Last Lap: Big Boi Is Designing A Line Of Socks

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Andre 3000 might be the Outkast member better known for his style, but does has he ever designed a sock line of his own? We don’t think so. It’s also worth mentioning that his new album is “coming good.” [Complex]

The Brooklyn MC has dropped a new 18-track mixtape, and it includes features from heavy-weights like A$AP Rocky, Lunice, the sultry Sade, and even the sock king Big Boi himself! [GlobalGrind]

This is what we imagine it would sound like if everyone on the subway/airplane/gym unplugged their headphones all at once. [HuffPost]

Jones lent Family Guy creator Seth McFarlane this brassy, big-band number for his debut movie, Ted. No ticket stub required to enjoy this one. [Stereogum]

Watch as an eager feline lover serenades his cat with a Seal classic. What say you: the most lucky or the least lucky cat in the world?

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Linkin Park Beat Out Maroon 5 For The #1 Spot On The Billboard Album Chart, But Just Barely

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In a battle of rock versus pop, the rock won this week with Linkin Park edging Maroon 5 out for the top spot on Billboard‘s Top 200 chart. But just barely.

According to Nielsen SoundScan numbers, Linkin Park’s Living Things sold 223,000 copies in its first week on the shelves, just more than the 222,000 that Maroon 5′s Overexposed sold. Accordingly, Linkin Park will enter the charts at No. 1 for the fourth consecutive album. And like they did with 2010′s Hands All Over, Maroon 5 will take the runners-up spot.

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Madonna Was Moved To Tears By Her Own Performance

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The stars, they are just like us! Sometimes they, too, are moved to tears by Madonna — oh, wait.

In Berlin over the weekend, a dramatic rework of “Like a Virgin” had the 53-year-old Queen of Pop herself reaching for her deepest vocal registers, and then the tissues. About three minutes into the video above, Madge loses herself to tears. Kneeling down at the edge of the stage, she took a beat or two to regain herself before she was raised to her feet by a shirtless back-up dancer so that she could finish the number.

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Men Lie, Women Lie, Numbers Don’t: Adele And Goyte Hold Down The Top Spots


It’s the second half of the year, folks, which means musically we’ve already experienced an abundance of extraordinary singles and albums with high levels of hope for the remainder of the year. 2012 hasn’t quite been a hit for any other artists in the way that it has for Adele and Gotye. According to HuffingtonPost, Adele’s 21 is the biggest seller in the U.S. having sold 3.69 million copies per Nielsen SoundScan. The amazing thing about Adele being the highest selling artist of this year is that her sophomore album 21 was released in January 2011 and has sold more than a million copies this year alone. At 23-years-old Adele is living the life–professionally she’s on top, and personally she’s in love and expecting her first child. Read more…

50 Cent To Release 5 (Murder By Numbers) As Free LP, Tweets Offensive Autism Slur


50 Cent Autism Comment

Lately the funny, mature and kind Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson has been on full display whether through his cuddling with stuffed animals or sitting down with his former archenemy Oprah. With tomorrow’s release of 5 (Murder By Numbers), which has now been pegged as a free LP, Curtis felt the need to unleash 50 Cent for a little tomfoolery. One of 50′s followers urged him to “release the album or get shot again” to which 50 responded, “yeah just saw your picture fool you look autistic.” His autism slur sparked an outcry leading to actress Holly Robinson Peete (who has an autistic son) penning an open letter to the rapper expressing how hurtful his words were. Oh, Fiddy. That Oprah appearance really had some folks fooled. Read more…

Childish Gambino Gets Tina Fey To Rap On His New Mixtape

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Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino, celebrated the Fourth of July by releasing a new mixtape called Royalty. This new tape really shows of the strides he has taken since his freshman album, Camp, as a rapper and a rapper who can snag big-time guests. The hour long affair features high-profile appearances from hip hop heavy-weights like Bun B, RZA and Ghostface Killa; hip hop up-and-comers like Danny Brown, Ab-Soul, and Kilo Kish; and, um, Tina Fey, who closes the tape with a verse of her own. And it’s as that less-than-likely, last-but-not-least guest that she has managed to steal the show. Because who says rap can’t be funny?

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Groove To Nelly Furtado’s “The Spirit Indestructible”


The Indesctructible Spirit by nelly furtado

In her first single from her forthcoming album The Spirit Indestructible, Nelly Furtado sang an ode to her big hoop earrings, and of course she thinks the bigger the better. The second single, “The Spirit Indestructible,”  also has that uptempo vibe that made us snap our fingers. Frankly, “Big Hoops (Bigger The Better)” and the latest single sound mighty similar. We’re thinking that has something to do with its producer Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins who worked on both tracks. Initially she sings slowly before the chaotic fast paced beat drops making it a house party jam. Read more…

P!nk Reminds Us Of What We’ve Been Missing In This Album Announcement Video

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This 33 second announcement video is everything we love about P!nk. Posted as an announcement for her upcoming album, she is sure to includes all vitals: that the new album is out September 18th, and that it will be called The Truth About Love. She does it, though, in classic, sassy P!nk style. “I want to tell you something really important,” she begins, clearly struggling to keep a straight face. Cracking, she asks through her hearty laugh, “What am I supposed to say?” Nothing more was necessary! Her playful attitude toward the announcement tells us everything we need to know about the album, namely that it will be a return of the feisty star we love.

Rocking platinum hair streaked with her namesake pink and her eyes caked in neon blue eyeliner, this quick clip reminds us how much we’ve missed P!nk. It’s been four years since Funhouse, but she’s still got that color and feistiness that make her a standout amongst her fellow pop stars. And as we noted earlier this week, new album’s catchy first single “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)” is a refreshing reminder of this. Consider our calendars marked: September 18th, The Truth About Love.

Pink Announces ‘The Truth About Love’ Album, Release Date: Watch [Idolator]

How Will Frank Ocean’s Revelation About His Sexuality Affect His Budding Career?


Frank Ocean Admits His First Love Was A Man

Frank Ocean’s courage was all the rave on social media as folks were celebrating their 4th of July with booze and barbeque. In light of a few headlines speculating about Frank’s sexuality, he decided to put the rumors to rest by releasing a “thank you’s” letter on his Tumblr that he’d originally intended to include in his upcoming album Channel Orange. In the letter he didn’t officially “come out” as gay or bi-sexual, but he admitted that his first love was a man. Like us, a legion of fans, celebrities included, were overjoyed with his transparency and bravery. Most of all, we were happy he finally could write the words: “I feel like a free man.” Read more…

Nas and Amy Winehouse Connect Again On “Cherry Wine”

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Mr. Nas Jones comes again with a second posthumous collaboration with his late and great friend Amy Winehouse. Last fall we got a haunting first listen to what the two could do together with “Like Smoke,” off of Winehouse’s posthumous album Lioness: Hidden Treasures. And today, we get a second go with “Cherry Wine,” off of Nas’s upcoming Life Is Good.

The six-minute track is a jazzy and somewhat melancholic affair. It opens with Winehouse singing longingly of the man of her dreams. “Where is he, the man who is just like me? I heard he is hiding somewhere where I can see,” she wallows, her voice as sweet and soulful as ever. Her Mr. Jones, too, is looking for the woman of his dreams, a someone who can “teach me how to life, she’s not afraid of life.” Even though Nas’s verses were recorded after Winehouse’s passing, there is chemistry between the two. Thanks for this is perhaps due to the song’s producer Salaam Remi, a longtime collaborator of both vocalists. It’s hard not to wonder what — as successful as their posthumous collaborations have been — the two might have accomplished together in Winehouse’s prime. But alas this will have to do, and it does well. “Everything is good, everything is fine, pour a little cherry wine,” Nas reminds at the end of his verse. “Life is good, no matter what, life is good.”

Listen to “Cherry Wine” [HHNM]