Will Rihanna And Chris Brown Perform Together At The VMAs? The Rumors Are Never True

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Will Rihanna and Chris Brown perform together at the MTV Video Music Awards next week? According to Media Take Out, Rihanna has “demanded” that Chris Brown be allowed to join her onstage at the show as a surprise guest. As per their report:

Artists usually have to submit their performances FOR APPROVAL by producers within two weeks of the show. And we’re told that Rih demanded to have CHRIS BROWN perform with her.

A person working with the VMAs told MediaTakeOut.com, “[The producers] like the ratings that [a Chris-Rihanna duel] would bring, but there could be some backlash too . . . There isn’t much choice since Rihanna is insisting that he perform with her.”

Let’s take this with an ocean’s worth of salt, because sometimes MediaTakeOut’s sources get things wrong; and also, let’s note that there is no way of knowing from just this that said demands submitted for approval were actually approved. Read more…

Check Out The Haunting Cover Of Aaliyah’s Posthumous Album

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The word on Aaliyah‘s posthumous album keeps changing. Drake‘s producing it — he’s got her face tatted on his back and everything, so you know it’s real. But shouldn’t Timbaland and Missy or someone who was there the first time have a say in it? But, oh wait, Drake’s got a new song and it features unheard Aaliyah vocals. No, not a Drake song, it’s a new Aaliyah song. The family won’t let that happen. Or maybe they will?

On Wednesday night, a man claiming to be Barry Hankerson, Aaliyah’s uncle and the CEO of Blackground records, tweeted a picture of what could be the album’s cover with a message that said: “Aaliyah 16 unreleased tracks 2013 stay tuned.” And then he kept tweeting it, to the attention of a slew of influential musicians and publications like Perez Hilton and Nicki Minaj and Complex, and with Drake and Noah ’40’ Shebib mentioned as producers. And so with the support of Aaliyah’s family (or, at least some of them, or someone claiming to be them) and Drake and 40 on board as producers, this album actually seems to be happening. Read more…

Taylor Swift’s “Never Ever” And The 5 Best One-Shot Music Videos Of All-Time

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“Fun fact,” tweeted Taylor Swift before last night’s premiere of “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” proud to have you know that the wheEEEE-msical new video — which includes five costume changes, multiple dance parties, and a boyfriend very dismissed — was shot in one continuous and unedited shot. And as she should be, as the latest to pull-off the one-shot feat.

A particular fixture of the 90s, this sort of one-shot music video was popularized by Michel Gondry, and includes classics like Lisa Loeb’s “Stay (I Missed You)” and Weezer’s “Undone (The Sweater Song).” But the one-shot seems to have fallen out of favor as late, computers generally being the video-director’s preferred trick. It’s nice to see reviving this old one. And so, in celebration of Taylor’s entry into the One-Shot Club, let’s take a look back at five other important one-shot videos:

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“We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” Premiere: The Anatomy Of A Taylor Swift Break-Up

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Here we have the new video for “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” and in it we get to watch Taylor Swift actually break up with someone for once. The dismissed dude here is an indie-loving Adam Levine look-a-like, who Taylor tells us told her — extra emphasis on the air quotes — “needed space” before he changed his mind and came running back. But you know what? Grammy Awards, sold out tours, and quadruple-platinum albums and records broken — Taylor’s got a pair of cat pajamas calling her name and a really fun looking woodland creature dance party to attend to. “We are never, ever ever getting back together.”

The video takes us deep into Taylor’s post break-up life and shows off her crocheted home (which maybe isn’t so different than her lovely lacy real-life home). And shot it one-take, 5 costume changes and all, it really puts an emphasis on the “weEEEE.” Post-split Taylor is fun. Read more…

Music Industry Manager Chris Lighty Found Dead From Alleged Self-Inflicted Gunshot Wound


Chris Lightly Found Dead Shot In His Head

It’s a sad day in music, particularly hip-hop. Chris Lighty, 44, was found dead in his Bronx apartment this morning from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head, according to the Daily News. Lighty was influential in hip-hop as an executive and longtime manager of 50 Cent, Diddy, Ja Rule and Mariah Carey. Details surrounding his death haven’t been confirmed, but police sources told the Daily News the self-inflicted gunshot wound occurred during an argument with his ex-wife. It’s suspected that Lighty was having financial troubles and could have owed up to 5 million dollars to the IRS. Hip-hop artists and industry insiders have expressed their condolences on Twitter. Read more…

How To Throw A Big Booty Themed Birthday Party Like 2 Chainz And Kanye West

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How was your last birthday party? If you didn’t have an a** cake or a mini-bike riding rap star on hand, then it probably could have been better. 2 Chainz shows us how it should done with the help of Kanye West in the new video for his “Birthday Song.” Let’s watch and learn.

All 2 Chainz wants for his birthday is a “big booty hoe,” and so things are of course big booty themed: a big booty cake, ladies undies hung like streamers, real-live big booties everywhere, etc. But the fun doesn’t end there. The video is directed by Andreas Nilsson, who usually works with more indie acts like Yeasayer and MGMT, and so there are clowns and doppelgangers and other oddities, too. It’s a little left field as far as rap videos/birthday parties go, but 2 Chainz is a little left field as  far as rap goes, and so the whole thing goes off without a hitch.

Like what you see? You, too, can throw a big booty themed birthday! You will just need a few things:

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Bracket Madness: Do You Go “Numb” for Linkin Park, Or “Lose It” For Eminem?

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After a tough round of voting, with 18,000 casting votes for Eminem versus Jay-Z and 20,000 for Nickelback versus Linkin Park, we are left with a pairing that pits Linkin Park against Eminem. This round’s second match-up may pull less heart strings than the Britney versus Justin face-off, but it will be no easier a decision. Did you go “Numb” for Linkin Park’s unique brand of rock, or did you “Just Lose It” for Em? If there can only be one Greatest Artist of the 00s, who should it be? Read more…

BRACKET MADNESS: Britney Spears And Justin Face-off In Round Two!

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It’s on! Bracket Madness polls have closed on Round 1, and we are one step closer to crowning The Greatest Artist of the 00s. The battle of the boy bands racked up 71,000 votes, with *NSYNC beating out the Backstreet Boys; and 360,000 votes were cast between them, but Britney Spears has trumped Beyoncé. That leaves us with an extra special match-up and an extra difficult choice for Round 2: Britney Spears versus Justin Timberlake! *NSYNC or Britney Spears? This pairing may pull at your heart strings and resurface emotions that have been buried for more than a decade now, but a decision must be made: who should it be? Read more…

What Happened To Our Pop-Country Princess? Taylor Swift Goes Dubstep On Red

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Judging by what we know so far, Red will be like Taylor Swift‘s last few albums in that the songs are all sort of lovey-dovey or heart broken. “I ended up being inspired by a lot of zero-to-100 then it hits a wall and explodes type of relationships,” she laughed, during the YouTube mini-summit she held to announce project. She reiterates that point in an interview in this month’s Rolling Stone, explaining, “I went through a few roller coasters.” Taylor will be Taylor, but of course.

Red will also, though, be not like Taylor Swift’s last few albums, most of which she wrote by herself. Taylor brought a team of “singer song writing and producing artist heroes” on board to help with this round, which means there were a lot of new hands working together to turn those oh-so-Taylor emotions into hits, and Taylor says that she “felt like an apprentice” during the process. What’s that going to mean for the album? 100% more womp-womp, apparently! Read more…

No Doubt Are Back And On Another Level With “Push And Shove”

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We have eagerly anticipated No Doubt‘s return, first taking comfort in the fact that even if they couldn’t match their Tragic Kingdom game, we would at least have Gwen Stefani back on the scene again. But then we heard “Settle Down,” and were reassured that they still had it. However, it turns out that “Settle Down” was basically just a warm-up for this frenzied and infectious next single.

This morning Ryan Seacrest let loose a second Push and Shove cut, the album’s whiling and genre-shifting Diplo produced title track, featuring Major Lazer and dancehall hero Busy Signal. The song — which we heard snippets of in that early webisode — goes all in, moving between their signature ska-pop and party banger and a soaring chorus and back at a clip so quick it makes the upbeat “Settle Down” sound like a lazy jam by comparison. And though they try on a whole bunch of new sounds and styles in these four minutes, the song manages to avoid cacophony and all the while sounds distinctively like No Doubt. Like Stefani rap-sings, “just when you think it’s over, we be back on another level like we’re doing yoga.” September 25th can’t come soon enough.

WORLD PREMIERE: Listen to No Doubt’s ‘Push and Shove’ [RS]

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