VH1 Storytellers: Taylor Swift Sneak Peak: Taylor Paints Harvey Mudd College “Red”

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“This is unlike any show I will ever play again and have ever played before,” announced Taylor Swift during her VH1 Storytellers: Taylor Swift taping at Harvey Mudd College in Claremont, California. This is a big admittance coming from one of today’s brightest stars. Forget all the high-grossing and guest-starring tours that have taken her round the world, the turns she’s taken on Saturday Night Live and Good Morning America and the Grammys, and the stages she’s shared with everyone from Tim McGraw to T.I. to James Taylor, becauseVH1 Storytellers: Taylor Swift was unlike anything she’s ever done before because it gave her a chance to air the story behind her biggest hits and favorite songs before she performs them. So, mark your calenders, set your DVRs, and tune-in on Sunday, November 11th at 6PM EST and again at 11PM EST to VH1 for VH1 Storytellers: Taylor Swift. And because we can’t wait until then, we thought we would share this sneak peak of Taylor playing the title track of her brand new album Red. Taylor shares her color theory behind the jump

Friday Face-Off: Taylor Swift Then vs. Taylor Swift Now

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Taylor Swift is up  against herself for Friday Music Video Face-Off this week. I mean, she broke a 10-year-old sales record for fastest selling album with Red (1.21 milli, y’all!). It just wouldn’t be fair otherwise. Besides, we’ve watched T-Swift’s songs mature from a 16-year-old pining over Romeo to penning platinum-selling hits about her real-life breakups (as if dating John Mayer and Jake Gyllenhaal in the same calendar year is reality). The woman clearly has a lot of material to contrast. So, which Taylor do you favor: country siren Swift of “Picture To Burn” or pop tart Taylor from “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together?” Vote in our poll today then catch VH1 Storytellers: Taylor Swift premiering Sunday, Nov. 11 at 11 p.m.

Team Pop Taylor: Felicia Daniels, Associate Producer, VH1.com Music  (@fdot415)

“We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” –  When Taylor Swift is over you, she really, really means it. Screw burning pictures. The woman puts some poor sap on blast by re-enacting his late night booty calls for the world to watch and replay in this video! Read More & Vote: Classic Taylor or Dubstepping T-Swift?

Is That Chris Brown’s Arm In Rihanna’s New Video For “Diamonds”?

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Is That Chris Brown's Arm In Rihanna's New Video For Diamonds?

Rihanna‘s new video for “Diamonds” just dropped a few minutes ago and it seems as if the world has one burning question. No, it’s not whether or not you can get high from smoking diamonds, but rather this: Is that Chris Brown‘s tattooed arm making a cameo? What follows is special VH1 Tuner investigation!

Let’s take a look at the evidence, shall we?

Rihanna’s High On “Diamonds” In Her Shining New Video

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Rihanna has never been shy about her preferred method of kicking back — in fact, she fully embodied it for Halloween this year — but we hadn’t anticipated that her habits might be rich as this. The brand new video for “Diamonds,” the first single off of Unapologetic, which is out November 19th, finds the Bajan hottie rolling-up a blunt’s worth of the shiniest diamonds we have ever seen and smoking them. An #unapologetic move if we’ve ever seen one, the diamond high has her floating in some crystalline waters and spinning in a wide opened field; running down dark roads and galloping alongside racing horses; throwing sneaky Roc-diamonds and hand holding with a curiously familiar tatted up  fellow. So, uh, how do we get ourselves some like this? That deluxe box set comes with at least a crystal or two, right? Read more…

8 Mile 10 Years Later


8 Mile 10 Years Later

“Is 8 Mile still relevant 10 years later?” she (who shall remain nameless) asked. All of the eyes in the tiny room darted over with the look of a simultaneous yet friendly “Duh!” It was seemingly an obvious answer to a very valid question on the heels of the flick’s 10 year anniversary.

About a month ago I sat in front of a mounted flatscreen watching 8 Mile for probably the 107th time. Exaggeration, yes, but it sure felt like it. It debuted my freshman year in college to a crop of eager hip-hop fans and devout Eminem followers. But the film meant the most to the natives of Motor City. The Motown era had been long gone. Detroit hadn’t been the heart of exceptionally great musical talent in years. That was until Eminem. Then 8 Mile. Read more…

The Weeknd And Drake Find Their “Zone”

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It wasn’t so long ago that we would wait, breath abated, for transmission from R&B’s dark knight, the Weeknd. These days he’s hard at work hyping his Trilogy package, which is out next Tuesday, and it’s like you can’t turn a proverbial internet corner without being smacked in the face by something new. In the last three days alone, he’s released three new songs — “Twenty Eight,” “Valerie” and “Till Dawn (Here Comes The Sun),” all via BBC Radio 1’s Zane Lowe — and just before sunrise Thursday, he shared with his twitter followers the video for Thursday‘s “The Zone.”

“The Zone” includes a rare feature from Abel Tesfaye‘s friend and champion, Drake; and this accompanying video is likewise a rarity as it’s unusually saturated in color. Mostly, it finds Tesfaye hanging out in the House of Balloons mixtape cover brought to life: there balloons, half-dressed girls, spilled drinks, sulky rappers (see: Drake, delivering his verse from what looks like a basement?) and all the usual detritus of a really cool party that stopped being fun a long time ago. And it is more or less, in one video, everything you need to know about the Weeknd.

Read more…

Charli XCX’s New Mixtape Super Ultra Is A Must-Download And It’s Free So You Have No Excuses

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Charli XCX takes pop up a notch, working with Brooke Candy (of Grimes‘ “Genesis” fame) and a slew of beats including stuff from How to Dress Well, Art of Noise and Jakwob. For starters, she’s British and some people call what she does “goth-pop” — whatever that means. All I know is that her stuff is moody and danceable: a rarity to be sure. Super Ultra is exactly that, and Charli just wants people to be happy:

I guess that’s all just personal shit though. I don’t want people to be sad when they listen to SUPER ULTA… I want them to be happy, and I want them to dance. No one dances in this town anymore.

So do her a favor and dance while you check out Charli’s newest mixtape and download it (for free!) on Soundcloud:


Dame Dash Is Proud Of Jay-Z And Kanye But Needs A Dr. Phil Session To Speak On The Failed Friendship


Dame Dash gets a bad rap. Since his breakup with Jay-Z a thousand years ago people have written him off as the disgruntled man jealous of Jay’s success. Fans chose a side. That side was the perceived winner’s circle of Hov & Company. Meanwhile the man who is partly responsible for the Roc-A-Fella empire seemed to fade to black. He’d only reappear in the press when there was news of him not paying taxes or going broke splashed across headlines. Today the 41-year-old business savvy former music executive is slowly creeping back on the scene. Read more…

Lady Gaga Hijacks The Vibe On Her Version Of Kendrick Lamar’s “Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe”

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Though far from a disappointing whole, Kendrick Lamar‘s good kid, m.A.A.d. city is short the unlikely Lady Gaga collaboration that had everyone buzzing all summer. Then, rumors had it that Gaga might appear uncredited on the chorus of “Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe;” those rumors turned out to be false, but not entirely unmerited. Apparently Lady Gaga was supposed to be on the song, but was too late turning in her part and so the job went instead to a singer named Anna Wise, and the album dropped without any sort of Gaga-experiment. Never one to leave her Little Monsters hanging, Lady Gaga released her version of “Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe” last night on Twitter. Read more…

Ke$ha Submits Her Illuminati Application Complete with Triangles, Orgies And Cops in “Die Young”

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As you might have imagined, Ke$ha‘s newest is full of debauchery, as is her usual neon-heavy style. Instead of unicorns, glitter and James Van Der Beek, this time she’s enlisted a band of spookily attractive dances to writhe around the desert–while K$ poses on a mattress and dances in front of a pentagram. It. Is. Awesome.  

Is Ke$ha part of the Illuminati? Is she involved in some sort of witchcraft? Or is she just super trendy? We’ll never truly know, but the new video for Super Earworm “Die Young” features an overwhelming amount of geometry–everything from the magic triangle…

Coming to an Urban Outfitters sale section near you.

…to the mystical pentagram…