There Are Many, Many People Having Sex To The Dirty Dancing Soundtrack, Says Spotify

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SPOTIFY Sex Playlist

That’s correct, according to Science aka a study done by music streamers Spotify, the Dirty Dancing soundtrack is the most arousing song selection to play during sex. And because this is Science, it is ultimately accurate and someone needs to teach these Spotify users about Sam Cooke or something. More important, men need to stop letting their ladies choose the playlist, because apparently music does not matter as much to men as it does to women in the sack. This, again, is Science:

Dirty Dancing was the top pick for both men and women, although the study’s author, music psychologist Daniel Mullensiefen, also pointed out that men are more willing to adjust their tastes in music in order to ensure “greater success in the bedroom.”

Apparently, Science becomes Science again after you’re finished with carrying watermelons and such, because the number two sex song pick is Marvin Gaye‘s “Sexual Healing”. Ravel’s “Bolero” (which sounds like this) comes afterward.


You Oughta Know‘s Delta Rae On Their Unlikely Influence: Kanye West

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You Oughta Know artists Delta Rae‘s label debut Carry The Fire is hewn mostly from blues or country-rock tradition, but a close listen suggests many and diverse influences. When asked about this, Eric Hölljes began ticking them off — “passionate, vocal heavy, folk-pop, rock” — before catching himself. It’s “terrible,” he apologized, “because I’ve pretty much said most genres in that description. We have a lot of influences.” The breadth of their influences might make for long-winded answers during interviews, but our ear suggests there’s otherwise nothing so terrible about it. Sometimes it means following up a song that rings with gospel influence with another that sounds straight rock-n-roll; other times that means hearing a Kanye West song and then being inspired to write “Bottom of the River,” a song that Brittany Hölljes insists has Kanye “written all over it.” Read more…

Celebrating Ciara’s 27th Birthday With A GIF Wall Of Her Best Dance Moves


Ciara's 27th Birthday

Go shawty, it’s your birthday. We gonna party like it’s your birthday! It’s not our birthday, it’s Ciara‘s, but we wanted a gift for ourselves, and you, on her special day. To celebrate the One Woman Army singer’s born day we watched about 10 of her videos (literally the best part of our day) in search of her flyest choreographed moves. After watching it was hard to narrow it down to only 27 since her dancing is pretty much flawless. But, alas, 27 moments were chosen. And what better way to see her intricate choreography all in one shot? A GIF wall! You can thank us later. Whether it’s her hip roll in “Work” or her impressive booty popping skills on top of the car in “Oh,” you’ll be hypnotized, having to pry yourself away from your computer screen. It’s incredibly mesmerizing the way she effortlessly dances to the beat. It’s a bonus that she’s gorgeous in heels or in sneakers with sweatpants. It’s not even our our birthdays, but we feel like we’ve been gifted with a special treat. Happy Birthday, Ciara! While she celebrates her special day somewhere exclusive we’ll be at our desks quietly practicing these moves in our chairs. Shhhh. Don’t tell anybody. Read more…

Why Is The Music Of Nashville So Good? A Look At The Songs And Songwriters From The Show’s First Three Episodes


Nashville Music
Nashville is a really good show, you guys. If you think it’s going to be like some Country Strong knockoff, or if the thought of Hayden Panettiere singing will make you want to un-save the cheerleader (Heroes callback! Remember Heroes?), I can assure you that neither of those scenarios are the case. Nashville is soapy network TV at its best with unrequited love stories, illegitimate children whose paternity will probably get discovered soon enough, and a rivalry of old talent (well, Connie Britton old, so still youngish and hot) competing with new ingenue (Panettiere, who is younger and by certain Hollywood definitions, hotter). And the music on the show, which is executive produced by T. Bone Burnett, is so, so good. These folks aren’t messing around. Using real Nashville locations (The Grand Ole Opry, The Bluebird Cafe), she show mixes fact and fiction and employs a stable of established songwriters to provide the music for the show. For a list of all the music featured, ABC has created a music page found here.

Each week, I’ll be giving a rundown of my favorite music from the show, and since I’m a little behind, and we’re coming off of episode three, I’ll start with a quick refresher of the best songs so far, and their impressive pedigree. Read more…

Tuned In: Axl Rose Really Loves Halloween, And Other Things We Learned From His Interview With Jimmy Kimmel

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Last night was a good one for late night watchers, who had musical performances from the Lumineers, No Doubt, the Whigs and Two Door Cinema Club to chose between, as well as President Barack Obama on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and the rarely seen Axl Rose on Jimmy Kimmel Live. This being Rose’s first live interview (as you’ll remember, Vh1′s That Metal Show sat down with the rock star last fall) in nearly two decades, we suspect the choice of which channel to chose was an easy one for rock fans. Axl arrived on-time (“It’s a miracle!” Rose laughed) and to a very excited audience. And while he didn’t have much to offer as to why he chose to break the wall of silence — though we suspect the timing might have something to do with Guns N Roses’ upcoming Las Vegas residency — but Axl gamely answered all Kimmel’s questions otherwise, and generally seemed the be enjoying himself. Read more…

Exclusive: Taylor Swift Says Fans Don’t Really Know Who Her Songs Are About

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Taylor Swift‘s new album Red dropped on Monday, and since then we’ve been obsessed with figuring out who each song is about. After all, Taylor is known for writing deeply autobiographically tunes, some more obvious than others (“Dear John,” for example). We dissected “All Too Well” and concluded that it’s 100% about her ex Jake Gyllenhaal, and we’ve read all about her coded messages in the liner notes and assume “Begin Again” is totally about Conor Kennedy. But according to Taylor herself, we could be way off. When we interviewed her last week, she said that us fans are often totally wrong when it comes to the Swiftie Song Guessing Game.

“There are songs that people play the guessing game with. It’s kind of the king that happens when I put out a record. Either blogs or fans will make guesses because I write really detailed songs. I always have and I just never wanted to change that aspect of writing. Because the magnifying glass is wider.

And so there are a lot of songs that people think is about this dude, but it’s really not, it’s actually about this guy you have no idea I even dated. Or you’ll sit there and go ‘that song was inspired by three different situations with three different people.’ And you don’t ever want to go out there and be like, ‘this song is about this guy, first name, last name,’ because it’s just the one piece of the puzzled I have just locked in. I never really talk about who my songs are about.”

Hmmmmm. So are we way off in our assumptions above? What songs are about three different dudes? And most importantly: who has Taylor dated that we have no idea about? Any guesses?

Read more…

Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift and Linkin Park Are Billed To Perform At The 2012 American Music Awards

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We are no Nate Silver, but probability seems to have it that Nicki Minaj will more often than not be on stage at the American Music Awards next month. Already up for four awards — Favorite Female Artist: Pop/Rock, Favorite Artist: Rap/Hip-Hop, Favorite Album: Rap/Hip-Hop as well as Favorite Album: Pop/Rock — the Young Money leading lady will, at some point between all that acceptance speech giving, also be called on to perform any one of her recent releases. If there were one artist best suited to handle that sort of multitasking, though, we suspect she would be Miss Minaj.

Also joining her on the bill as performers are Favorite Female Artist: Country nominee Taylor Swift, Favorite Artist: Alternative Rock nominees Linkin Park and Christina Aguilera, as was previously announced. It should be a big night, so mark your calenders and set your DVRs: The American Music Awards will be broadcast live from Los Angeles on November 18 at 8 PM ET.

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Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj, Linkin Park To Perform at American Music Awards [RS]

Adam Lambert Grows Fangs For Pretty Little Liars

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All aboard! Trick-or-treating kicked off early this season, with Adam Lambert officially ushering in the season last night with a guest appearance on Pretty Little Liar’s. Starring as the glammest vampire in all the land, he’s called to Roseland to perform at the Little Liars’ Ghost Train bash. With his patted a deathly white and fangs in full show, he got flirty with Aria (Lucy Hale), and then hit the stage  two Trespassing tracks, “Cuckoo” and “Trespassing.” To be sure, tricks and trouble were aplenty on that train last night, but Lambert’s performances were all treat.

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What Better Place For fun. To “Carry On” Wildly Than The Concrete Jungle


Let’s hear it for New York, the backdrop for fun.‘s night on the town in “Carry On.” Although directed by Anthony Mandler, who also directed “Some Nights,” the visuals for the group’s latest single veers away from its Civil War themed predecessor. It’s a tale of both sadness and hope. The slower verses tell the story of situations that could’ve broken them, while the upbeat chorus is about carrying on. And like the song, the video is two-fold. Read more…

Rihanna And Friends Celebrate Drake With Birthday Cards, We Steal Them From His Trash (Whoops!)

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Today is Aubrey Graham’s birthday, and as the talented singing-rapper completes his 26th year of life, he’s smooth-talked his way into the hearts and minds of millions of fans (not to mention his fellow celebrity friends). Likely receiving countless gifts from friends, strangers, and business associates, Drake surely can’t keep each and every token, no matter how personal some may be. And that’s exactly why we decided to raid his garbage.

Dumpster diving is the classiest of adventures, especially when the trash you’re sifting through belongs to Toronto’s golden boy. Invasion of privacy, maybe, but like we’re taught on various reality shows, what’s discarded onto public property is considered free for the taking. Below are our findings: the front covers and inside messages of birthday cards from Drake’s grandmother, Rick Ross, the OVO fam, his Rabbi, Rihanna, the Young Money crew, and Chris Brown are all revealed.

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