More Of Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded With New Songs Coming Your Way


Nicki Minaj said she hadn’t planned on attending the VMAs until her good friend– Alicia Keys–asked her to join her on stage. Nicki rapped her verse to Keys’ new single “Girl On Fire.” US Olympic gold winner Gabrielle Douglas wowed the crowd with a cameo of cartwheels and flips. A 16-year-old US Olympics gold winner on stage with Nicki Minaj and A. Keys has to be one of the best moments of the night. Before Nicki hit the stage she told E! she was re-releasing Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded in November calling it The Re-Up. “I’m putting lots of new songs on there and I’m actually going to drop my new single next week,” she told E! on the red carpet. Read more…

Andy Grammer’s Lesson On Having Confidence, Post Break-Up

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We all know the moment. You know, when an epiphany comes floating into your consciousness and you realize it’s time to exit stage left of a relationship. The lights come on, and boom, your hand is forced and the decision is pretty much made for you.
In Andy Grammer’s new video for “Miss Me” (that you’ll find exclusively on for 24-hours!), the singer-songwriter applies a strong visual to a universal event most humans know all too well: the break-up. Using just-lit green glow-sticks to signify the termination of romances depicted in the clip, Grammer illustrates that even after heartbreaking infidelity, arguements, and served divorce papers, there is light at the end of the tunnel. As each of the video’s characters navigate their respective splits with a partner, the neon green light of their independence glow-stick leads them to a rockin’ rooftop party where, in newly-single solidarity, others like them are celebrating the fact that their exes will most assuredly regret doing them wrong, and ultimately, miss them. Like Puffy would say: take that, take that.

Rihanna Kicks Off The VMAs, Gets Her Butt Grabbed By A$AP Rocky

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The 2012 Video Music Awards got off to a rip roaring start tonight courtesy of the smoldering talent that is Rihanna. Sporting a crimson red outfit and a super chic new pixy ‘do, she performed a medley of new remix of her song “Cockiness” (featuring A$AP Rocky) that our friends over at MTV premiered earlier this week) and “We Found Love” like a BOSS.

“Cockiness” —the hook of which features a sample by none other than Greg Kinnear (!!!)— is one of the raciest tracks on Talk That Talk, an album we described when it was released as “the dirtiest pop album since Madonna’s Erotica.” The chorus of “Suck my cockiness/Lick my persuasion” was liberally bleeped by the MTV censors, but one thing that MTV did not get around to blurring out was the moment when A$AP Rocky grabbed a handful of RiRi’s heinie. And when we say handful, we mean a HANDFUL.

a$ap won ... on Twitpic

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BRACKET MADNESS: Linkin Park Is The Greatest Artist Of The 00s

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In the beginning of Bracket Madness there were eight acts, impossibly chosen from a decade with so many worthy to compete for the Greatest Artist of the 00s title. One by one, they dropped off: *NSYNC beating the Backstreet Boys, only to be beaten themselves by Britney Spears in the next round; and Eminem topped Jay-Z before being knocked by Linkin Park. Left with Britney versus Linkin Park, and with more than 124,000 votes were cast between them, we at last have a winner: Linkin Park is your Greatest Artist of the 00s.

Accepting the crown in their absence, Linkin fan Bryan Bruner joked that the band was “too busy screaming at the world and saving it at the same time” to be there themselves. Only sort of joking, though. Linkin Park may have been the Greatest Artist of the 00s, but they are great artists still in this next decade. Still out and about, on tour and making new music, they continue to expand the boundaries of rock and roll and inspire fans with their hard working lyrics. So here’s to their Greatest Artist of the 00s win, and to a decade more of greatness!

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5 Things To Watch For At Tonight’s MTV Video Music Awards

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With only a hours left until showtime, we’ve got our seat chosen and snacks purchased and and watched everyone of the nominated videos, so all that’s left to do now is wait and see who Rihanna pulls from the pile first when Chris Brown and Drake get in a big fight. Though their attendance has been much buzzed about, this hopefully won’t happen. And anyways, the schedule of events has so much more to offer: a slew of high-profile performers, many Moonmen to be won, and, as always, moments to be made. There’s going to be a lot to take in, so we’ve come-up with a plan of action and here are the five things we are most excited to watch for tonight: Read more…

Kanye West Pulls Out Of Attending The VMAs Since Kim Kardashian Can’t Be His Arm Candy


Kanye West Pulls Out of VMA Because Kim Can't Be There

While MTV VMA performers rehearse one last time, attendees put the finishing touches on their red carpet ensembles and viewers plan their watch parties, Kanye West backs out of attending tonight’s show because…wait for it…his girlfriend Kim Kardashian is unable to attend. Oh, Kimye. That’s sweet, we guess. Per the Daily Mail, Yeezy decided not to go to the show that is hosted in LA due to his reality star girlfriend’s previous engagement to promote her perfume at Fashion Night Out in NYC. Despite “Mercy” being nominated for best video of the year and best editing, Ye doesn’t want to attend alone. Let’s just go ahead and admit that this takes inseparable to a whole other level.

Kanye West pulls out of MTV Video Music Awards… because Kim Kardashian can’t attend [Daily Mail]

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16 Musicians Who Could Quit Their Day Jobs

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Labor Day has passed and the long days are waning, books and brown bag lunches packed, and it must be that time of the year again: back to school. And your parents are right — even if you spent your summer learning  guitar chords and growing out your hair so that you might be a rock star one day, it wouldn’t be un-rock star like to hit the books hard, too. After all, plenty of artists have put in the work to earn their degree (or degrees) just in case. And so it may be unlikely that these 16 musicians will ever have to rely on their degrees to make a living, but there’s nothing like a hard earned diploma to bring out the shine in your platinum record plaque.

To celebrate their academic efforts, and to inspire yours, we present: 16 Musicians Who Could Quit Their Day Jobs… Read more…

The Wanted, PSY, John Mayer And Walk The Moon Rock MTV’s Pre-VMA Party

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Excitement turned way up in anticipation of tonight’s big show, things got a little wild at MTV’s pre-VMA bash last night. The evening was headlined by notoriously hard-partying Justin Bieber pals The Wanted, who surprised the crowd by inviting fellow Scoot Braun signee PSY onstage for a little “Gangnam Style” action. Afterwards, the boys took the occasion of band member Max George‘s birthday as an opportunity to shove a cake in his face at the end of their set. Glad you came? Read more…

BRACKET MADNESS: Polls Close Soon, So Cast Your Vote NOW For The Greatest Artist Of The 00s!

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We are deep into the final round of Bracket Madness and but hours away from crowning the Greatest Artist of the 00s, and things are close. Only Britney Spears and Linkin Park remain, and with more than 95,000 votes already cast, Linkin Park leads — but by only 100 votes. So now is the chance to have your say: There is no denying that Brit and Linkin Park were both great artists of the 00s, but if there can only be one Greatest, who should it be? Vote now because polls close TODAY at 4 PM EST. Read more…

Nicki Minaj Is Probably Not Registered To Vote, Is Getting Death Threats Anyways

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When Nicki Minaj spit “I’m a Republican voting for Mitt Romney/ You lazy b*****es are f***ing up the economy” on Lil Wayne‘s “Mercy” flip, the Internets’ ears perked up and and blogs — from rap savvy to usually otherwise — got to wondering if she might mean it. Probably she didn’t, because that’s not generally Nicki’s style. Most of what Nicki says isn’t literal, and there’s no reason this line should be any more straightly than the one about chilling with zombies on the beach that follows. Rather, she probably meant it hypothetically; to imply that she’s rich, and probably richer than you, sort of like very wealthy Mitt Romney. Or, as Spin‘s Brandon Soderberg suggests, “what’s missing in that line is the word ‘like,'” and Nicki means that she is “like a Republican voting for Mitt Romney.”

All this, though, has done little to quiet any newly earned detractors, who, if this round-up is to be believed, are flaring on Twitter. One went ahead and called her a “stupid…. a**… talent having a** …..b****,” while another straight up asked that “somebody please kill nicki minaj.” Yikes! Read more…