When Cuffing Season Gets Sticky: Crushing On Someone Who’s Already Taken

by (@Lacezilla)

If you thought yesterday’s Doin’ It Well playlist geared toward freaks was a tad scandalous, today’s Cuffin Season topic might really send your moral compasses whirling. In matters of the heart, we sometimes can’t control where our affections land, amiright? And in some instances, brewing feelings for someone who’s already in a relationship can be an unexpected reality that hits your bubble of awareness after it’s too late.

What’s the code of ethics to abide by when your heart and loins are telling you one thing, and your mind’s screaming the opposite? I’m no moral arbiter, but I do know one thing: whether the apple of your eye has been happily taken for years or is in the midst of a rocky separation from their significant other, wanting to scoop up someone who’s already cuffed is never an easy set of circumstances to end up in. The situations vary for everyone, too! Maybe your crush has no idea that you’re silently swooning in their presence, or maybe they’re aware of your feelings and have been stringing you along for months, dangling a I’ll-be-single-soon carrot in front of your face. Perhaps they’re recently single, but are still moping and fawning over their ex. Maybe they sincerely care for you and see a future together, but have been stuck in a repetitive break-up-to-make-up cycle that, from your vantage point, seems unlikely to end soon. Any of this drama sounding familiar, or am I just projecting?

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Watch this Sneak Peak Of Behind The Music: Train

by (@zaragolden)

VH1′s Behind The Music kicks off a new season of storytelling this Sunday with a spotlight on Train, the quintessential American band. Tune-in to VH1 on Sunday at 9/8c to hear the rest of their story, but first whet your taste with this special sneak peak of the show’s first act.

These days, San Francisco’s hardest working band have it pretty good. Back on tour in support of their 6th album, California 37, we meet them in the back of a van where they are enjoying their success and each other’s company. It wasn’t always like this, though, and as we learn in these first few moments about Train’s rough beginnings, they had to overcome struggle and obscurity before they could bask these sunny “Hey Soul Sister” days. “I said, ‘Look, the path to success is going to suck, man, but you have to do it,’” Pat Monahan says, “I had to believe I was going to be a star.”

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P!nk And Lily Allen School Us In “True Love”

by (@zaragolden)

Like much of what we’ve heard from the album so far, this latest Truth About Love offers a lesson in love. Again P!nk‘s hurting, but instead of walking out the door like she does in “Blow Me” or putting in overtime like with “Try,” this round she’s writing the troubles and frustration off as side-effects of “True Love.””I hate you, I really hate you,” she sings over the jaunty beat, letting a beat bounce by before she finishes: “so much, it must be true love,” because “no one else can break my heart like you.” Did you think this would be easy? Truth About Love officially hits shelves and digital music libraries next Tuesday, and we’re already feeling pretty schooled.

Produced by the legendary Greg Kurstin, “True Love” notably features the first bit we’ve heard from Lily Allen since her 2009 “retirement” (and the first we’ve ever heard from Lily Rose Cooper). Unfortunately, she only appears for a brief verse towards the end of the song, more a preview than a grand return. That said, she sounds in fine form turning sharp lines like “why do you rub me up the wrong way” while sounding sweet as ever. Read more…

DMX Still Doesn’t Like Drake But Does One Heck Of An Impersonation Of Him


Don’t ask DMX a question if you don’t want to know the honest answer. One of the reasons we love him is because he lacks a filter no matter what camera he’s in front of. Apparently his feelings toward Drake haven’t changed much since his February interview with 105.1′s Breakfast Club. While talking to RapFix’s Sway, DMX praised Lil Wayne for his success, but wanted it known that he’s still not feeling Drake. Not only does he not like Drake, he also does a funny impersonation of him. “He has talent, but it’s kind of redundant,” he said on the live show. “It’s the same all the time, it kind of sounds the same. To me personally, it’s an annoying sound. Like a washing machine, or a dryer. I don’t even have to explain why, I just don’t like what it is.” If you’re wondering why he’s going so hard on Drake, he at least has a reason. Read more…

Like Blossom and Six, Nicki Minaj And Cassie Teach “The Boys” A Lesson

by (@zaragolden)

Nicki Minaj announced earlier this week that she would be re-releaseing Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded as The Re-Up this November, and that the first of “lots of new songs on there” would be out this week. Then, during a tweeted question-and-answer session about the re-up, she let slip that she would be joined by another woman for the first single, and teased that “she’s real pretty.” “The Boys,” the promised single, premiered today on iTunes, and Bad Boy’s Cassie is featured on the hook. So it looks like Nicki meant it, this time, when she said her collaborator would be “real pretty,” eh?

Returned from the arms of Diddy to the studio, Cassie sings here of a world where the boys are “always spending all their money on love,” lamenting also that “diamond watches and a gold chain can’t make my frown turn around.” And she would know. Meanwhile with Cassie sultry on the hook, Nicki is relieved of pop-star duties and free to go in as she pleases. Leaning into the lazer-riddled, marching band beat, she spits to the boys: “I told Nicki be chillin/ I’ma keep hurtin’ your feelings/ Because you could never be Jordan/ You couldn’t even be Pippen.” She’ll keep her real pretty friend, though: “You made dusty/ You a lil dusty possum/ I come through with the Six like my name was Blossom.”


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BET Wants Kanye West To Know It’s Real By Nominating Him For 17 Hip Hop Awards


Kanye West Nomianted For 17 BET Hip Hop Honors Awards

Next stop on the awards show train is the BET Hip Hop Honors airing Tuesday, October 9. If you think Kanye West is a musical genius either as a producer or rapper, you’re not alone. Mr. West is nominated for 17 BET Hip Hop awards. No, that’s not a typo–17 nominations. BET nominated him for that many awards so he knows it’s real. Judging by how many nods he’s racked up we get why he thinks, “If I ever wasn’t the greatest n—-, I must’ve missed it.” Ye is recognized in the Best Live Performer, Best Club Banger, Lyricist of the Year and Made-You-Look (Best Hip Hop Style) categories among several others. Now, how many awards will he actually win, and how will he get all them on the plane home? Read more…

Kanye West And R. Kelly Introduce Cruel Summer “To The World”

by (@zaragolden)

Last night while he and his beau Kim Kardashian were out and about making New York Fashion Week rounds, Kanye West‘s long dreamed of, often delayed and highly anticipated G.O.O.D. Music compilation Cruel Summer found its way onto the internet. So, if you were looking for something more substantial than those preview-snippets and are good with Google, now’s the time to go forth to Cruel Summer! If otherwise, the album’s soaring opening track, “To The World,” featuring Kanye and his fellow Chicagoan R. Kelly, should be enough to keep you lifted until the album hits shelves next Tuesday.

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Britney Spears Throws Stones While Demi Lovato Shows Her Softer Side On The X Factor Premiere


X Factor Season Premiere

It’s a match made in heaven between Britney Spears and Demi Lovato on this season’s The X Factor. Both of the pop singers were the stars of the show on last night’s season premiere joining judges Simon Cowell and L.A. Reid. And if anyone was worried Britney Spears would be too easy on contestants, she dispelled that notion by coming out the gate swinging with harsh, but hilarious criticisms. “I want to know who let you on stage,” said Spears. “I feel uncomfortable with you even staring at me.” Ouch! Someone get that guy a band-aid. Well, that’s what a contestant is going to get from Britney if they insult Demi. Read more…

“I Don’t Usually Email You:” Did You Get Beyoncé’s Email For Obama?

by (@zaragolden)

Did you get this email? The November election only ever getting closer, the Obama reelection machine has been churning out the fundraising emails. Ask anyone subscribed about the campaign’s many appeals, and they’ll probably tell you that the subject lines skew intimate (“If you’re ready” or “Hey again”) and that they are often signed-off by “Barack” himself. They will also probably tell you that, with the clip they come in, they just delete most of them. The email that landed in inboxes this morning looked a little different, though, and it’s got those that didn’t get it feeling pretty left out.

“I usually don’t email you,” the message begins. Beyoncé has taken over email duty, and she has “an amazing invitation to share.” Do tell!

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TMS Top 5 Female Rockers

by (@_bobina)

Last week on That Metal Show, we were joined by the legendary King Diamond, Mark Tremonti (Creed, Alter Bridge) and guest shredder Doug Aldrich. Eddie, Don, and Jim spent the hour catching up with old friends, discussing the best Pantara album in the ‘Throwdown’ and watching fans try to ‘Stump The Trunk.’


The guys also revealed their Top 5 Female Rockers and discussed who was worthy of joining the ranks in this week’s TMS Top 5 list. We can all agree that both the hard rock and heavy metal scenes are heavily overpopulated with male rockers, but let’s not forget about the all lovely ladies of Metal that rock regardless. These ass-kicking, name-taking and of course talented women look-oh-so-lovely in leather, can shred in heels, and will rip your heart out with high notes and kickass lyrics that leave you wanting more. Here’s what we came up with:

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