sounds straight rock-n-roll; other times that means hearing a Kanye West song and then being inspired to write “Bottom of the River,” a song that Brittany Hölljes insists has Kanye “written all over it.” Read more…