Jason Mraz Says Tears At His Shows Are ‘Equivalent To Smelling Pot Smoke At A Concert’


Tonight is the night, folks, for VH1 Storytellers: Jason Mraz, which airs at 11 p.m. ET/PT. Since Mraz’s Twitter followers had a significant impact in choosing his setlist for Storytellers, it’s them we can thank for the tearjerker performance of “I Won’t Give Up”, which even caused Mraz himself to cry while telling the story of writing such a touching song. We caught up with Mraz to find out what he thinks of the sobbing at his shows. Turns out he doesn’t mind it at all. Read more…

Duets Judge Robin Thicke Thinks The Beatles Have The Greatest Duets Of All Time


It takes two to tango in Robin Thicke’s new gig as a judge on ABC’s new singing competition show Duets. Along with his co-judges Kelly Clarkson, John Legend and Jennifer Nettles, they flew around the country in search of talented singers to become their duet partners. Undiscovered talent singing with veteran singers sounds like a recipe for an assortment of  musical pleasantries. With all the pairing up on Duets, we were curious to find out what duets Robin Thicke loves, and what songs he planned to sing on the show. Read more…

Jason Mraz Looked To His 3.6 Million Twitter Followers When Cultivating His VH1 Storytellers Setlist

by (@unclegrambo)

We’re a little under 36 hours away from the premiere of VH1 Storytellers: Jason Mraz, which will be making its debut on VH1 tomorrow night, June 1, at 11 p.m. ET/PT. We’ve already shown you an advance look at Jason’s highly emotional performance of “I Won’t Give Up,” which is indicative of the entire evening’s vibe. But before the show taped last month here in New York City, we were able to grab a few minutes with Mr. A-Z himself to ask him the creative process that he went through in trying to determine which songs from his rich catalog he was going to include in his VH1 Storytellers set.

“When I first found out I would possibly do Storytellers, I did do a tweet to the masses that said, ‘Hey, if I were to do Storytellers, which songs would you want to know the stories behind?’,” he explained to us. Considering that his @jason_mraz feed is made up of some 3.6 million followers, that’s a lot of healthy insight! “[The rest of the set] is a little combination of greatest hits, and some songs that just have a great story [behind them] that I had to put in.”

To find out which songs made Jason Mraz’s VH1 Storytellers setlist, be sure to tune-in to VH1 tomorrow night at 11 p.m. ET/PT!

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Yo: The Story Of Yo! MTV Raps Sneak Peek: Tupac Spazzes About The Hughes Brothers Fight


VH1 Rock Docs is back with another documentary, and this time it takes a look at the story behind the classic show Yo! MTV Raps. In this sneak peek of Yo: The Story of Yo! MTV Raps Tupac blasts the Hughes brothers for firing him from their movie Menace II Society. What made Yo! MTV Raps great was hosts Ed Lover and Doctor Dre’s connection with the artists that made them feel comfortable enough to be themselves. Unfortunately for Pac, being himself landed him in a whirlwind of legal troubles after the Hughes brothers filed charges against him for assault. Read more…

Nicki Minaj Sets Perez Hilton Straight, Says Her Backup Dancer Had Nothing To Do With Fan’s Murder


Nicki Minaj Sets Perez Hilton Straight on Backup Dancer Murder Controversy

Nicki Minaj doesn’t like for her name to be entangled in gossip about murder, and she doesn’t want her crew falsely accused either. PerezHilton.com reported that one of Nicki’s backup dancers had been arrested as a suspect in the murder of 21-year-old Nicola Furlong who was sadly killed after Nicki’s Tokyo concert last Wednesday. According to PerezHilton.com, Nicola and her friend went back to the hotel rooms of James Blackston and Larry Perry. After the young woman was found dead from cervical compression, initial reports pegged Blackston as one of Nicki’s backup dancers. Nicki took to Twitter (and her 12 plus million followers) to address Perez Hilton directly about the false information. We told you Twitter is the new press release. Read more…

M83′s “Reunion” Video Includes A Quick Nod To Beastie Boys’ Adam “MCA” Yauch


Remember the cultish kids from the 1984 flick Children of the Corn? Well, we’ve found some children equally as eery in M83′s “Reunion” video, which is their latest single from Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming. The kids with super powers (or maybe they’re mutants, no one really knows) and unnaturally glowed eyes run through the dark city fearlessly. Nothing about these cute kids are normal, and trust us when we say, they are not to be messed with.

In last year’s “Midnight City” video, French directors Fleur & Manu used a group of telekinetic kids that escaped from a government facility. Picking up where they left off these mutant like children use the power of their eyes and mind to destroy anything that tries to stop them. We’ve come to the conclusion we’re on team glowy-eyes. Hey, they’re who we would call if we ever needed someone to, you know, pick up and toss a van without ever touching it. And don’t blink too fast or you’ll miss the awesome Adam “MCA” Yauch nod within the first minute of the video.

M83 Reunion Video

M83 – “Reunion” Video [Stereogum.com]

Chris Brown, Big Sean And Wiz Khalifa Are High As A Kite In “Till I Die”


It looks like 04/20 with all the smoke in the air in Chris Brown’s self-directed video “Till I Die.” The wacky animation and overall playful vibe between Brown, Wiz Khalifa and Big Sean screams fun times. Breezy raps and sings, but with his flow we think he’s seriously going to make some rappers step up their game. We adore the rapping Breezy! Decked out with a grill (what rapper doesn’t own a set of gold teeth?) and gold necklaces, Brown is overly hype. When he meets up with his boys it goes down straight Bob Marley style.

Big Sean and all of his braggadocio adds the smooth, ‘look at me I’m the ish’ element. His confidence level is on a million as he rocks an open blazer sans a shirt. Being the proud weedhead that he is, Wiz Khalifa spits his verse in a smoked out house party where Redman and Method Man are smoking and then pass Wiz a trophy shaped bong. And what would a song about smoking “till I die” be without a cameo from Snoop Dogg? Well, it wouldn’t be proper smoker’s anthem.

Chris Brown is obnoxious in the video with the gold teeth and flashy jewelry. He’s amped to the 10th degree, but his rhymes tickle our fancy. Big Sean, Wiz and Breezy make for one dope trio as they all balance one another out. Wiz is the laid back chill one, Big Sean is boastful and Chris Brown is just rowdy. Brown gets props for creating a video that fits perfectly with the song, and all we want to know is: what’s up with a Chris Brown, Wiz and Big Sean collabo album?

Chris Brown featuring Wiz Khalife & Big Sean "Till I Die" Video

Electronic Dance Music Takes Over MTV Movie Awards With Performances By Martin Solveig, The Black Keys, Wiz Khalifa And fun.


MTV Movie Award Performers

The MTV Movie Awards’ eclectic mix of performers every year is always a pleasant surprise. This Sunday the annual award show has pegged Martin Solveig to DJ the music for the evening. Expect to hear some mashed up remixes of iconic movies like Jaws, Pulp Fiction and Star Wars. DJ’ing won’t be the French producers only duty of the evening as he’ll also be joining Black Keys, fun. and Wiz Khalifa as performers. Hopefully his hit “Hello” will find its way into the list of songs (or performances!) that will make you want to boogie. Read more…

Jay-Z And Kanye West Recreate Imagery Of Revolution In “No Church In The Wild” Video


Kanye and Jay-Z still have everyone watching the throne almost a year after the release of their collaborative Watch the Throne album. On Tuesday night the Romain Gavras directed “No Church in the Wild” video was released online sans an appearance from Kanye or Jay. One word that instantly comes to mind: revolution. Amidst slews of  global uprisings the two biggest rap stars in the world create a visual for Prague citizens challenging authority. The video starts with one man setting a Molotov cocktail ablaze and tossing it at police, which inevitably incites a brawl. Read more…

VH1 Storytellers Preview: Jason Mraz, “I Won’t Give Up”

by (@unclegrambo)

“I’ve had everything. I’ve had all my dreams come true. I was given a great gift, I was given a great community to share it, and I was given a great network of people to get it all around the world. And yet, one still experiences melancholy.”

We told you yesterday that this weekend’s episode of VH1 Storytellers: Jason Mraz was a particularly emotional one, and after watching this special preview of “I Won’t Give Up,” you’ll start to understand what we mean. Jason Mraz is one of those rare artists these days who does not hide their true selves behind a façade of slick, glossy, Top 40 friendly sound. Instead, when he sits down to write a song, he draws from his own personal reserve of life experiences, sharing all of the intimate details surrounding his life’s highs and lows with his audience. This quality is expressly why we chose him to appear on the current season of VH1 Storytellers, and we hope that you tune-in to VH1 this Friday night, June 1, at 11 p.m. ET/PT to experience the rest of this magical set.

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