Shyne Reignites Beef With Diddy In New “You’re Welcome” Diss


Shyne Ends Diddy Truce With New Diss Record

“It was all good just a week ago.” So much for the publicly squashed beef earlier this year between Puffy and Shyne. Shyne has a bone to pick with the head of Bad Boy and refuses to bury it in the dirt. According to Miss Info, the former Bad Boy emcee called her from Paris to express his hurt feelings that Puffy hasn’t delivered on the promises he made to fight for his return to America following Shyne’s deportation to Belize after his prison release for a 10 year sentence. And why would this be Puffy’s problem? Well, word on the street is Shyne took the fall for Puffy in a 1999 NYC nightclub shooting where Diddy and then girlfriend J.Lo fled the scene. Shyne has always accused Puffy of not contacting him or sending him money while he was incarcerated, but the two buried the hatchet and were photographed together during this year’s Paris Fashion Week. My how quick things change. Read more…

Fun. And Flo Rida Rock The Do Something! Awards With Their Songs Of The Summer

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Live over the weekend (and again last night for those tuning in from home), .fun treated the much deserved do-gooders at the Do Something! Awards to a performance of their smash hit and Song of the Summer contender “Some Nights.” fun. is always fun to watch, because Nate Ruess tends to bounce around like the stage is charged. This performance was extra thrilling, though, because they they are straight allies for gay rights, and so they stripped the song’s usual effects and distortion and brought in the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles to help instead. We have to imagine that the Do Something! Awards was not one of those “some nights” where they have to ask, “What do I stand for? What do I stand for?”

Also that night, Flo Rida returned to the stage for a second time to perform his seductive and chart topping other Song of the Summer bid, “Whistle.” He wore the same community service ready cargo pants, with him the same dancers behind him,  the same blinged out mic in hand, and most importantly, with all the same good energy. Watch that performance below, and if you missed “Wild Ones,” you should check that out here! Read more…

Mariah Carey And Rick Ross Sit Ringside At Meek Mill’s “Triumphant” Boxing Match

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Whether you’re one of her lambs or not, there’s no arguing the fact that Mariah Carey’s new single is motivational. Unveiled to the world this evening, the video for “Triumphant (Get ‘Em)” stars both of the song’s featured rappers, MMG ring-leader Rick Ross and his Philly protégé, Meek Mill. Given the opportunity to emerge a champ as the video’s protagonist and in real life, Meek plays the role of a boxer going twelve rounds in the ring against a hearty opponent, taunting him the entire time.

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Last Lap: Nicki Minaj’s New Perfume Bottle Rocks A Pink Wig


Nicki Minaj's New Perfume Bottle Has A Creepy Pink Wig

It’s when outer space and the future meet. Nicki’s perfume bottle is certainly unlike any other design on the market with its bustier, ‘Nicki Minaj’ gold chain, pink lips and signature pink wig to match. What can we say? It’s so…Nicki. [SPIN]

As if facing three years in prison after being found guilty for not paying back taxes wasn’t enough to make anyone pull out their hair, Ms. Hill apparently owes the state of New Jersey $440,000 in back taxes. Luckily, she has yet to be charged criminally for this particular case. [JUICY]

“I felt like I was in this video game and I collected all the gold coins and talismans you could collect — I had to either move to the next level or quit,” P!nk, 32, says on the phone from Santa Monica, Calif.’s Shutters on the Beach resort. “There’s this whole techno takeover going on right now that just does my head in, and I knew I didn’t want to do that. I’d rather dance around and sing goofy songs.” [Billboard]

Brandy is bringing R&B back. And you will deal. [Necole Bitchie]

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Idol Rumor Mills Keep Churning: Mariah Carey Is Mad About Nicki, Kanye West Enters Talks

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Remember when American Idol made stars? These days, it seems like the singing competition portion of the show is just reason to keep a judges’ table, stocked full with top shelf celebrities. Yesterday we reported that US Weekly‘s got good word from a source that Nicki Minaj has been tapped as a judge for the upcoming season of American Idol. Minaj allegedly turned down a similar gig already, but now with Mariah Carey on board, and with Britney Spears on The X Factor and Christina Aguilera on The Voice, who could blame her for wanting in on the fun?

Well, today TMZ reports that Carey is not down with the idea, and that she “hung up the phone when she was told Nicki was the candidate” because she was under the impression that she alone would fill the season’s diva quota. Meanwhile, TMZ is also reporting that Idol execs have reached out to yet another potential celeb-judge: Kanye West, who is apparently “on the fence” because “he’s not sure if Idol is in his wheelhouse.” Though he’s not a woman like Minaj, we can’t imagine Carey being much more receptive to that Kanye call. TMZ will probably keep us posted. Read more…

Go Behind-The-Scenes: VH1 Top 20 Video Countdown‘s Jim Shearer Talks Pancakes With Walk The Moon

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Being the serious Walk The Moon fan that he is, VH1 Top 20 Video Countdown‘s Jim Shearer made sure to waste not a moment with the boys while they were at VH1 headquarters yesterday. With a camera in hand and a long list of tough questions at ready, he followed the boys into the men’s bathroom to catch their pre-Big Morning Buzz Live warm-up and then to the green room for some serious breakfast talk. And as it turns out, Walk The Moon do not believe in pancakes.

“I don’t think we are an anti-pancake band, I just don’t think we are a pancake enthusiast band,” Nick offered. Meanwhile, Sean was less diplomatic, suggesting instead that, “[Pancakes] are sent from the devil.” And as for Kevin, he likes waffles. The more you know! Read more…

Trey Songz’s “Hail Mary” Includes Stevie J’s Rat Face And Joseline As A Reporter


Girl on girl football is pretty much a man’s fantasy dream come true. Forget about men in helmets and tights, Trey Songz has the ladies in booty shirts sprinting to the end zone in his new video for “Hail Mary.” Funny man Kevin Hart and Trey Songz serve as the unconventional coaches trying to lead their teams to victory through flirtatiously stretching and horseback riding with their players. Like any football game, there’s lots of aggression and women falling atop of one another from tackles. Read more…

DSA: Flo Rida Performs “Wild Ones” At The Do Something Awards

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In only a few more hours, you can tune in to see for yourself all the good that went down at Sunday Night’s Do! Something Awards. But until then, here’s this: Flo Rida performing his Song of the Summer contender “Wild Ones.” Flo Rida hit the stage with a blinged-out mic in hand and in camo pants, like he could jump from the stage straight into a service project if the evening’s spirit so struck him. And in a cat-woman like black jumpsuit and with a pink hair-bow atop her head, StayC filled in for Sia, and the bumping (and much deserved!) audience tells us that they, too, think she did a great job.

Check out their performance of “Wild Ones” above, and tune in for the full show tonight at 9 PM ET/PT! And if you think “Wild Ones” deserves to be this year’s VH1 Song Of The Summer (presented by Dove Clinical Fresh Deodorant) VOTE TODAY by visiting!

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Taylor Swift Will “Never Ever” Live For The First Time At The VMAs

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Already, “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” the lead single off of Taylor Swift’s forthcoming Red, has climbed the Billboard 100, broken sales records, and become the anthem of strong-willed girls nationwide. And now, we get word that Taylor will give it the big-stage, live debut it deserves next month at the MTV Video Music Awards! There, she’ll be joining Green Day, One Direction, P!nk and Alicia Keys, which means all three of our strong, VH1 Storytelling women will be representing!

Taylor VMA appearances past have been nothing if not memorable, as she was the first country music star to win the award and of course there was that “I’ma let you finish” moment that so famously followed. And if Taylor’s hair-flipping and finger-wagging lip-synch of “Never Ever” is any indication, this performance too will be a show to be seen. So if you haven’t already, now would be a good time to mark your calenders: September 6 at 8 PM. We-eeeee!

Taylor Swift To Perform New Song For The First Time At VMAs! [MTV]

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Trey Songz Gets Personal And Delivers Love, Sex & Relationship Advice To Five Lucky Fans

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In the wake of his fifth studio album Chapter V dropping today (and already #1 at iTunes), Trey Songz has us feeling a little warm and fuzzy here at VH1! Making time to visit our offices this week, Trey not only performed on Big Morning Buzz Live and made the VH1 staff squeel in delight at the very sight of him, he also helped us take to Twitter and see if any of his followers needed some direct-to-fan nurturing. That’s right: the man whose neighbors know his name and allegedly invented sex spent some time ruminating on the love-troubles of five others, and even got a bit personal, divulging his thoughts on the future of his love life and when he might want to start a family.

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