Best Coast Has Fun, Has Fun, Has Fun In “The Only Place” Video

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Surely you’ve noticed: Best Coast frontwoman and hipster clothier Bethany Cosentino loves her some Los Angeles. And in the new video for “The Only Place,” directed by Ace Norton, she and guitarist and Best Coast other-half Bobb Bruno shows us exactly why.

For starters, as she sings in the title-track to Best Coast’s well-received The Only Place, the video contains multiple references to the ocean, babes, the sun and waves. Those things exist on both coasts, though, so it’s the details that make L.A. is the true “Only Place.” Details like the bunny rabbits that roam the remnants of house parties and the outdoor couches; the watermelons and the blenders readily available for blended beverages; the troops of cheerleaders and the pyrotechnic bicycles and guitars. And everyone gets a matching “Best Coast” emblazoned jean jackets. (Just kidding, only Consentino and Bruno get those. But an East Coast girl can dream, can’t she?) It’s to these sun-soaked, oddball adventures that this love song sings.

Earlier this year, Cosentino told us that this song was inspired by a bout of homesickness. As she explained: “‘The Only Place’ is supposed to mean my bedroom, my home, Los Angeles, California. It’s a place where I feel the most comfortable and confident. I wanted to make a record that reflected that this place is my safe place, and all these songs that are written about more darker, kind of lonely feelings, those all go away as I get back to this only place.” And after watching this video, how could you blame her?

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Top 5 Hair Bands Of The ’80s

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That Metal Show's Jim Florentine Picks His Top 5 Hair Bands

If there is one thing that is certain of the ’80s, it’s that we never had to worry about a shortage of hair bands. Big hair, makeup, tight pants — sometimes even tight LEATHER pants — we all know a good hair band when we see one. Jim Florentine, host of That Metal Show, stopped by VH1’s Big Morning Buzz Live today to help sort out the Top 5 Hair Bands of the ’80s. Here is the list that they came up with:

Def Leppard - That Metal Show Top 5 Hairbands

5.  Def Leppard. If you had a pulse in the ’80s or have ever been to a strip club (OR maybe even thought about taking up stripping as a profession, we don’t judge) you probably know the chorus of their iconic song “Pour Some Sugar On Me.” Let’s be real, EVERY TIME you hear this song you have to fight the urge to “take a bottle, shake it up” and of course sing “Pour Some Sugar On Me” at the top of your lungs. This iconic song came off their 1987 album Hysteria that sold over 20 million copies to date and spawned six hit singles. The band is still touring and STILL rocks to this day. Read more…

As Carly Rae Jepsen Hits No. 1, We Count Down Our 4 Favorite “Call Me Maybe” Mashups

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Does the world look a little clearer today? Because yesterday, after 16 weeks on the charts, Carly Rae Jepsen‘s seriously infectious “Call Me Maybe” took its deserved place atop the Billboard Hot 100. Accepting the honor, Jepsen told Billboard that she feels “so blessed” because “life keeps surprising me lately,” but we are pretty that anyone with ears and a heart has known since that first listen that this would happen. And, thank you Justin Bieber co-signs and Katy Perry lip synchs and Carlos Pena productions, it finally has!

In honor of the inevitable — and because, really, we still can’t get enough — we’ve rounded up a few new ways for you to listen to America’s favorite song:

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“Scream” For Usher Using The Greatness That Is Fuerza Bruta In New Video


Usher joining forces with Fuerza Bruta for a Cirque du Soleil of sorts experience for the Looking 4 Myself listening party was both innovative and a wonderful production. It was so incredible Usher decided the video to his second single “Scream” would piece together his performances from the night of his Fuerza Bruta collaboration. If you are looking for a more concrete video that correlates with the song you may wonder what’s going on. But once you’ve made it to the end you understand why this was the perfect concept. Read more…

Passion Pit Take A Bounce In “Take A Walk” Video

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More accurately, Michael Angelakos wants you to take a bounce in the new video for “Take a Walk,” the lead single off of Passion Pit‘s upcoming Gossamer. The video begins with a well-dressed Angelakos asleep, in the middle of a suburban street, with a basic blue rubber ball in his hand. Risen by an eager dog, he chucks the ball and, taking its prospective, we bounce with it from the suburbs through baseball fields and running rivers, eventually finding our way into the big city and then beyond into the sky. (Actually, come to think of it, it’s not really so basic a ball after all!)

Already a veteran of the electro-dance scene after the success of 2009′s Manners, Anelakos has suggested that this this follow-up will be, needs to be, more expansive than the last. “I needed to do it in a way that was interesting and I wanted to do it in a way that would excite the listener with different sound and different worlds and movements,” he told NME. “It moves like an opera.” His famed falsetto toned slightly down, and his storytelling up (this seems be a tale of an immigrant working to bring his family to the stateside, addressing meanwhile taxes and the financial crisis), this first look and listen certainly show expanding horizons.

‘Take a walk’ Video: Passion Pit See the Ball, Are the Ball [NYM]

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Chris Brown Has A Nasty Chin Gash After Brawl With Drake’s Entourage


Chris Brown And Drake Get Into A Brawl, Chris Suffers Chin Injury

Remember when we said all the boys go crazy over Rihanna? Let’s just say it seems to be more truth than jest. In the latest saga of guys fighting–literally this time–over RiRi, TMZ reports that Chris Brown was injured last night in a brawl with Drake’s entourage at NYC’s WIP nightclub. All the details of exactly what happened are still unfolding, but according to Brown’s tweet, a bottle was thrown by Drake’s crew that hit Brown in the chin. claims it all began when Brown sent over a bottle of champagne to Drake as a sort of peace offering. Drake allegedly returned the bottle of bubbly with a note reading, “I’m still f*cking Rihanna.” Lawdhavemercy. Imagine Drake (or any rapper) taking out an ink pen at the club to write a note.  We need to see the receipts on that one.

Brown rushed to Twitter tweeting a picture of the nasty gash along with a few choice words, “How u party wit rich n**** that hate? Lol… Throwing bottles like girls? #shameonya!” Shortly after the tweet was removed. When the cops arrived to the scene at the wee hours of the morning both crews had already left. Clearly being international superstars means nothing when you have homies that are always down for whatever. Read more…

What Does Hard Rock Music Mean To Your Favorite Rockstars?

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Where would you be without hard rock and heavy metal music? Hopefully we won’t ever have to find out. Watch the new promo for That Metal Show with everyone from Slash, Lemmy (Motorhead), Michael Schenker, Warrant, Mike McCready (Pearl Jam), Tom Morello, and more of your favorite rock stars as they sound sound-off on why they’re passionate about hard rock music, and list their favorite bands. Oh, and don’t worry, we aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. A brand new season of That Metal Show starts this August on VH1 Classic.

Nas Talks About The Use Of The N-Word On CNN


Nas on CNN Discussing Parenthood

It’s Nasty Nas season, folks. There’s an excitement surrounding his 10th studio album Life Is Good that hasn’t been this prevalent since he dropped “Stillmatic” in 2001. Recently he stopped by CNN’s Starting Point with Soledad O’Brien where he openly discussed fatherhood and why he made his latest single “Daughters.” In the interview he said being in the music business and having the relationship he does with his daughter’s mother, Carmen Bryant, he didn’t spend the time he needed to with his daughter. “It took me away from being that parent that was there all the time,” he said. Despite the self-reflection in thinking he could’ve done a better job as a father Nas says his daughter thinks he was a great dad. Awwww. Read more…

Trey Songz And T.I. Only Came To The Club For “2 Reasons”


There’s only two reasons Trey Songz and T.I. are at the club–”the b*ches and the drinks.” And like any club scene there’s bottle popping, cupcakes and big booty women in heels in the Benny Boom directed video to Trey Songz’s second single “2 Reasons” from his forthcoming album Chapter V. Made for the club, “2 Reasons” is to Chapter V what “Bottoms Up” was to Passion, Pain & Pleasure . The difference between the two is that “Bottoms Up” automatically drew you in with its edgy R&B dance sound whereas “2 Reasons” is bit more popish, a lot less catchy. Both work for its intended purposes–to get people on their feet dancing. Read more…

Create Your Own Rock Of Ages Style Pop Up Video


If you’re anything like us, you’ve already bought tix to see Rock Of Ages when it hits movie theaters nationwide this weekend. Here at VH1, we’ve been counting down the days til its release each morning on Big Morning Buzz Live, as we all celebrate 80′s Week. Now, we’d like to invite you to visit our very special Create Your Own Pop Up Video page, which we have populated with the original videos of a bunch of songs that are featured on this movie’s totally hairmetaltastic soundtrack like Twisted Sister‘s “We’re Not Gonna Take It,” Mr. Big‘s “To Be With You” and “High Enough” by the Damn Yankees. Break out the Aquanet, get some of your best commentary ready and make your very own Pop Up Video in just a matter of minutes!

Remember, Rock Of Ages opens in theaters nationwide this Friday, June 15!