Cover Girl: Billboard And Vibe Each Find A Very Different Ke$ha

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Somehow, between the album making, memoir writing and living like she’s gonna “Die Young”-ing, Ke$ha found time to pose for not one, but two magazine covers. Both Vibe and Billboard snagged the Queen of the Dollar Sign for their October issues, however their visions of the Warrior appear to be entirely different.

Ke$ha has so far been insistent that Warrior, due out in December, will show-off a side of her that might have been lost to the hard-partying on Animal/Cannibal. “The first record was a celebration of partying and being young, but this record’s a better look at my personality,” she tells Vibe, much like she told Rolling Stone that it will be “more personal and vulnerable.” What’s left when last night’s mascara is wiped away? It seems that Vibe and Billboard found two very different things. What’s it all mean?

Lets have a look:

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Who Said It Best: X-Factor‘s Britney Spears Vs. The Voice‘s Christina Aguilera (Week 5)

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Audition rounds are over, but the battle is just beginning for the competitors of X Factor and The Voice. And now we’ll really see how the mentoring skills of those shows respective pop-stars-turned-reality-TV-judges, Britney Spears and The Voice’s Christina Aguilera, hold up.

We’ve been pitting them head-to-head in that age-old Britney vs. Christina rivalry each week, declaring one the ultimate star spotter. So pick a side then rip into both with us in our comments section.

Team Britney


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Justin Bieber Pranked Us! And Then Threw A Killer Pool Party With Nicki Minaj For “Beauty And A Beat” Video

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We’ve been pranked!

Earlier this week, Justin Bieber set off a frenzy when he lamented on twitter that a bunch of his stuff had been taken, including a computer and camera with “a lot of personal footage.” Like a dog whistle, the tweets sent the media scrambling for whatever sorts of goods that “personal footage” might include. “Evidence” of underage drinking and a possible naked-pic surfaced almost immediately, as did rumors of a sex tape. And we were just about to reveal that scandalous generations-old Bieber family “spaghetti and milk” recipe we found, but! It turns out that this whole “stolen” stuff business is but stunt, initiated by Bieber himself to promote this sexy new video for “Beauty And A Beat,” featuring Nicki Minaj.

The video begins with a slate that tells it all: “In October of 2012 three hours of personal footage was stolen from musician Justin Bieber. The following footage was illegally uploaded by an anonymous blogger.” Okay, Biebs, you got us good. Read more…

Friday Face-Off: Backstreet Boys vs. Chris Brown

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It’s Friday, you’re tired of your job and you have nothing else to do while your Lean Cuisine heats up in the microwave. So, take a second to vote for today’s Friday Face-Off Music Video. In a Halloween-themed match-up, Chris Brown‘s “Wall To Wall” is up against Backstreet Boys‘ “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back).” You can vote below to determine which video is the most eerily entertaining, but first, it’s time to entertain the case for each each video.

Team Breezy: Felicia Daniels, Associate Producer, Music  (@fdot415)

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Lana Del Rey’s New Ten-Minute Video Is A Wild “Ride”

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Do you remember the first time you saw the Lana Del Rey‘s “Video Games” video, that gauzy collage of images of pool parties and open road and Paz De La Huerta? It didn’t seem so different from the millions of other homemade montage videos posted to YouTube — save for that haunting voice of her, of course. But looking back now, the different images have been reborn and repacked as subsequent videos — the American flags became “National Anthem”, the tattooed skateboarder borrowed for “Blue Jeans” — like that first video was a rough draft. That being the case, this beautiful 10-minute video for “Ride,” the new single off Born To Die – The Paradise Edition, is “Video Games” fully fleshed out and her coup de grâce. Signed, sealed and delivered complete with a scene of Del Rey being bent over a pinball machine by a biker dude old enough to be her father. Like she says in the video: “Have you created a life for yourself where you can experience them? I have. I am f***ing crazy. But I am free.” Read more…

Austin City Limits Music Festival: Anctipating Top Notch Performances From The Roots, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Florence + The Machine And Jack White


Most Anticipated Moments of Austin City Limits Music Festival

Along with 70,000 excited fans we’ve trekked down to Austin, TX (where it’s 80 degrees!) for this year’s Austin City Limits Music Festival to partake in the live shows by bands that run the gamut of Red Hot Chili Peppers to Florence + The Machine to The Roots to The Black Keys. It’s going to be a jam packed three days of rocking out and grooving at Zilker Park to an eclectic mix of sounds. Aside from our excitement to try Austin’s famous mouth-watering barbeque, we’re anticipating unforgettable moments that shall go down in music festival history. Read more…

Usher Prevails In The Somber New “Numb” Video

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Life has almost got Usher down in the new video for the next single off of Looking 4 MyselfSwedish House Mafia produced “Numb.” But only almost.

Directed by Chris Applebaum and Grace Harry, the duo behind the drenched “Dive” clip, Usher’s “Numb” video begins with pulsing footage of Usher on stage in Berlin, head hung low as an announcer explains that, “he tried because he loves Berlin and he really wanted to give you guys a show, but he just couldn’t do it. Thanks for understanding.” Usher’s show in Berlin last January really did get cut short, and you can hear that he’s still remorseful when he says here that, “I felt like a failure. Hopeless. Paralyzed. Lonely.” The botched show is not the end of his troubles, though, and there are images of him kneeling at someone’s hospital bed and taking care of a little kid.

But “Numb” is an anthem of overcoming, an insistence that you “shake it off, let it go, I don’t care anymore” because “you never know until you let go,” and so Usher doesn’t give in so easy. Rather, he gives the kid a hug, enjoys a dance at the strip club (why not?) and sings out all the rest in a recording booth. There is also a great sequence where he dances in a big glass cube, refusing to let those walls keep him from breaking it all down. Because this is an Usher video, and you know what Usher does? He dances. Read more…

Kelly Clarkson Debuted “Catch My Breath” Last Night Live In Dublin

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Only yesterday Ryan Seacrest premiered “Catch My Breath,” a new single slated for inclusion on the Kelly Clarkson‘s greatest hits collection Greatest Hits — Chapter 1, and already she has taken it to the stage. The American Idol winner gave the song it’s first live performance last night in Dublin with little to-do, and she certainly earned her “Greatest” status by hitting all the high points without taking even a beat to actually catch her breath. “Cheesy moment, but I think it is important for you to enjoy your life, so if you’re not happy, make it happen,” she joked afterwards.

Before she began, she shared that the song is about her musical director of more than a decade, Jason Halbert. “I felt no better person to try to write a song for this project was him, because he’s been with me through my ups and downs and it’s been one hell of a ten year ride,” she said. “This song kind of goes through every moment of that, and just where I am at as a person at thirty.”

Kelly Clarkson Performs “Catch My Breath” Live In Dublin: Watch [Idolator]

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Nelly Busted With Weed And Heroin In Same Texas Town Fiona Apple Got Arrested In

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Is getting too hot in thurr? St. Lunatic Nelly was arrested and detained after police found nearly ten pounds of marijuana, 36 small bags of heroin and a loaded gun on his bus at a checkpoint in — yes, you guessed it: Sierra Blanca, Texas. Nelly joins the high company of those who have been similarly detained in the border town before him, Willie Nelson, Armie Hammer, Snoop Dogg and most recently Fiona Apple included. Read more…

Tuned In: Ellie Goulding Shows Of Her Pipes On Jimmy Fallon

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Last night, Ellie Goulding stopping in on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon to celebrate the release of Halcyon, her highly anticipated follow-up to Lights. Goulding has been big in the UK for a few years now — and even with the Royals — but she only really started getting buzz over here this summer, when everyone at once decided to make “Lights” the glittering soundtrack to all late-night happenings. “Lights” shot up the charts as a result, and our ears were perked by the time “Anything Could Happen” dropped. We really love her coo of a voice, but were have always wondered what it would sound like when separated from the gauzy production its typically packaged with. Her appearance on Fallon last night quashed our concerns, though, as she easily proved that the voice is all hers and that she’s really good. Or, as Jimmy tells her: “That’s the way to do it.”

Dressed plainly in all black leather and with the sometimes vibrant pink in her hair toned-down to just a tint, she performed her uplifting new single “Anything Could Happen.” The bouncy Halcyon track gives her more leeway to show off her voice than the more insistent “Lights,” and live she really lets her voice flare and fill that space. And she looked and sounded every bit the veteran pop star she already is, even if this was technically her U.S. television debut. Maybe if we ask nicely, England will let us keep her?

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